1. ultimately he's right. the way he presented though is a little confronting, and most people don't like hearing criticism of their values, especially in this case as an average American's life is not directly influenced by foreign policy. also his point about voting is so true, as all candidates are virtually the same, they promote the views of big business and not the average citizen. its just the way the system works and no one can really change it. going through the effort of voting is useless. in Australia voting is compulsory, ive lost count with how many times ive issued a blank vote because the choice is between blue and a slightly darker shade of blue. having the right to vote is a nice privilege but it does nothing

  2. ^^your a fucking dumbass ....haha jk

    nah hes right . but ppl just cant take the fact tht its obama he is saying to...

    its just like a repeat of yé's and bush but ppl agreed with yeezy because bush was white, but here its like a true sign of rebelion,,LU!!

  3. Obama is this Idle God where people worship and praise him meaninglessly in return you receive nothing.

  4. I respect these reporters. They actually used their own brains to think.

  5. first, who found this video?

    who are the young turks? i dont care so im not gonna look them up, but im just saying.

    what does this bitch know about the war on drugs. what does she want the dea to do, run fuckin mexico too? jesus.

    "generally speaking, im in favor of that, as opposed to opposed to that."

    was this a commercial?

    did sean the robot get a free broadband plan from t-mobile?

    this video sucked

  6. and you know what? it's your fucking RIGHT to vote, not privilege. It is your RESPONSIBILITY to be an active participant in this country's political arena. Apathy = Lazy

    Anyone that compares George W. Bush to Barack Obama needs to have a head examination.

    You are blurring the line between President and Presidency. Again, more blanket statements.



  7. Slim Shady...The young turks are well known youtube reporters who give their (often insightful) 2 cents on the worlds events. They usually comment on breaking and/ sensational news...they're no strangers to media and a lot of people (including myself) value their ideas/thoughts.

    The young turks are usually on point with their commentary and this clip is no exception.

    Thanks for uploading Sean!

  8. Im pretty sure bombing the Gaza strip and carrying out several illegal wars in the middle east is pretty specific

  9. @DepthOfThought

    Sorry, I don't get my news from youtube.

    What are their qualifications?

    And just saying "bombing Gaza Strip" and "carrying out several illegal wars in the middle east" is not specific. I asked for someone to explain the direct link of causality that leads to said end-results.

  10. Oh I get it. If the Young Turks think it was reasonable for Lupe to make the point he made, than it must be ok.

    I rescind my own opinion in favor of replacing it with theirs.

  11. @Slim

    I don't know the exact qualifications of the reporters at The Young Turks, but do any of us know the qualifications of those at CNN or FOX. Not really. Instead we take their words as credible fact cause they're on the box. I doubt that the reporters you listen to are any more informed than they are. It seems that you just have a grudge against anyone who doesn't like Obama.

  12. @Slim

    I remember you posting in the other thread about how none of us here no anything about politics and don't have degrees and therefore don't know what we're talking about and what's going on. So taking that into account, doesn't that make it irresponsible for us to vote in a political system that us simpletons don't understand?

  13. The Young Turks is the largest internet news show. They're pretty credible when it comes to how they report and interpret news. Cenk Uyger, the host of The Young Turks, often fills in for hosts or actually host daily news show on MSNBC.
    All of that aside, I do agree with them when it comes to how he worded the statement. If Lupe wanted to get his point out in a more clear fashion without causing unnecessary controversy, he should not have blatantly called Obama a terrorist. No matter how right the idea may be, for the sake of actually getting that idea through to people, he has to use wiser words.

  14. @ Slim shady saying the following: "Oh I get it. If the Young Turks think it was reasonable for Lupe to make the point he made, than it must be ok.

    I rescind my own opinion in favor of replacing it with theirs."

    I never said that anyone should blindly accept the Young Turk news reports or any news reports for that matter, obviously critical thought should be involved in the consumption of all forms of media messages.

    I simply meant that I personally (not speaking for anyone else) tend to agree with a lot (not all) of their opinions...I usually form my opinions based on the facts presented before consulting commentary.

    YT are people with opinions on world events just like everyone here who posted so I don't see why you are so concerned with their credentials. Do you yourself have "credentials" on every opinion that you form? It doesnt take a PhD to have an opinion.

