Lupe Fiasco Foundation to provide daily Feedings in Chicago this Month

As part of his Lupe Fiasco Foundation, the Chicago emcee is hosting a community feeding during the month of August. Lupe Fiasco's program, being held in Chicago as part of the Block by Block initiative, is focusing on feeding 100 people in need daily. The feeding will take place in two different locations until the end of the month.

Fiasco's working in conjunction with The New Birth Christian Center and The West Englewood Methodist Church to provide these meals. The addresses to both locations are below.

West Englewood Methodist Church
2000 W 68th St
Chicago, IL 60636

The New Birth Christian Center
5335 West Le Moyne Street
Chicago, IL 60651

Fiasco's program this year is set to begin this evening, August 15, from 5-7 p.m. at both locations mentioned above.

Check out the Facebook page of the foundation HERE


  1. That's what's up!!! Lupe is sooooo much more than "just a rapper", which i've heard people around me say.I wish there were more "celebrities" that TRULY cared about issues like this.


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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