Speak your mind: What do you think about Lupe Fiasco's most recent Obama Statement?

We've posted the interview, which the CBS News show "Whats Trending" did with Lupe, on here yesterday (watch it again above.) In the interview he made a statement saying:

In my fight against terrorism, to me, the biggest terrorist is Obama in the United States of America. For me, I’m trying to fight the terrorism that’s actually causing the other forms of terrorism.

The root cause of the terrorism is the stuff that you as a government allow to happen and the foreign policies that we have in place in different countries that inspire people to become terrorists.

Today a lot of websites put up an entry with the headline "Lupe Fiasco Says: Obama Is The Biggest Terrorist In America " and it's widely discussed on Twitter.

What do you think? Should artists talk about their political opinions, do you think Lupe is right with what he said or would you prefer if he'd keep his political opinions to himself? Let us know what you think but keep it peaceful.


  1. he is correct brilliant and people are ignorant

  2. Everyone is entitled to be able to speak their opinion regardless of your celebrity status. I'm pretty sure Lupe didn't mean Obama specifically but more of the US governement as a whole and that Obama is our nation's leader. Seeing this from the side of those who live in the countries bombed by us, we might be some pretty big terrorist.


  4. Everyone is allowed to have their opinion and air it. Too bad if you dont agree, its a free world. Lupe Fiasco supports truth and that's all that stands at the end of the day.

  5. typical lupe lol

    always sayin wutever he wants

  6. Lupe fans will take the same viewpoint as their Holy One -- just like how when Lupe said "Obama makes us proud to be Chicagoans" four four days before the 2008 election: http://youtu.be/aYR6pFbNWOc (@ 3:28)

    Obviously, Lupe's latest statement is part of his new "anarchist" gimmick.

    I'd love to see him have his viewpoints challenged on, say, Real Time with Bill Maher. Chris Hitchens (or any decently informed person) would tear him a new asshole, just like he did to Mos Def (another "intelligent rapper") a couple years back: http://youtu.be/-Ew9CngVeFA

  7. There is definately truth to what Lupe said. But I think he should be careful about how he words things because the government has been know to target/blacklist people who show staunch opposition to them...

    this is of course wrong...but if you're gonna make a statement like "Obama is a terrorist" then you'd better really make sure your argument is clear and your purpose for saying it is worth your freedom (because thats what these people have the power to take).

    Can't say the man isn't courageous though..

  8. LUPE is right (it is an hard opinion/critic, and yeah i feel you ^ i just believe that its kinda like the yeezy and bush thing but i guess ppl do actually support obama but anywasy listen to theis song called "Gasp" by lupe this was way before he said anything, and he hits it dead on, i just wish ppl could stay out of the ignorance and see what he had to say , but his ignorance and there ignorance will never match up cuz what they say is ignorance we say no its not, and what we say as a minority is ignorance, they say its not so it cancels and balncees each other out

    "Gasp"-lupe fiasco

    I'm writing you,
    In spite of you,
    The conflict rests inside of you,
    Dividing you,
    Devour you,
    Defeating and de-power you.
    Depleting and deflower you,
    Revolutions waiting on the hour to,
    Expose all of,
    The weakness of the powerful.
    Redefine uncomfortable,
    Is currently the question,
    And the suffering,
    The famous nameless angels are up under you.
    Your happiness is killing me,
    The fantasy and fantasize,
    Insanity romantically are,

    Pleasure is painful,


  9. politics is bullshit...they dont give a fuck about us

    Hyperinflation in America, coming to a theater near you

  10. I'm proud of what Lupe said and that he's one of the people really standing up not fearing what will happen to him nor his fame. And @H.Bomb, Bill Maher is an imbasilic anti muslim prejudice racist slanderous moron who got his show as a mockery to people with a cause. As well as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

  11. The U.S government is DIVIDE AND CONQUER. They're the people supporting Israel while they're bombing innocent people of Palestine, taking land that is not their own. They feed the dictatorships of Libya and Egypt, and feed the people of the Genocide in Africa.