  15. wow you guys fux with TYT, it's a small world[wide web]

  16. Overall I agree with Lupe. If you think about it, not from an american point of view, Obama(by saying Obama I mean the USA gov.)is kinda a terrorist. I don't really know of any other word for it. America is terrorizing others trying to accomplish whatever. Should Lupe have come out and say it the way it said it. No, but he is still correct. I think he said it so bluntly because he got tired of sugarcoating it in his songs. But like I said in my other post, people don't know how to handle someone who speaks their mind and isn't afriad.

    And to regard this Slim Shady character, i already shut you down once don't make me do it again.


  17. [User is not qualified to state opinion]

  18. You guys get your news from YouTube? That's like getting an engagement ring from WalMart.

    can anybody explain how obama is mohmmed atta? Or bin laden? doesn't make sense to me, having lost my fuckin uncle in 9/11

    I don't listen to rap music often but I love lupe's sincere dedication to his craft and his honesty in his product.

    But should I stop listening to him because I don't stand behind what he says 100% of the time? In addition, these award winning Internet news anchors didn't agree w lupe.

    Also, I think a credible source would be generally something not found on YouTube, try Brian Williams on NBC I think you'll like him.

    Or you can be anti government, blame everything on "the man" and passively saunter through life complaining about everything as it is to deaf ears while doing nothing about it.

    I at least have done my part working as an EMT in Brooklyn and volunteering in Fort Greene as an assistant Little League coach. Now I don't work at BestBuy and play videogames like most of my peers. I am a hockey fan (go islanders!!!!) and each team has an untalented unskilled woofer aka a goon who makes noise and starts trouble on the ice. That's what you are

  19. @DJ2KO

    When the fuck did you shut me down??


    It doesn't take a phD to form an opinion. But are you really going to say that having a phD doesn't make a difference? Do you even know anyone with a phD? I think you should change your name to LackOfKnowledge.

    I have yet to hear a specific example of corruption that is clearly linked to the American President.

  20. @ slim
    On the other thread


  21. @DJ2KO where on the other thread?

  22. I stopped reading that other thread.

    Look. I have a BA in political science. I'm going to law school. I don't need to waste time with you GED-having fucks. Go ahead and run around in circles blabbering on about the government and what they're hiding from you.

    I'm done with this blog. I done with Lu too. Thought dude was good but turns out he's a nut. And I started off commenting cuz you fucks take everything that comes out of his mouth like it's the word of God.

    DJ2KO: you're a fuckin peon.

    In the words of the best rapper alive

    "I'm beyond! I pee on you peons for eons!"

    WEEZY F!!!

  23. I believe true intelligence is measured by how much you know, your ability to think, and your ability to understand. Just because someone does not agree with you, or has their own opinion doesn’t mean you should degrade them by calling them names, or boast about your degrees to prove you are better than anyone; that only measures your ignorance. You may not agree with someone’s opinion, but if you think hard enough, and analyze, you may at least understand why they formed that opinion in the first place.

  24. isn't war a form of terrorism? isnt the fact that the US is stripping other countries of its natural resources while fighting a war that should have never happened an act of terrorism isn't the fact that the US has bailed out big business instead of the workers only to still cause us to be in a recession a form of economic terrorism? isnt the fact that americans are castrating lupe for voicing his opinion of our president a form of terrorism? isnt the whole law books full of just old outdated forms of terrorism? i could keep going but im dont feel like it its late but overall i mean seriously lupe is right in what he meant to say not in the way he said it cuz obama aint just start this gangsta shit it been here wayyyyyy b4 him ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮

  25. Lupe is foolish for sayin this. You dont hear the best rappers out there like Drake or 50 Cent shootin their mouths off with radical views. No wonder atlantic shelved his shit for so long...

  26. ^^^^^ when did become kofi annan? aka a world citizen? i would scorch the earth to make things better in america but no everybody here wants to revise the definition of terrorist to somebody speaking ridiculous facts. lemme ask you fools this - was george washington a terrorist. have fun at the best buy shift lookin at luellas as they walk in you fools

  27. Fly-Vee: tell yourself whatever helps you sleep better at night. I wouldn't trade my diploma for a mechanic's toolbox. Only someone who missed their shot in life would try to argue something like that. You're destined to be a blue collar dumby for the rest of your life.

    Props to Shady for grounding this conversation in reality.

    Knowledge = Power

  28. "Isn't the whole law books full of just old outdated forms of terrorism?"

