Nikki Jean talks Lupe Fiasco & Voting recently did an interview with Nikki and when asked what she thinks about voting and the fact that Lupe doesn't vote, she said the following:

Nikki Jean: Well that’s not news. Lupe has said for a while that he doesn’t vote. Voting is a very personal decision and I understand why people would chose not to vote because it seems like even when you do vote it doesn’t make a difference.

And no matter who we vote in office, you vote in one party and the other party blocks it and vice versa. It’s such an incredible state of gridlock that I am no longer confident in our system’s ability to correct itself and make real progress.

99problems: So then do you vote?

Nikki Jean: I do vote.

Read part 1 of the interview HERE and part 2 HERE


  1. that face looks perfect. im not even kiddin o_o

  2. haha all that stuff she agrees with and then she votes...dont tell me she said that just because she's close friends with lu...haha

  3. vote lupe!! damn it!!

    vote for RON PAUL!! where real change is not just a slogan!

  4. #1 she is fine as hell....
    #2 I'm glad she votes
    #3 You can't say 'where real change is not a slogan' because he hasn't been president yet


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