Video: Nikki Jean interview w/ ReelBlack TV

We had the interview teaser on here yesterday and now here's the full interview that ReelBlack TV did with Nikki Jean.

Nikki talks about the process of recording her debut album 'Pennies in a Jar,' songwriting, mentor workshops and you get a small live-preview of some songs from the album throughout the interview.

For people in the US: 'Pennies in a Jar' is available for pre-order on iTunes & Amazon!

You can also Pre-Order HERE if you're in Great Britain or HERE if you're in Germany!

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  1. I can tell she's one who genuinely respects and admires the pioneers in the industry and music in general.

    Can't wait for that album to drop, let go gravity!!! ;)


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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