1. Sounds like a good and sensible assesment to me (BA DipEd LLB dipSHit).

  2. I'm a 17 year old colloege student, and i can definitely agree with what he's saying.

  3. yeah all you people need to stop going to college if you're going there to chill and have fun..

    100g's buys a lot of books and vacation tickets...

    true speak

  4. Lupe doesnt need the college but
    the college needs lupe.

  5. $50,000 later and I've learned more from the education I sought on my own accord.

    The problem with colleges/universities (in my opinion):

    1. that they are buisnesses first and places of knowledge aquisition second

    2. they constrict learning. We get soundbites of the material through lectures and have to memorize and learn the vast majority of it on our own time (of which we have very little after classes and other commitments)all in a very short span of time. I call this the "chronic cram"...This teaching style is not conducive to long-term learning and at the end of the day only serves to help aquire a grade...not an understanding of the subject.

    4. evalution style is horrific, outdated, and caters to a specific kind of student.

    5. often fails to provide real-world relevance.

    add more to the list if you feel inclinded to or feel I've left something out.

    oh and Lupe was on point with everything he said. Goodday.

  6. ^^^
    "add more to the list if you feel inclinded to or feel I've left something out."

    Yeah, you left out #3 ;)

  7. I'm about to graduate a few weeks from college and college this was one of the best things for me. I agree that college college isn't needed to be successful, but like he said if you want to do something specialized (physician, lawyer, educator, engineer, etc)

    My discrepancy with college and how people view it is that people tend to think that they hand you a degree for being their and don't really try to educate themselves. They want to be spoon fed their education just like they were when they were babies. In the real world it doesn't work like that, why should it in college.

    Follow your passion is the best someone can do to be successful. I am just lucky my major can fuel my passion.

    PS if you a bio or math major don't just take bio and math, one of the benefits of college is that they require you to be somewhat well rounded and take classes outside of your major.


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