Video: Nikki Jean's Album / iPad Giveaway

Some stores are giving away a signed copy of Nikki's album "Pennies In A Jar" and the winners will advance to a 2nd round and one will win an iPad. All you gotta do is guess how many pennies are in the jar that you can find in the store. - More info's in the vid!

Nikki is also looking for people to design shirts for her, find out more about that HERE

Last but not least, tune in to The Tavis Smiley Show tonight, Nikki will be there!


  1. someone quick design a shirt in a jean pattern with the name nikki on it... hah!

  2. Cool idea with guessing how many "Pennies In A Jar".

    Speaking of Nikki Jean, has anyone else seen the Best Buy commercial featuring her music and showing her album cover?

  3. here is my shirt entry for how to unring a bell...

  4. she is BEAUTIFUL!....beautiful


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