Kreayshawn talks about her relationship w/ Lupe Fiasco

MSN Music UK caught up with Kreayshawn during her tour-run in London, and she said the following:

There are a lot of famous people in my phonebook but the most famous is probably Lupe Fiasco. We talk about current news and stuff like that. He’s really a political opinionated guy, so it’s nice to have somebody smart to talk to.



  2. Before the usual hate ensues, I'd like to take a guess at Lupe's connection w/ her. Whether or not he's just jumping bandwagons is uncertain. I think it's unlikely as the identity he puts out is always in support of a wide range of music and the dualities. Lately, he's been one to support specifically young, independent artists. Evident from Soulja, Lil B, Odd Future, etc.

    This new generation is where he was when he was spitting gangsta lyrics. He realizes they do have potential and motivation, they just need guidance or at least consciousness. He's not fresh cool young Lu. He's where Jay Z was when he told him "don't chase radio".

    That's my justification to stay a fan of Lu until we find out someone ghost writes for him.

  3. kreayshawn is dope! idk some about her thats dope. i normally dont listen to simple rhymes but that gucci gucci song was funny/dope. "bitch you aint no barbie, i see work at arby's number 2 supersize hurry up im starving" lmao

  4. that anon #2 must took you long time to come up with that shitty theory of yours anyways moving on agree @ messi10 she is dope!

  5. At anon #4 I don't think it takes a long time when all you need to do is connect the dots.

  6. @anon 2 so if what you said is not the case, then you wouldn't want to be a Lupe fan any longer?

  7. @Sean, well I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't bump his music anymore. I can't knock the talent, but I'd be more inclined to turn a deaf ear if he comes out with a truly dumbed down song or feature in his support for some artists. Which at this point, I don't believe will happen because I recall him stating that if he does a song w/ Soulja boy or anyone, he expects them to step it up.

  8. @messi10, maybe because you smoke mad swisher blunts lol..

  9. Oh man first soulja, then lil b, now kreashawn. Why does lupe like to support these gimmicky, clowns, jokes, parodies, no talent having ass rappers.

  10. Really political opinionated =/= somebody smart. Not hating on Lu, just on her theory.

  11. Why do you guys care who he chills with? As long as he continues to do what he does best, and that's make music and express his thoughts. What Kreayshawn or any other artist does has nothing to do with him. You guys don't really know either of 'em...

  12. This is the thing with fans . . . they get WAY too invested. I'm not saying I am not a fan of Lu's (have been since '07), and not saying that when he expresses his thoughts on certain topics I take the time to listen/read . . . but, people, he's HUMAN. Humans change. Their mindsets change. He came up in the ghetto. He's living lavish now (don't get it twisted . . he is).

    It seems a lot of people forget the reason they became fans in the first place; The music. If you loved or hated L.a.s.e.r.s. is not the argument I want to bring up . . it's the material. The message have been largely the same; From A Rhymin' Ape to now. He's always rapped about politics, the ghetto, education, foreign countries and their strife, etc.

    It's like fans feel "betrayed" or something when their favorite underground sensation becomes popularity. Everything he/she makes is now "poppy" . . . yes, L.a.s.e.r.s. had a distinctly poppy sound, but I let the powerful words override it all.

    Anyway . . . Lu's still my favorite rapper no matter what because I BELIEVE no other is better than him lyrically. End of story. What he truly believes is something I will never know and, to be honest, is not any of my mother fuckin' business.

  13. As a resident of Oakland and a Bay Area native, I must say that Kreayshawn is on bullshit and the stuff she promotes is ridiculous. She's a liar, a phony and a hypocrite; a fucking clown ass white girl who hangs with violence and drug promoting boosters who spend more time in county than with their kids (ain't that right, V-Nasty?)... Lupe has been on bullshit lately too. IDK WTF is going on with him...

  14. real talk i aint feelin dis ol amy winehouse lookin girl nahmean? real talk dat gucci gucci shit is sumn els..

  15. Folks need to start taking the same approach that I take with Lu. Pay no attention to the dude until you hear a mixtape or album is about the to drop. All this hyping Lil B, Kreayshawn crap is ridiculous.