  12. People have got to lighten up when it comes to things like this. Anyone that doesn't agree should be confident enough in whatever facts/opinions/theories they have that it doesn't effect them to the point of outrage. Let that man cook. lmfao ^_^

  13. Lupe has a point,and people need to stop viewing Obama as a black man and start viewing as a president,clearly he explains why he says Obama is a terrorist,whr do ppl thing these poor countries get weapons from to go to war?America ofcoz and by the government supplying them does cause terrorism

  14. I'm kind of indifferent, to be honest. No one seemed to care when he called former president Bush a terrorist. And it's not like he hasn't criticized Obama before, either. Of course he's justified to say whatever he wants.

  15. I think artists should be more outspoken about politics and social issues because they can reach audiences in very special ways.

    It's all terrorism, but some forms are more powerful. Drones and tanks in peoples backyards, with constant bombing, is a much more powerful form of terrorism than one individual committing suicide. With Obama supporting and providing those weapons, he's nothing less than what Lupe said he is.

  16. I really believe his Islamic faith is at the heart of his complaints. So what we do as country makes other countries turn to terrorism? No sir to wrongs don't make a right. Our government isn't ideal at all, but best believe we have the pleasures we have because we have this set up. I just wish it would be more about the music with Lu and less about the politics. He wants nothing to do with politics, doesn't believe in it, but comments on it more than anyone.

  17. I don't really follow politics and I'm not sure if I can really agree or disagree with Lu. However, you can't stop freedom of speech. Artist or not, Lupe should be able to express any of his opinions.

  18. strong words from lupe... but you gotta respect the guy and his opinion- even if you don't agree with it. if people weren't so feeble minded, they wouldn't take so much offense to it. the word 'terrorist' is such a loaded word and people equate it with different things. one of the most basic definitions of a terrorist is "one who frightens others." if you use it in that sense, it's a whole bunch of terrorists walking around America...

    also, people shouldn't just go on a bashing-spree, "oh we hate lupe, i'm over him, unfollow him on twitter and throw his cds out the window" like some of those people on twitter are saying (he retweeted the most ignorant ones). if that was the case- that people should unfollow and not support music artists/actors/other random celebs because they do or say something questionable, it's a LOT of celebs that should have fallen by the wayside, because MANY of them do/say questionable things...

    and to conclude my mini-essay, i say GO LUPE, he's an awesome music artist, and from what i've seen in interviews, i'd still consider him an amicable and awesome person.

  19. I think he is correct, but sayin Obama is a terrorist is to much, I'm sure he meant the US government, but he should be careful with what he says when he tries to explain somethig he should be careful, bc everyone is gonna see it in a different point of view, take it serious or not, methaphorical or not, in this case shooting at one person (obama) or shooting at the whole crew (US government). Politics is a very sensitive issue, that needs an explanation into details. Lupe is just a human and he might say things wrong, even I soemtimes mess up. I hope the crowd won't take too seriously and call him names like terrorist and Crazy or something.

  20. @Yyve Doue

    its "Insanity romantically your, pleasure is painful"

    Anyway all of this backlash is because he is popular now if it was lupe during "The cool" days no one would care.

  21. He needs to learn when to keep his mouth shut. If the entire point of lasers was to gain publicity and sell a lot of records then why in the fucking world would you go and make this statement? Two steps forward, three steps back. I miss the old Lupe... Back when he let his albums do the talking instead of running his mouth. Now he's just another angry rap star. And no, Words I Never Said doesn't count as "real talk". Literally any rapper could have put together those basic rhymes. Get your shit together Lupe... seriously. You're losing the fans who signed the petition to get Lasers in exchange for the fans who love it when you make pop music with Trey Songz.

  22. ^ He's too far gone to keep his mouth shut at this point. I'm afraid in a minute he's just going to be somebody folks know is talented, but think he's straight crazy.

    You got to calculate your moves a little better than Lu has recently. If you feel Obama(which I don't know why he just singled him out) is a terrorist then you got to slowly massage the folks to understand your rhetoric, then work up to saying it.

