Lupe Fiasco - The XXL

Here we go....another excerpt from a work in progress....

The XXL...

Its by far the best of times. There is so much to choose from. Endless choice. An abundance of delicacies. Filling the void should be easy. And what a hungry void it is! And as deep as it is hungry but by the time i'm finished with it it will be stuffed to the brim. By the forkful and by the forklift it will be satisfied. And there is so much more to be piled upon satisfaction as well. Layer after layer. No other time can compare to the surplus of these present hours. No other place can even begin to compare tallies of gorgeous, delectable things.

We are leaps and bounds ahead of the nearest and so far ahead of the farthest, one is presupposed to even question their very existence. To the limits we go. Bulging ever further from our cores. Pushing our borders into territories as of yet unknown. Growing ever so gargantuan. Swelling and puffing from the intake of the wide array of delights. I envy not those who lack. I pity them. The only thing that pulls me from the depths of complete sorrow for their plight is the ever comforting pillow of mine own plump abundance. If i could wish away their ghastly slim inhabitance I would not refrain even an atom's weight from doing just that service.

My expedience of action pours out of my humane mercy and out of due responsibility over the potential forfeiture of my own amounts. But most of all my decency in regards to matters of humiliation of others. If i could devour up their unfitness I would do so immediately. I would eat their despair. I would dine on their misery. I would swallow whole the entirety of their abject wretchedness. I would add them to my ever expanding girth. They would become me. And in becoming me they too would feast upon the mouth-watering mass of scrumptious objects. Their palettes would be corrected to discern and detect the honest flavor of substances. The impartiality of their backward gastronomic philosophies would breakdown under the weight of a refined, imperial gourmet sensibility. It moves me to near flooding of my saucers and bowls with tears of joy to have such prophetic knowledge of their future ascension into grace. The rise into the face of civility.

The passage into the mouth of dignity. The regal traverse through the necks of enlightenment. The heroes welcome into the belly of royalty. Look at those faces, so innocent, so pure. I could just gobble them up. The crisis that would arise in aftermath would only be one of "What next?" "WHAT NEXT INDEED?!!" My eyes sharply lift from the empty plate in shock and horror. Until this moment I hadn't pondered this consequence with any serious depth. How did the elephantine gravity of such an impending emergency elude me with such stealth of existence? How will I survive once they have all been eaten? It empties me with dread. Starves me with uncertainty. My eyes search the dining room in grand distress for structures of the most basic edibility. The furniture. The taxidermy. The suits of armor. The rugs. The walls. The candles. The shotguns. The hounds. The servants. My fellow diners. The latter three discoveries calm my desperate search. But instantly I'm whipped into a panic yet again at the notion they too will be insufficient in the long run.

The panicked eyes thus begin the pitiful hunt again. Until suddenly they cease their random interrogation. I have lost control of them. The wandering becomes self aware and detached from my governance. My eyes no longer mine slowly creep their gaze downward, ever so downward. Coming to rest on my own fleshy rotundness. The mouth waters and grins in compliance. The nostrils flare in allegiance. The tongue is diabolic in its conspiracy. The throat swallows in approval. Alas the hunger has found its last resort. Bon appetit.

"Weight loses when patience wins." If I had a gym I would write that on the wall.

Wasalu "Lupe Fiasco" Jaco


Excerpt from a work in progress...


  1. ey real talk i b havin truble tryna find da menin behin mah nigga lus conceit in dis writin cuh real he write dum triky nahmean? but real talk dis 1 aint as hot as dat dispatch shit feelme? mah nigg lu putin in dat work wit dis work n progress shit n real talk im feelin it nahmean? real shouts 2 mah nigga lu n his dum gud writin

  2. Can we get a mixtape? I mean I love these excerpts, but for the folks that can't stand Lasers...Can we get a mixtape?

  3. more of this shit? hope he spends half the amount of time recording a mixtape... i could record a fuckin mixtape in a day wit my iphone t-pain app while sittin on the toilet takin a shit.

    dj2ko is a penis swallower. he and aus 10 be 69in on this blog wit they deep ass thoughts. dog, LUPE NEEDA PUT OUT SOME FUCKIN MUSIC BRUH!


    and yo lasers was fuckin hot. you dudes are madd stoopid sayin different. letting go is a fuckin anthem. show goes on is a fuckin anthem. weakest song is all black everything while the beat might even be the best. never forget you is a damn BLESSING! legend the legend should be on as many great artists albums as possible. that dude brings fire, literally, like the roots song, to every track he writes.

    and lupe has changed, yea, but soundtrakk never gave him a beat like kane beatz did. soundtrakk never got him that radioplay. im glad he gettin recoginzed now but he gotta keep it comin. go to sleep wasnt that hot tho so hopin he goes back in for f&l2 with that new success swag he rockin right now knamean?

    aint a thang....


    rilly doe

  4. Stop sweatin' his music! He said he'll put one out so he will!

    Anyways...I've been "got" by this one! I'm going to have to read this a couple of times. Good work nonetheless. The last paragraph was very captive.