    I don't care if your independent or on a major, your not helping the youth kicking the nonsense they spew. I just check in to find out FOTP or F&L2 is coming out not, more folk should follow suit.

  16. "I don't care if your independent or on a major, your not helping the youth kicking the nonsense they spew. I just check in to find out FOTP or F&L2 is coming out not, more folk should follow suit."

    o_0 Do You Even Look into Lupe's interviews? "KNow Cares about me Just My Music" - LupeFiasco

  17. Don't really care if they talk to each other. As long as they're not on a track together, I'm good. *shrug*

  18. Yes exactly she promotes all of this negative stuff that he is against yet lupe is cool with her. WTF

  19. Take what Lu says with a grain of salt. It's his opinion at the end of the day. What he says isn't Law. I swear people are so quick to hate.

  20. Like I said, pay the man no mind until a mixtape date is on the horizon. I have no problem with him being friends with Kreay or Lil B, but don't try and tell us that we should like there music.

    I want the man to get back to music, that's what he's good at. All the anarchy crap when folks are just trying to make it is retarded. Spending a entire day propping Lil B up for that dude to go right back to spitting BS is getting tiring. Give us a mixtape and shut up Lu.

  21. BITCH. how bout the fuck you shuddup.dnt fckng hate on da nigga cuz like i be saeing his baliefs r his nd only his..u aint godda agree with dem k? all so, Creation is a rilly gud MC she rep da yay area till she die...big upz 2 her nd da nigga lilb. BASED4LYFE

  22. These clowns make me glad I don't listen to the radio or watch TV.

  23. Lu probably meet her through Mistah Fab. Her Fabby had the same management back in the day.

  24. @datkid1220 yea lupe is right when he said Blu is the only mc he compares himself and hope his writing isnt better than his (lupe)..Yo honestly wow that nigga Blu just suprise the fuck outta me with every songs his ever made, no weak verses from him plain and simple..See lupe & jay elec are kinda alike but lupe got him beat cuz he's more of a complete rapper than jay elec, where he only trives one aspect of an mcing..but Blu (same as lupe complete rapper) and wow he hit you with smooth ass jazz any kinda funky beat and can either go poetry or murderous on you. its crazy good. its MAD CRIMINAL to all ya sleeping on that nigga BLU!!

  25. ^ "he's the only MC where i gotta go back and make sure my rhymes are nicer" haha

    anyway i really need to be schooled on Blu @messi10 any suggestions on what mixtapes/albums to listen to?

  26. @ amouzou just get "Below The Heavens" >>>> insert any rap album from last 8yrs, seriously trully classic album from start to finish. mixtapes: herfavcolor, if you see the e drop em, soul amazing, and lots of released joints from god knows where.
    The Roots-The Day
    Below the heavens
    soul amazing
    whatyouwanna ft blu
    the narrow path
    im gonna need you
    half a knot
    go for the gusta room

    "Yo, I'm tryin' to get this place that my grandpa told me bout as a child
    Told me only few can make it and the faithless ain't allowed
    Be a star out your gang & aim above the clouds
    And if you miss, you at least be amongst your own crowd
    I smile cause now I see what he meant
    I see it in the eyes of mothers when they uncover their sins and repent
    Getting closer to Jehovah on they old knees bent
    Praying our mind frames switch and our times change quick
    But I hate to say it brother, the youth is too stubborn
    To stuck on themselves to ever think about others
    They must uncover the scales, on they eyes called lies
    Leadin' the deaf dumb and blind
    To a place my mom told me bout (hell)
    Where your sins get cleansed cause they bathe in flames
    And the only route out, is to shout out his name
    I was trained to be a soldier for god
    But as soon as I used my own thoughts
    I kinda got lost in a small called reality
    Where hell is a falacy
    And heaven is a fantasy created by man
    So don't believe in it
    You came here with nothing
    And you leavin' with nothing
    So retreat from this world of deceitfulness
    My people it's time to rise
    Realize it's a heaven whether you think it's inside
    Or in the sky reach for it
    Before it's gone internally
    And you're stuck here below the heavens for eternity" - BLU


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