    Only Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, and O'Reilly make statements like this and folks think they're racist and crazy. I just think he doesn't have the people surrounding him that he once had, and he needs someone to tell him to reel it in sometimes.

    If other prominent hip hop artists speak out against Lu's statements then its gonna be a hard road for our boy in this genre.

  23. Lupe is a fool who doesn't really understand politics and American Government. He's riding the "I hate Obama" wave as long as possible.

  24. ahh last time i checked Obama started a unjust illegal war on libya without permission from congress..i also was thought a president under the war power act can start a war without permission but after 60 days he had to have his troops back, and end all confrontation...so is this an illegal war yes..are we losing hundreds of lives ,and breaking international law yes..so is this terrorism on obama part yes..the man is using violence to pursue a political aim is terrorism..some of you ppl got me smh

    and more to lu for speaking the truth

  25. I agree with LF and am glad someone is pointing out the truth. Obama has yet to make any changes of strengthening our country. There is still war and our economy is going to shit. Like LF, people should question authority, and speak openly about politics. If we want change, then we should demand it. Discussing current events and politic issues is relevant and the first step if we want to make changes happen. LF is shedding awareness to see what's really going on. Take what you want from his words, but don't judge him because he chooses not to vote. Open your mind and see what's really going on. The fact that people bring up Obamas color of skin has nothing to do with the progress of America as a government. Gosh people let's fight for better education and healthcare, not each other. Don't hate on LP because you are blinded by your own ignorance. See, blame the government for the lack of education of politics. Go LF!

  26. Anyone saying they want the old Lupe back makes no sense. Have you heard American Terrorist? Lupe has always had an aspect of politics in his albums, just now he is being more outspoken by saying it on television.

  27. Unless lupe is talking about his next rap album or until he is ready to make a real change in the world he needs to shut up and stop trashing Obama's name. Because it does make a difference who is in the white house he says all of that but lets see what he says when a person like Sarah Palin gets elected because of people who don't vote. I have lost a lot of respect for Lupe.

  28. Lupe has some good points, but I would take this opinion with a grain of salt. Westernization has been an ongoing process for decades, and to put the blame on one man for developing their viewpoint of America is absurd. Terrorism isn't rooted in fights, but conflicting ideologies, and to say that Obama has caused terrorism to flourish is far fetched. All we can do is try and make sure that our way of life doesn't conflict with theirs, which is the one point I agree with Lupe.

  29. People who agree with Lu 100% are idiots. Lu should have kept his mouth shut or at least state shit that he knows as fact. Does Lu or anyone know EXACTLY what the government is doing and trying to achieve? NO you don't. Therefore almost every criticism people make about the government is based off of ignorance, speculation, and conspiracies. It's one thing to question the government, but people really need to stop making ridiculous accusations. I guess it's easier to think "there out to get us!"

  30. The anon that made the comment before me the one that starts "Lupe has some good points, but I would take this opinion with a grain of salt." is the only one along with my self that have any ounce of sense.

  31. It is true that terrorism is often spawned from our mistreatment and exploitation of other nations and/or people, but to call Obama a terrorist is a little out of line. Yeah our government is corrupt as shit, but how much power does the president really have? The current system has been in place for decades and it takes way more than one president to even begin to rock it in the right direction. This is borderline "George Bush does not care about black people." It's an interesting point, and it is partly true, but it's A) unnecessary to say such a thing and B) grossly exaggerated. I love Lupe and love his passion and for the most part agree with his opinions, but I really don't see any point in him saying something like that.

  32. Lupe has some good points, but I would take this opinion with a grain of salt. Westernization has been an ongoing process for decades, and to put the blame on one man for developing their viewpoint of America is absurd. Terrorism isn't rooted in fights, but conflicting ideologies, and to say that Obama has caused terrorism to flourish is far fetched. All we can do is try and make sure that our way of life doesn't conflict with theirs, which is the one point I agree with Lupe.
    Wednesday, June 8, 2011 9:00:00 PM EDT

    This is it...The states exactly how I feel in a nutshell. Man Lu dropped the ball on this one, but I think this is exactly his true feelings finally coming to light.