    Are you serious?

    Was that a legitimate question?

    You've never even seen a law book let alone read one.
    Why do people with absolutely no educational background step into an arena that they don't belong. The bottom line is you're a follower. You fucked up back in high school and decided to go work for your uncle's subcontracting company. You figured after ten years, you'd take his position and make a decent living for yourself. You dismissed a career that could've used your brain instead of your arms and back. So now, you like the way your arms look with the barbed wire tattoo across your tricep, but your gut sticks out over your dick cuz like to knock a few back every Friday and Saturday with the boys down at the corner dive. You wake up in the morning and read the New York Post with a medium hot black coffee, no breakfast, and you sit and wonder why Anthony Weiner didn't resign yet. Your back is sore from installing that bathtub yesterday, but you have to grin and bear it for the rest of the week cuz it's only Tuesday.

    How's that? Am I in the ballpark?

  29. I agree with Fly'vee. People feel by having a degree they are automatically intellectually superior to someone without one. When the truth of the matter is many of the people with degrees don't know shit. People graduate, and most of their knowledge is limited to their major, but they act as if they know everything about everything because they have a degree.lol
    You're not intelligent unless you can use what you know, and innovate, or build upon it. Otherwise, you're just someone who paid money to increase your knowledge base, and potentially increase your earning potential in the future. I have a BS in finance btw lol.

  30. @ Einstein

    It seems like you have some personal experince with the life of a person with "no educational background".

    And knowledge is not power. Using that knowlede is power.

    Yall really shouldn't judge other peoples life. If you just try to understand the argument from the other side. You would see that there is some truth being said.

    Btw, anyone who calls lil wayne the best reapper alive isn't the smartest person in the world And if you turn on Lu for his views, you weren't a real fan in the first place. That is like turning on him because he is a muslim.

  31. Wow, having read all your comments, I am disgusted. Let's put away all the careers, jobs, educational background and political beliefs for a moment and look at what you all have been arguing about. Let's see, oh, its an opinion. You all are ready to rip each others throats out because of an opinion. You go around making assumptions about each other not knowing a single thing about them. Instead of understanding each other, you're trying to tell the other person they are wrong. You know what, we're all terrorists. Fights start because one person doesn't agree with another and they end up fighting over something they have no control over. Open your eyes, you're arguing over someone else's opinion. Do you honestly think by putting one another down its going to change what was already said? We, as a people, are our own enemy. Whether you agree or not with what was said, it is your personal opinion. Having said that, I digress.

  32. @Kirsti: well said =)

    @Einstein: Im guessing that you were parodying that one speech that Brian Griffin gave to the one stuck-up, popular girl (Connie DeMeco or whatever her name is...) from that one episode from family when Brian took meg to Prom, correct?

  33. I really hate TYT. They are a bunch of idiots and this video doesn't put them into a better light.

  34. LP in the Shadows


    there is generally a family guy skit for every part of life

  35. Slim Shady
    you said that the government is not corrupt While it may not be as corrupt in the typical denotation of the word (typically associated with the financial gain of individuals within this entity), it is. First, I pulled these definition out of the dictionary

    corruption: dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery
    *notice it says typically, signifying that bribery does not have to be necessarily included

    corrupt: 1 having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain:
    • evil or morally depraved

    Secondly, an assassination IS morally depraved, but I assume your defense of it comes from the recent assassination of Bin Laden, Noam Chomsky, an academic, argues just that it is an atrocity, and I believe even quotes an expert on foreign policy such as yourself on the matter. Strangely this expert seems to agree. WEIRD, I know.

    Thirdly, here are are list of occurrences which prove that the government is corrupt in the sense of being morally depraved and acting in personal gain (it's called NATIONAL INTEREST)
    1. http://blogs.wsj.com/law/2011/03/15/echoes-of-tuskegee-in-suit-by-guatamalans-against-u-s/?mod=google_news_blog



    4. Slavery of course, but this doesn't need a link.

    5. The tremendous funding that is granted to Israel to combat democratic islamic governments.

    5. I'm sure that you know of many more, maybe you should pick up a book (or more) on the subject, I recommend "The Shock Doctrine" by Naomi Klein. This was one of the books a branch or "spin-off" of lupe's book club read.

    Peace and much love to you,

    P.S. this is about your comments on another post, but I'm sure they apply)


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