Video: Maylee Todd x Pegwee Power Live in Cologne

So I was at this Janelle MonĂ¡e concert over here in Cologne 2 days ago (great show) and she had this awesome new act from Canada opening up for her.

Her name is Maylee Todd and the band she's touring with is called Pegwee Power. I managed to take some footage and thought I'd share it with you...maybe some of you will enjoy it. If you want to hear more from Maylee go HERE and listen to her album!


  1. I know I left a comment over on YouTube but, I'll let you know again I thought this was pretty good. She was definitely gettin' hype towards the end. Wasn't a traditional performance, at least to me. I like the lyrics too. Definitely something I can get into.

  2. So Sean! Is lupe still performing soon in Germany? If so r u going ? :)

  3. ^^ yeah..he'll perform here but I won't be able to go...I'm undergoing surgery next week and I don't think I'll be fit enough again to go when he's performing.:(

  4. Sean, what cam did u use to record this? Its really clear!


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