  33. my opinion of lupe just went down quite alot
    thats an incredibly ignorant and thing to say
    i thought he was above all that bullshit
    and whats with this anarchy thing? thats also a pretty ignorant thing to say
    im kinda sick to my stomach

  34. I wanna know why this is such a surprise to people. When Sean first posted the video, I watched it and thought, "it's a normal Lupe comment."

    Lupe has always said he stands for justice for EVERYONE. And to everyone saying why is Lupe signaling Obama out, that's because Obama, as president, can decide to change US foreign policy.

    You all should seriously check out the atrocities that are being committed in the name of a strong America, with most Americans living the good life and having their high standards satisfied. Muslims are being called terrorists when they are the ones dying, in masses!!! Think about that for a while.

  35. ^What the hell are you talking about. Are you trying to say Al Qaeda aren't terrorists because them along with the Taliban are what most people associate terrorism with.

    Calling Obama a terrorist is not standing up for justice for everyone, it's ignorance. Lu just made himself look like the stereotypical "ignorant rapper" in this interview to be honest.

    We all know that the government doesn't tell us everything. Therefore nobody can make accurate accusations without knowing the secrets the government is keeping from us. This what everyone needs to realize and maybe then we can actually put the pieces to the puzzle as to what the government is actually doing. Everybody is so quick to think that they are up to know no good. If you have that type of mentality you are viewing things closed minded, one sided, and biased. Be open to ALL possibilities.

  36. I agree with you imjussaying and I think Lupe's comments were truthful and came from a sincere and passionate place, but I think he should be careful about his wording because people are going to end up shunning him instead of listening to what he has to say if they precieve his comments as rash and unnecessary.

    Once people lose respect and shun his opinions as "thats just Lupe running his mouth again" then ALL his sociopolitical messages (even those in his music that have enlighten/inspired many of us) will be viewed with skepticism...the weight of his word will plumet and thats unfortunate for a person who makes their living through their words.

    In conclusion, Lupe's statements were tasteless and irresponsible and his platform of choice --a CBC mainstream daytime television show-- was bizzar and inappropriate

    ...despite his seemingly good intentions for saying them. I hope realizes the impact of his new-found popularity and uses his social position wisely.

  37. Lupe, as well as other people in the spotlight, are the voice for those people that may not always get to be heard when it comes to conflicting issues.

    He's not riding any bandwagon, his dad was a fucking black panther. I'm sure he is just as politically informed as well as smart as Pac was.

    Lupe started out in the game as an artist doing some different shit, and he's continuing to do so now. You don't see him rallying with the truthers or Alex Jones, the dudes got an opinion, let him spill it!


  39. My whole thing here is that I understand the point Lu is trying to make, but he shouldn't have used the comparison he did. Nothing good could come from calling Obama a terrorist. For anybody. Did he have a decent point? Yes. Should he have worded it differently? Yes.

  40. @ the anon that replied to my comment: I'm not talking about Al Qaeda and the Taliban because if you brought all of them together, they wouldn't make up a number that can be considered "masses". So I'm talking about the Muslims that die in Iraq/Afghanistan/Pakistan because of the military presence of the US. This is just an example, but there are many other places where that is the case.

    It's not about knowing everything, because the truth is obvious nine times out of ten. It's obvious that people dying in Palestine and other places for the sake of an oil dependent US is totally outrageous and unjust. So you just have to know between wrong and right; if we waited to figure out all the pieces, we'd never get anywhere.

  41. If u realize, those people who have negative things to say abt Lupe actually leave their name as anonymous. Dared to oppose but never had the guts to put your name on it!!! Bunch of cowards hiding behind their PCs.

  42. Alexia, even though I support what Lupe said, I chose Anonymous because it's more work to sign in. People who don't support his view probably did the same thing.

