Video: Lupe Fiasco on MTV's 120 Minutes [Preview]

Early this month we told you about the show 120 Minutes coming back to MTV2 and that Lupe would be featured on the first episode. Now here's a little preview of the interview.

Lupe talks about how his father's involvement with the Black Panthers influenced his childhood and music. MTV2's 120 Minutes with Matt Pinfield premieres Saturday, July 30 at 1am ET.

via MTVhive


  1. wow sean you posted this at 3:52 am.. did you ever sleep? :) haha

  2. At 1st anon, he probably isn't a phony nigga tucking in.

    Or just in a different timezone.

    On topic, it's good to see 120 back. Too bad it isn't on MTV itself to add substance.

  3. Yeah, MTV needs to get back to the music man. Back to the good stuff.

  4. Now that I can watch music videos online, I much rather have MTV focus on interviews, awards shows and things of that nature.


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