1. lol why does that tag on his shirt say billy

  2. "You don't vote?! What would happen if no one voted"

    "Idk, lets try it out"

    Lol, I love how he answered that.

  3. ‎"The biggest terrorist is Obama"- Lupe Fiasco, those who agree listen to Obamanation by Lowkey ... > http://youtu.be/z4OI0GUCI_A

  4. I figured Lupe would have a comment for the interviewer mentioning him as a "pop" artist. I wish people would stop acting like they just heard of him.

  5. Why does BILLY look HOMELESS???

  6. You know Lupe doesn't give a shit if he's wearing his sunglasses to an interview.

    You don't seem him wearing them in front of Tavis Smiley.

  7. Obama being the biggest terrorist is a bit much. I understand what he's saying and the gist of the statement, but Obama being the biggest terrorist is a reach.

  8. i can see them Bloogers goin IN! on lupe for sayin obama is a terrorist , Keep tellin em the truth coz we dnt want none of their politrics

  9. Lupe is cool... but anarchy is not. For someone so well read, I really don't understand why he is so disenfranchised by government. We need progressive politics and reforms to focus on welfare programs, infrastructure, education and health care.

    The idea that no one should vote is not a solution for a country that has nearly half a billion citizen. Let's just not vote during the next election and let whoever step into office. Let them do whatever they think is right without being put through ANY sort of tests at all because a few random people voted despite the widespread feelings of apathy. Then, we can complain that
    "the government" is wrong and that "the government" doesn't do anything right.

    No. What we need is an increase in awareness and education. Without a sufficient background of knowledge, how are we supposed to evolve? Let's just give up now and let our country fall apart (and by the way, that would directly cause the global economy to undergo the same consequences).

    In any case, I got my anarchy hat in the mail yesterday and it looks pretty cool. I'm gonna rock this from now on and hope that the message spreads.

  10. I have seen so many post today regarding this interview of Lu saying Obama is the biggest Terrorist I personally think he was talking about the Government in general but boy oh boy the racist white folks are having a field day with that statement.


  11. Calling obama a terrorist is too much, but I guess he meant the government is leading to form terrorism in the world. If he said Bush is a terrorist Hell yeah he is right but obama he seems like a pussy idk kinda naive and innocent, Obama is truly showing that he is following the commands of "the higher power" wich I mean he can't say no bc he will end up like Kennedy, he scared and he shows that, he probably regrets what he came into, that is what I see on Obama's face. Other than that ignorant people on the internet are hatin on lupe and on twitter it's going mad!!

  12. LUPE is right (it is an hard opinion/critic, and yeah i feel you ^ i just believe that its kinda like the yeezy and bush thing but i guess ppl do actually support obama but anywasy listen to theis song called "Gasp" by lupe this was way before he said anything, and he hits it dead on, i just wish ppl could stay out of the ignorance and see what he had to say , but his ignorance and there ignorance will never match up cuz what they say is ignorance we say no its not, and what we say as a minority is ignorance, they say its not so it cancels and balncees each other out

    "Gasp"-lupe fiasco

    I'm writing you,
    In spite of you,
    The conflict rests inside of you,
    Dividing you,
    Devour you,
    Defeating and de-power you.
    Depleting and deflower you,
    Revolutions waiting on the hour to,
    Expose all of,
    The weakness of the powerful.
    Redefine uncomfortable,
    Is currently the question,
    And the suffering,
    The famous nameless angels are up under you.
    Your happiness is killing me,
    The fantasy and fantasize,
    Insanity romantically are,

    Pleasure is painful,


  13. ^damn bru, just listened to that song..shits raww as fuhhg

  14. I was thinking while I was watching this why does lu have a shirt on that has the name Billy on it?


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