  43. At the end of the day, everyone is entitled to an opinion. Some will agree, some will agree to disagree, that’s the nature. The disrespectful or upper crust display thereof and the bashing of someone for that opinion is what’ll irritate me more than anything.

    Foremost regarding the manner in which Lupe vocalized his thoughts, he didn’t speak belligerently or loud mouthed. I felt his tone to be tranquil and serine. The inflection in his voice, when stressing certain points, didn’t lend itself to any sort of ill intent or malicious standing. His demeanor/posture was lax and not uptight. He was calm yet adamant. I respect that.

    (*On “should artists talk about their political opinions…”*)
    Concerning Lupe and all artists, I don’t think they “should” speak on any topic based on the fact that someone said it had to be so. I believe that the “should” rest in whether or not that individual wants to take the INITIATIVE to speak about X topic. Taking it upon himself, Lupe spoke on political matters because he wanted to. He felt a personal obligation. That’s his free will to do so. In light of that, I agree with the majority of what he said. It’s like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube by constantly bashing it on the concrete. Instead of having patience, more compassionate concern (I know you can’t “love” a Rubik’s Cube) and finding further understanding as to how come to a steadier and easier resolve, you’ll only add to the displacement of the components that make the Cube by taking destructive action.

    I feel that when someone’s in a position such as Lupe, it is a giving that that person instantaneously becomes the voice for likeminded people. Bear in mind though, that this “voice” stems from personal thoughts and feelings. Now, should a person DECIDE to adhere to the same opinions, if one DECIDES to back him up, then that’s the choice made. However, because he’s Lupe Fiasco and because of the standing that he’s established and become known for amongst music goers, his fans and people period, then his comments regarding the whole matter truly become magnified x10 and I think it’s unfair. I watched the live stream that day, and I read many of those live tweets. I saw how some of the comments mocked and how blatant they came across, yet I don’t see a screen shot of their opinions.

    Everyone is on a level playing field and I don’t think any one person should be unjustly singled out and hammered for what they feel.

  44. I'll say it again: Four days before the 2008 election, Lupe sang Obama's praises, telling a sold out crowd in Chicago that "Obama is making us proud to be Chicagoans!" (http://youtu.be/aYR6pFbNWOc @ 3:28)

    A couple years and a new 'anarchist' gimmick later, he claims "I didn't vote for him."

    One or more of those acts was/is a publicity stunt.

  45. H.Bomb...I agree that Lupe shouldn't have said what he said the way he said it but I don't think his changing statements indicate that he attempted a publicity stunt either of those times (when he was in support of Obama or now that he is strongly opposing him.

    Nor does his change of heart indicate hypocrisy...its a mere indication that he is human and us human beings have the tendancy to change our minds. A lot of people who were in support of Obama earlier on are now as strongly opposed to him as Lupe for many reasons.

    And to be fair...Lupe never claimed that he was a voter. Even back in '08 he mentioned that he didnt vote because he didnt want to feel responsible for the government's murderous foreign policy (not in those words...but the was basically what he said).

  46. I'm gonna correct all you fools. Lupe is right, I'm not saying that just cause he's Lupe. I'm saying it because it's the truth. People are far too ignorant to understand what's going on in today's world.

    BTW, It's not wrong for anyone to voice their opinion. It's something we should have been doing a long time ago. Everyone's too scared to speak against the Government, fuck that!! Don't be afraid. The whole world's going down the drain because people have no idea what the fuck they're talking about when it comes to politics and a percentage of the few that do know what they're talking about keep their mouth shut. Speak the fuck up, I'm glad someone finally said it in a song

  47. what has America done under Obama that would come close to classifying us as terrorists?

    killed bin Laden, the self proclaimed mastermind behind nearly 3000 deaths....

    bombed Libya...when Ghadaffi refused to stop murdering civilians

    left Iraq...yup. we are evil for that one.

