Lupe Fiasco Stats from '09 - '11

RollingStone put together some lists that include album sales, chart success, money made through touring, awards and more to determine who the King of Hip Hop is. They only focused on the time between 2009 - 2011.

Check out Lupe's stats after the jump!

  • Album Sales: 597,000 (ranked 14 of 20 on the list)
  • Hot R&B/Hip Hop songs: 191.0 points (ranked 18 of 20 on the list)
  • Hot Rap Songs: 60.0 points (ranked 17 of 20 on the list)
  • Youtube views: 87,3 Million (ranked 15 of 20 on the list)
  • Touring Gross: 1,029,992 Million (ranked 11 of 20 on the list)
  • Total social net followers: 3 Million (ranked 16 of 20 on the list)
  • Album reviews: 148.7 Aggregrate Rating (ranked 3 of 20 on the list)
  • Awards: 4 Grammy nods - 0 wins (ranked 12 of 20 on the list)

Final ranking: 18

Peep all of the lists and stats HERE


  1. Mathematician, Subtraction Addition, DIVISION! WE STATISTICIOUS BITCHES!Monday, August 15, 2011 at 2:54:00 PM EDT

    Percentage of fans disappointed with Lasers: 63
    Percentage of those fans on this blog: 91
    People who hate Atlantic records: 221,639
    People who hate Show Goes On & Never Forget You: 221,636
    Percentage of fans anticipating FOTP, F&L2, CRS: 99%
    Total number of fans that support Lupe Fiasco & Lil Wayne: 1,938
    Percentage of fans that honestly/actually/truly been fans before Lasers Release: 78
    Total number of fans that know the Food & Liquor Outro word for word: 3, maybe 4

  2. Haha I completely agree ^ and while I have all his mixtapes and first 2 albums there is no way I could memorize all 12 minutes of that outro lol

  3. Lawl, that outro was absolutely ridiculous, but unprecedented.
    And I still want the instrumental of that shit! Very hot beat.

  4. 1st comment is thee best!!!! I STRONGLY AGREE!!

  5. correction. he has one grammy.

  6. And lyrical ability isn't taken into account... FAIL.

  7. lyrical ability is not a stat... u can argue all day and night about a rappers lyrical ability but can't argue numbers and that's exactly what this article is about.

  8. First comment is stupid bullshit that only a moron would agree with. Stop pulling numbers and stats out of your ass. ole exaggerating ass nigga.

  9. ^^^ agree with last comment

  10. "lyrical ability is not a stat... u can argue all day and night about a rappers lyrical ability but can't argue numbers and that's exactly what this article is about."

    Ummm no...

    1 Lupe Fiasco
    2 Eminem
    3 Lil Wayne
    4 Jay-Z
    5 Kanye West
    6 Snoop Dogg
    7 Drake
    8 T.I.
    9 Big Boi
    10 Rick Ross
    11 Wiz Kahlifa
    12 B.o.B
    13 Fabolous
    14 Ludacris
    15 Nicki Minaj
    16 Diddy
    17 Gucci Mane
    18 Kid Cudi
    19 Waka Flocka Flame
    20 Pitbull

    Not that hard... Lyrical ability is the most important aspect of rapping and Hip-Hop and should have a huge weight... So Lupe would jump from #18 on the King of Hip-Hop index to maybe the top 5. Em and Wayne would stay at their respective numbers though.

  11. no way inn hell is fabolous that low on your list.. you've definitely never even listened to any of his tracks besides whats on the radio

  12. Fabo is that low because everyone above him is better.

  13. to that anon wit grammy comment.

    lupe won grammy in 2008..this statistic is from 2009-2011. :)

  14. anonymous you put together a list of lyrical rappers and you mention...lil wayne and gucci mane...and you forget to mention guys like: andre 3000, immortal technique, prozak, RAKIM, nas, common!

    these guys are lyrical, lil wayne just throws together punchlines...he raps about the same thing all the time..if you talk about lyrical rapper and mention gucci mane you dont no what lyrical rapper means dawg..

  15. ^ -________- *facepalm*

    I took the 20 rappers RollingStone used idiot.

  16. ***GRAMMY WINNER Lupe Fiasco Daydreamin HELLO??? DUH

  17. ^ he won in 2008. not 2009-2011. duh


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