Needlz talks Lupe Fiasco x Lasers

In a recent interview with RapReview Needlz talked about Lupe and the Lasers situation. Check what he said below:

AB: You mentioned Lupe. You also produced a song on Lasers. There was a bit of controversy surrounding the release of that album. When you produce a beat and an artist uses it, but there's a chance it may never get heard, how do you deal with that?

N: I try to stay out of it. With the Lupe - Atlantic situation, I've known Lupe for a while, since we both started, and we're both fans of each other, so I knew that there was some drama going on.

I don't know the specifics, so it's kind of like if I were to comment on something that you don't really know too much about. Even what you may read in magazine interviews, you really just never know what's going on day to day.

I've always been a big fan of Lupe and he knows that. If he ever needs anything from me I've got him. With Atlantic I have a pretty good relationship with Aaron Bay-Schuck and Mike Caren up there and a few other A&Rs.

I think at the end of the day it seemed like a win-win situation. I don't know if it was the album that he wanted to necessarily put out, but it's been extremely successful. I've never heard this much Lupe on the radio and it seems like it's about to go gold and you can't really complain about that.

He still has loyal fans, and this is only the third album, so I'm sure there's more to come. It's not like the end of Lupe as we know it.

AB: Gold in 2011 is the new triple platinum.

N: Yeah, it is. That's the thing. I'm happy to hear Lupe on the radio just because he's an artist you don't hear a ton on the radio and just to hear his stuff on the radio is dope to me.


  1. "Gold in 2011 is the new triple platinum"


  2. But gold in 07/08 meant nothing...

  3. i thought needlz had beef with lupe at some point, but maybe it was some other producer. anyone remember this?

  4. needlz been dumb in this game for a quick minute. fuqz this shit about when the dogs barkin in tha hall? aint a thang to run up in here sprayin the pam can on tha baking sheet... keep it locked, stocked, and hip hop in tha bag. settlement in the west like a cinch that it is with the flask at hand. yall betta take ya time breakin down that museum of a metaphor i just blest yall wit..

    suckaz wit an i-patch like it's christmas day in this bitch

  5. what track did he produce with lupe?

  6. ^ Til I get there
    One of my favs off Lasers

  7. Figgas that shit funny as hell.. the west is on the rise tho.. (again) smh @ the East coast...

  8. ^ the beef was w/ prolyfic i think. There was a twitter war last year around the time the petition to get lasers out began...


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