    told Israel to go back to the '67
    borders, which if you don't know is directly opposite to you people's ridiculous assertions that he's super pro Israel

    went to Afghanistan to stop al Quadea, again self proclaimed masterminds behind thousands of deaths

    passed healthcare, which if you're a republican I guess you'd call terrorism

    and whoever said that people dying in Palestine has to do with "the US oil dependency" is so off target I can't even start...we sure got a lot of oil from the 2 countries we are in...yup. I guess THAT's why gas is $5 in Chicago!

    and at dude above me...people now are opposed to Obama because of the economy, nothing else..and no..back in '08. same clip as Hetal posted, Lupe said 'make sure you vote for Obama' before that 'Hilary is better than Obama' both of those sound like "vote" messages. I'm all for opinions, but the way he said it sounded ill-informed and like a fox news soundbyte. Shock statements are hollow. If he wants to actually explain his viewpoint then fine, but YOU all need to stop just blindly agreeing with buddy because you're a fan

  48. @S-Preme - You have no idea wtf you're talking about, just shut up and stop embarrassing yourself. You have no idea how the Government works and what's going on with the world.

  49. wait are you serious? what did I say that even slightly demonstrated I have no idea how government works? I noticed you neglected to tell me what Obama did that could be construed as terrorist... I'm still waiting for an answer on that. Also being that I went to school for sociology and minored in poly sci, I'm pretty sure I have a fairly decent grasp on how government works. You sound JUST as ill informed as tea partiers and birthers.

    Just because you speak doesn't mean you're making a point.

  50. I never said anything about Obama, he's just a puppet, like Bush was and many presidents before him were. But if you're asking what we have done to be labeled as terrorists, it shows that you have no idea what you're saying. I'm not gonna waste my time explaining every little intricate detail of Government to you. Since you took Sociology you should know how the world works by now.

  51. Lol why are yall trippin so hard over this mans statement. For the ones who say he's just trying to get attentiom then hmmm looks like its working lmao ignorant ass dudes

  52. i SAID. and i quote.

    "what has America done under Obama that would come close to classifying us as terrorists?"

    see that word under there? it means while Obama was president. Lupe, and people in this thread called Obama a terrorist. I need an example of how.

    Did I say America is the holiest? Did I say we've never done anything? No. Didn't say that. Didn't even come close. I asked what the US has done since 08 and more specifically what Obama has done to come close to deserving the title "terrorist."

    You can't just blanket me into not "knowing" shit because you don't want to respond to a point.

  53. naw MGD...i'm trippin cuz i hate when people blindly follow what someone says...and thats what 80% of these comments are

  54. why don't u dip shits do something about the problems you're bitching about rather than sit home at your computers in your underwear and spew some ignorant bullshit.

    i don't have any respect for people that don't vote.

    did he really just say that we should try not voting?

    i love the music but leave the crazy political opinions out...

  55. What is the goal of Lupe's subersive indentity? Peace? Rebellion? Awareness?or Attention? Never let your obession create your personal opinion ppl.

  56. im sorry, but to get up there and call obama the biggest terrorist in the country is really fucked up. how any of us can even fathom the amount of shit on obama's plate is beyond me. and for the people saying shit about colonization and how bad the u.s. is, do some research on the uk. last time i checked, we didnt go to guadalcanal or korea or vietnam for natural resources. all the ignorant fools like to jump on the oil band wagon cuz they dont know anything else. there is more to a war than one factor. the middle east is an extremely volatile region that has had a history of intolerance and chaos. what would happen if we just up and left? ill tell u what happen. fucking genocide and destruction would take place. israel would get wiped out and the middle east would solidify as a allied power against the western economies. you think gas for you escalade is expensive now? wait until we leave the middle east and see what the fuck happens. and if u think that obama is on the same level as osama because he authorizes the killing of people, you are clearly smoking too much weed or whatever the fuck and you're not thinking in a rational fashion. osama flew a fuel-filled bomb into a major complex killing thousands of people just to make a fucking point. these people were just going to work. they werent soldiers. they didnt sign on the dotted line saying they were willing to die for their country in the line of duty. they had families, husbands and wives, children. but somehow, obama is just as bad because he is the commander of the armed forces. guess what... if one group of people dont take control of a situation, another will. that's human nature.

