Reduced VIP Tickets for Bass Island concert (ft. Lupe) in New York

The Governors Island Alliance is selling reduced-price VIP tickets to BASS ISLAND on Governors Island in NYC, featuring Lupe Fiasco!

Sale of these tickets will go to support a great cause – restoration and public programming on the Island, plus you’ll get to see an awesome concert. For more information visit THIS site!

PREVIOUSLY: Lupe Fiasco @ Governors Island in NYC


  1. idk why'd ud pay money to see this dude in concert. first, first two albums dont even sound like they bang. and second, this blog always has videos of his shows anyway. i paid $4 for lasers on amazon, i aint payin 50 or the ridiculous 200 they chargin for this show.... smh

  2. ^yeah i know. paying for things sucks...stop being a whiny bitch

  3. nothing beats the onstage experience that Lupe brings to his shows

  4. its a damn shame is prob some dumb lazy cheap nig...then he wonders why hes so ignorant and realizes its because he was too cheap to experience anything


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