Lupe Fiasco Set Times - Openair Frauenfeld / Splash!

Previously the set times
for the 2 European Festivals Lupe will perform at this upcoming weekend weren't available, but now they are here!

Lupe will hit the stage at the Openair Frauenfeld in Switzerland on Saturday [July 9th] at 7:50pm and he'll perform on the Vulcano Main Stage of the Splash! Festival in Germany on Sunday [July 10th] at 8:45pm. - If you're going, enjoy!


  1. Lupe, Janelle Monae, Jay E, Blackstar...what a lineup!

  2. holy fuck, I might just travel to Germany to see this!

  3. COME TO ENGLAND LUPE!!!!!!!!'

  4. Actually, Jay Elect won't be there and Mos Def cancelled also and nope, I won't be there either.

  5. @Sean why? Are you actually going to miss lupe perform ?


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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