  57. I am an Obama and Lupe supporter...so bare with me as I walk this thin line between the two. As much as I love and admire Lupe.......I disagree with him on a couple things when it comes to politics. At times, I think that Lupe's political views are irrational. For instance, he likes to say publicly now (in 'The Cool era' he had encourage concert audiences to vote) how he doesn't vote because it doesn't count and how conrrupt the political system is but he openly supported Chicago Democratic Senate nominee Cheryle Jackson (devoted an entire concert for her fundraiser). Also, he was in support of Rhymfest's interest in Chicago politics. These are just two examples of his irrational political viewpoints. There are several more but I really dont want to go into because I know how Lu fans get....anything said remotely that isn't dick-riding Lupe is seen as hate(IMO).

    But anyways to bring back to the Obama statement....when I watch that interview and he said that....my stomach turned a little bit. When you make a statement like that...you better be able to follow up with evidence that support it. I mean thats basic logic 101. But honestly, I don't think Lupe is savy enough in political theory or care to support his argument. Since I am a supporter of Lu and value 'freedom of speech', I don't take this statement to heart. I just feel bad for Lupe on the backlash this is probably going to bring. Lu is no Kanye. I hope he will be able to stand on his own two. I can see how this is going to serve as a mockery.

  58. and another thing...

    our soldiers wear fucking uniforms in iraq and afghanistan. they dont dress up as civilians wearing suicide vests in order to trick our soldiers into believing they are civilians. people that do shit like that are pussies. so let me apologize if we treat any of the people over in the middle east like shit upon first encounter. we cant trust anyone... even fucking children get strapped up. how would they like it if it was the other way around. you dont want to put a bullet in the head of a ten year old or a regular civilian, but you dont know whether or not he is a walking bomb that could kill or maim your entire unit. so when he runs right at u, u better not piss off the disenfranchised u.s. citizens back home who have blinders on that force them only to focus on one aspect of the war. Instead, let the kid or pussy ass fucking civilian run right up in the middle of the unit and take that risk that he kills everyone.

    im sorry, but a brainwashed individual willing to blow himself up for a cause is not brave. he is fucking insane. let me repeat that. he is not courageous or worthy of respect. he is a fucking lunatic. as soon as that vest goes off, he is dead. lights out. no more. no virgins. no heaven. nothing. he's dead and gone and eventually will turn back into dust. his particles will disintegrate back into the earth and eventually constitute some grass or whatever the fuck.

    so, to the bleeding hearts, sorry that our soldiers have to do shit that might be uncomfortable. this isnt world war 2. armies that are not strong dont wear uniforms because they wouldnt survive if they did. what are the real soldiers supposed to do?

  59. The greatest minds to have ever lived aren't as sure as the guy above me, clearly he knows something they didn't. how can you presume to say something with such certainty? who are you?.. oh supreme master of knowledge about the universe and what happens after you die, the least you could do is not mislead people with the knowledge you have. peace

  60. "the greatest minds to have ever lived arent as sure as the guy above me"

    sure about what, death?

    im sorry to burst your bubble, but if you live with the idea that this life is just some kind of pre-season that doesnt matter as much as "eternity" i feel really bad for u. the underlying theme of all of the major religions focuses on living a full life that is both fulfilling and selfless. these two go hand-in-hand as one cannot truly experience feelings of fulfillment without being selfless. the "teachings" direct us to humble ourselves before a greater being (i.e. humanity as a whole) and act reasonably in peace rather than selfishly with violence. Why? Because your life is short compared to the history of the universe. you are but one tiny, insignificant speck of dirt on a vast beach surrounded by billions and billions of others specks of dirt. this is nothing to be depressed about, however! consider yourself lucky to exist. consider yourself lucky you dont exist 5 or 10 thousand years ago where quite literally the strong survived and weak often didnt. We have evolved to such a wondrous stature intellectually that we are on the cusp of expanding our understanding of the universe. Forget, for just a moment, your silly problems or issues that you feel are so massive. Try to come to grips with the fact that we are fortunate to even be alive. Understand that all of the right cards were dealt so that the earth could provide a means of life for us. It took over 14 billions years, but here we are, empowered and impassioned, fighting each other over nonsensical theology created by man determined to destroy man. spend less time criticizing the people that are trying to improve this existence and spend more time learning what you yourself can do.