  5. the cmmnt sctin of this site, or any site for tht mttr,
    is a strange place to inhabit but i had to say tht..

    earlier, b4 cmin across this post i was reading this,

    "Fame is a fickle food
    Upon a shifting plate
    Whose table once a
    Guest but not
    The second time is set.

    Whose crumbs the crows inspect
    And with ironic caw
    Flap past it to the
    Farmer's Corn --
    Men eat of it and die." BY EMILY DICKINSON

    and aftr reading this, among the consideration of other things, im forced to recognize tht Stars cannot run from the light soooooo i guess nggas do hve to change their appetite ....

    true... true..i feel dis

  6. REEBOKKA is a fool and a troll. Go to sleep is dope ass fuck. It shits on everything from Lasers. Lasers is weak, but you think it's dope and you what F&L2 to sound like Lasers?!!! WHAT IN THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!!???

    Anyway get off of lupe nuts about new music. You ungrateful bastards that why people don't appreciate music anymore cuz they think they should get a new mixtape every other week. Damn lil wayne.

  7. Reminds me of dynasty and America and how we will soon implode by feasting on ourselves.. Dying from the inside... FALL OF (new)ROME.. Good ish Wasalu... I see he's a very well rounded person now can he draw and act is the question?

  8. I luv this one really I do, some appetites will never be satisfied like lust, luv of applause etc.

    thanks so much for sharing some of the stuff in your head. Thanks for not being a 1 dimensional artist.

    Ramadan Mubarak

  9. Damn Lupe, pu**y can't be your only hustle!

  10. watch the throne put lasers to shame

  11. ^^^ Sike -___-

    Thought provoking piece of work here tho,,,

  12. LASERS > WTT that shit was garbage

  13. Watch the Throne and Lasers are both leave me wanting a better product. Lu doesn't have any power, so he was forced to make what Atlantic records wanted. No excuse for Ye and Jay, they can put out whatever they want with no resistance.

  14. Reebokka is a troll. It is best not to respond. Remember never feed the trolls.

    The thing I like the best about the last two articles is how vague they are. They leave a lot of room to speculate. They can be interrupted in many ways. But no matter what you related it to, the same message is there. People are never truly "full" They will always want more.


  15. i dont get why people who didnt like blueprint 3 and MBDTF actually listened to WTT. it doesnt make jay and kanye look bad it makes you look stupid and like a slave to popularity. you did something you knew you wouldnt like, just to say you did it.

    anyway i enjoy reading these excerpts i hope they continue. im really eager to see what fnl2 has to offer. when he recorded fnl he was very humble streetwise mc with a huge imagination. now he's been around the world, started an indie rock band, climbed kili, he has studied the works of great modern thinkers like james baldwin and he seems to be mentouring under cornell west and he has seen political controversy first hand. calling the president a terrorist, hes come a long way from forgetting tribe lyrics. he has tasted critical and commercial success as well was failure. i for one cant wait to see what he has to say. if these excerpts are any indication of whats to come im sure it will be thought provoking to say the least.

  16. im anticipating some scrutiny for this but here is my honest opinion of Lupe's recent exerpts: they are thought provoking and conceptually strong (and I admire and applaud him for that), but they do not exemplify what I would call "great writing" --as so many of you have referred to it as.

    Here are my reasons for thinking so:

    1. although lupe paints very vivid dipictions of his themes, he fails to take the imagery to a captivating level...there were no moments where I was awe-struck...almost no moments that created pause. The emotive factor simply wasn't there and I believe good writers are able to entrall readers in not only their ability to convey a worthy message but in their eloqence in doing so.

    2. the satire was daunting. There were no moments where it let up to reveal a glimpse or hint of the writer's purpose. This could be the reason it lacked emotion and, hence, beauty...which brings me to my second point...

    3. The imagery fell short of poetry somehow.

    4. The structure was messy, sometimes slighty incoherent, and even redundant at points there it is. My truth. Despite all the above I still think of Lupe as a talented writer capable of much more than this and I hope if he is reading this he takes these points constructively.

    (p.s. the above observations are a. OPINIONS b. not necessarily true to the same degree for each exerpt).


    salaams and Ramadan Mubarak to my fellow muslims

  17. Anon this is true there was no shock or awe factor


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