1. lupe fiasco has 10 letters in his name. Lupe is appearing on 120 minutes. on mtv 2....ok lets do some math guys......

    120/(2*10)= 6.

    the show is appearing on sunday, the day of the lord. anyone who knows catholicism knows about the trinity (the father, the son, the holy ghost)....instead, lupe is setting up a new trinity, or three 6's....basically:666

    pretty fucking suspicious if u ask me

  2. WE THINK YOU TRY TO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    "if you start to doubt
    they already in yo mind, and comin' out yo mouth
    Its not a trick, nigga, it's a trap
    Survival of the fit, is what they aiming at
    And niggas aint fit, fat as hell!
    Fat in mind, body fat as well"
    -Lupe Fiasco

  3. Whoops, posted at the same time. That 'whoa dere' goes to therevealer.

  4. The revealer is a fucking joke lol.

  5. This blog is infested with trolls

  6. Hahaha therevealer's comment made me lol.

  7. @therevealer
    Well, it's airing on Saturday night in Mountain and Pacific time zones. What does Saturday mean for Catholics? Does that still mean Lupe's part of the Illuminati?

    Why not do (120*10)/2=600
    or (120*2)/10=24
    or since MTV2 is channel 135 for me,

    What do all those calculations mean?

  8. ^you're just throwing numbers around...lol...and the illuminati's headquarters is in washington dc so they're running on eastern time..

  9. "therevealer said" has 15 letters and he/she posted some bullshit at 11:44pm so

    666/15 = 44.4..... which matches the minutes and seconds of the above time.

    how about them numbers?

  10. lol..if i was illuminati then why would i be exposing them? HUH? im not just making shit up for no reason ok? I could say ur illuminati but ur not, ur just a dick

  11. Like they say "Beware of wolf in sheep clothing"

    For all i know your a CIA agent living in Bohemian Grove....

    Sun Tsu the art of war is all i gotta say


  12. @ therevealer How long did it take you to figure that out?

  13. @DJ2KO The same time the Mayans took to make that stupid conspiracy that 2012 was going to happen.


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