Video: Lupe Fiasco speech & performance @ Osheaga Festival

After some pics, now here's some video footage of Lupe's performance at the Osheaga Festival in Montreal. Above you can see him addressing the Canadian crowd, telling them about the "benefits" of being a United States! Below you can see him perform "The Show Goes On" and "Superstar."


  1. if ur name is lupe fiasco, and ud like to say shit like this about ur home country without being jailed and or tortured... COME ON DOWN!... to the United States of America.


    How about EVERY single thing/opportunity Lupe has...including all 5 of his Ferarri's and the chance to be a rapper, NONE of that should would be possible without America, tax bracket higher up livin ass complaining ass...

    if you don't like America fuckin move.

  3. To the anons above:
    Ohhkay? I thought as citizens of the US of A we had freedom of speech. So if Lupe, you or I have the feeling of saying fuck America then we can or is the government now being hypocrites that we only have freedom of speech to a certain extent? Just cause you Were born & live in America doesn't mean you are going to have to agree with everything the nation you live in does. It's just his 2 cents, don't like it don't listen to it.

  4. im anon1, i realize we have freedom of speech. that was my point. and im not saying i dont agree with him but its just getting old hearing bash the country he lives and succeeds in. what he just did is like going over someones house and bashing ur family cuz its fucked up. building awareness inside the country is fine, but that family business... idk i took offense... IMO

    and im sick of hearing people say if u dont like it get out or dont listen, im not hating here. this a lupe blog/fansite. not an all hail lupe site

  5. nah g. i said if he don't like it leave. whining solves nothing. supporting not voting does NOTHING. if someone has constructive ideas, cool. I don't disagree with a lot of what he says but baseless crying and offering no real ideas is just annoying. I don't like armchair quarterbacks and I similarly dislike armchair politicians.

  6. Have you listened to some of the #Thereaders book club discussions. They are centred around actively finding a solution. That is trying to "offer real ideas".

    Encouraging active literacy among the populace is itself a big part of the solution.

    Solutions to real problems are not meant to be sound bites. Lupe recognizes that.

  7. Agree!! Couldn't have said it any better!! ^^^^^^

  8. Lol why are you guyss hating??! It's the truth yo' lol I was laughinggg my assss off listeninggg to this cuz it's true and you are obviously ignorantt & blindd if you don't realize it's the truthh. An FYI he wasn't whiningg at all. Lmfao

  9. its not a hypocritical if you are rich and speak out on how you got there...

    lame people are one sided. America is not perfect, far from it, he's trying to spread the message for real change.

    canada>usa on race relations, social politics, health and living standards

  10. he's definitely not spreading a message for real change. calling america bullshit and the president a terrorist is just shock value bullshit. he's NEVER offered a politically sound idea. Spreading literacy cool...except he's not helping people who can't read read. He's helping his stans read and think like him. NONE of his ideas are even original. "the war on terror is a bunch of bullshit" ok cool! thanks!

    And for the record he DOES whine. America proffered him ALL of his success. ALL OF IT. FIVE FERARRIS nigga...where's your contribution to society huh? Getting 20 people to read radical books, eh? That's it? How bout those $80K concerts you do...or those times you cry about people leaking your music? OFFER ME SOMETHING REAL...JUST DO IT ONE TIME. DON'T CHAMPION OBAMA THEN FLIP FLOP ON IT. Lupe is the new Romney.

    Music is amazing. Political mind...not so much.

  11. He's not complaining because he hates America; he's complaining because he loves it.

    I'm British and I complain about England all the time. We all do. The weather, the food, the urban sprawl etc. We moan about every aspect incessantly. But as soon as a foreigner mentions England in a less-than flattering tone we leap to defend the country we had previously been deploring.

    Nationalism and irrational patriotism is an inherent factor in human life; we love and blindly adore the place we are born just as much as we hate and openly abhor it.

    You may look at your mother and see flaws, complain about her, point out to your friend how fat, strict and out of touch she is, but if one of your friends were to call her fat, strict or out of touch you would beat the crap out of them.

    Lupe has a love/hate relationship with his home country, like we all do. Don't be so foolish as to think he has to adore it in its entirety, and don't be so foolish as to think he hates it in its entirety either.

    Thank you for your time.

  12. you talk about ur mom like that? smh

  13. I agree with the British dude!


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