1. "Justo Biebz", like that. It's cool to see that mutual respect though. I'd love to go to the "Music For You" concert :)

  2. "Oh yes it's bullets in the toasters as many as the clips that the gun hold
    And they itching to come up out the magazine like the posters that unfold
    So my heat like Tiger Beat"

  3. Imagine Lupe working together with Justin.

    Hmmm interesting.

  4. haha. lupe looks like he has hat hair. he's still a cutie.

  5. AT&T (then a part of the ITT telecom conglomerate) lobbied the CIA in the 1970's to overthrow the democratically elected government of Chile because the Chilean president wanted to kick AT&T out of the country and nationalize the Chilean telecom system (keep telecom profits within Chilean borders instead of giving them to foreign corporations).

    After overthrowing Chilean president Salvador Allende, the CIA-orchestrated coup then installed General Augusto Pinochet in power, who went on to mass-murder over 2,000 people in 1973 alone -- yes, genocide.

    By doing a concert sponsored by AT&T, is Lupe complacently condoning AT&T's past involvement with CIA-backed terrorism?


  6. ^^ that would mean everyone who has an AT&T contract would support it, too...BS.

  7. ^ Yes, but everyone who has an AT&T contract hasn't made a song called "American Terrorist."

  8. Who cares what AT&T did in the past though?

    That's like calling every German a Nazi for something that happened over 65+ years ago.

    People change, companies do, too. Just cause they did that back then doesn't mean they'd do it again.

  9. Of course, I agree wholly with you.

    But I just gave this example to show a flaw in Lupe's rationale for calling Obama a "terrorist" -- a figurehead for past U.S. atrocities.

  10. damn H. Bomb, you go out of your way to try and make Lu and the sites visitors out to be hypocrites. Yet you seem right about this, assuming your info is legit. I can't really be mad at you.

    @sean its not like calling every german a nazi. H pointed out one company not all phone companies. It's more like calling someone from the german nazi army a nazi, cause he was.

  11. @H. bomb

    I didn't see your most recent post. so you're still on about obama? I completely went the other way in rationalizing what you were saying. that these companies and presidents are still responsible for their actions regardless of how much time has passed or if they directly caused the damage.

  12. @NyrisJ: *facepalm*
    My point in bringing up the AT&T example was to show how Lupe inadvertently supports the very U.S. "terrorism" that he speaks out against. The same way he has now accused Obama of supporting all U.S. atrocities, past and present, by simply being elected president.

    In other words: Lupe is full of shit, and so are his masses of fans who hold him up to be some brilliant political thinker.

    Everything Sean said in this thread was pretty on-point, though, including the stuff I rebuked while playing Devil's advocate.

  13. so are you proud of yourself? What is the qualifications for a statement being "on point"? You agreeing with it? There are a lot of people in this world who's opinions vary so let's agree on disagreeing. No facepalm necessary.

  14. I'm simply pointing out that Lupe is riding trends with his political stances (i.e. his pro-Obama/voting statements of mid-2008 vs. his anti-Obama/voting statements of early-2008 and now). He flip-flops more than Mitt Romney, and says whatever will help fuel his "conscious rapper/anarchist" image at the moment.

    So, all his sheepish fans need stop pretending like he's some sort of political visionary and accepting everything he says like it's the Gospel.

    Good rapper? Yes.
    Brilliant political thinker? No.

  15. It couldn't just be that he's a person and was swept up in the magic of Obama like everyone else. I always go back to his song Outty 5000 from his revenge of the nerds mixtape where he openly and obviously states that he doesn't vote or agree with the way we do things.

    People have to get celebrities out of this tv mindset where people never change and bart always wears a red shirt and understand that these are human being we are talking about. Not pre-written characters.

  16. Im just a kid, by my standards, and am not too keen on all of what Mr. Fiasco is talking about. Though I'm pretty proud of my bullshit filter and since I started listening to fiasco, I don't think I've been lied to yet.

  17. "A vote for Obama is a vote for the future!"
    -- http://www.idsnews.com/news/story.aspx?id=62336

    Judging by his thinking back on "Outty 5000" and now (since "Words I Never Said"), he was lying to you.

  18. That can confirm either of our views.
    1: he's lying or
    2: like so many others, and rightly so, he was swept up in what obama was TALKING about.

  19. @H. Bomb
    I want it to be known that I understand and appreciate what you're attempting. I just find it in bad tastes that you're doing it by tearing down a guy stands for such positive things and encourages people to do exactly what you're doing now.

  20. Dickriding is a real popular sport amongst any type of fans...

    You can love someone's music but you don't have to agree with anything that that artist says.

    That's the thing and the point that Hetal wants to make I think.

    I see a lot of Lupe fans talking about him and holding him to god-like standards which is definitely something that's pissing me off cause they're totally riding him.

    But if they feel good with that..then hey, why not. I don't feel like telling them they need to stop and I don't feel like going to google and pull up stuff just to show them that Lupe is as much of a hypocrite as probably any other person on the planet cause it's obvious.

  21. This was fun and insightful. Thanks sean and H.

  22. Late but: I agree that nothing is ever concrete. Lupe has continuously pointed out his own hypocrisy: Take this interview from 2006:
    LF: People have their morals, but morals aren't concrete. People think because I'm a Muslim that I pray five times a day, but you're never going to see that on a day-to-day basis. People fluctuate. To me, that was the most specific way to put it, the best way to be like, "I listen to this music, but it's the most violent music on the planet." But I like it, and to make up for it, I don't say the cuss words. That's how I get away with it. People are hypocritical. That's just human nature. I embrace my hypocrisy. Once you come to grips with who you are and what's in you, and you aren't ashamed of it...[but] people are made to feel ashamed. You start thinking, like, "Is this human nature? That I like certain things, but I don't like certain aspects of certain things? Should I just shun it altogether?"



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