    dont be ignorant.

    sorry if my knowledge is too great for pop-culture, gripe-of-the-week reality.

  61. To that anonymous person who replied to me:
    Honey, you dont need to sign in to show ownership on your comments.Press the third button and write your name, what's the hard work?
    Besides,signing in is not hard work, if you believe in something so much you put your name in your support. :)

  62. ^ I mean hard work or more work like you said, i wont caonsider it a work. Cause its really nothing at all.

  63. you fools!

    what difference does my name make.

    ok im john... just kidding, alex... no, actually is lupe...

    ok last one, i promise this is real:


    alright, that was a joke. my real name is:

    mohammed giovanni o'reily chang

    can u mental midgets refocus this discussion on why lupe said what he said?

  64. Hi MY NAME IS, WHAT? MY NAME IS, WHO? MY NAME IS... SLIM SHADY!!!!!Thursday, June 9, 2011 at 8:47:00 AM EDT

    once again, this blog shows how these "die-hard" fans (which I used to consider myself) are really just brain-washed, dick-riding peons that would walk in front of a moving train if Lupe said so. Don't be afraid to be the voice of dissent. Only through discussion can we move forward as a whole.

    I haven't heard any counter-arguments, just the typical "oh my god, you're bashing Lupe in some way" hate that i expected

  65. It would have made a lot more sense if Lupe said America is the biggest terrorist. Single out Obama specifically is a bit outlandish. The American regime has been in motion well before Obama became president. Obama at least seems to be "trying" to steer this county to a more humane place. He was never going to be able to change the world in a 4 year term as president. We all know damn well. It's going to take so much more than that. To blame Obama for the shit US has done, and is doing, is irrational.

    But then Lupe will probably just say later on that he's trying to spark debate.

    **Disclaimer: Lupe Fiasco is my favorite rapper.

  66. WORD TO MAMA IM OUTTA MAH LIMA BEANThursday, June 9, 2011 at 9:08:00 AM EDT

    absolutely agree with S-Preme & TJ

  67. Cosign, TJ. Love the disclaimer,lol,smh. I might have to borrow that.

    **Disclaimer: Hardcore Lupe fan

  68. Gosh I'm glad S-Preme said what he said.

    I've saying this all along. Why do you guys assume that every action the government does is a crime or intended to do harm or a secret plot to take over the world?

    Like I said before you guys have to stop thinking with that mentality.


    You do realize that US went into Iraq to save the civilians from Sadam right? Unless you think we were there for just oil and if that was the case Sadam would still be here today. I don't know why you think all the deaths the civilians in those countries are caused by the US. They were being killed by their own men long before the US decided to intervene.

    "It's not about knowing everything, because the truth is obvious nine times out of ten."

    You see it's stupid shit like this^
    that have you guys spitting nonsense like "obama is a terrorist." There is no statistical evidence that prove that what you assume is 90% correct. Stop assuming shit. We all can agree that the government doesn't tell us everything, therefore you can not make an ACCURATE accusation. Knowing right from wrong is part of it, but so is knowing what makes sense and what doesn't. You guys act like all of these countries were at peace before the US came in.

    Here's one of things I noticed. Most of the people that are like "oh were in iraq/afgan/paki/lyibya to take oil" don't even know the reasons the government gave for actually being there. You guys just make up your own answers.


    You are obviously one of those fans who'd stand by Lu no matter what he does. Whether we put our name or not doesn't matter. Hell I could use your name.

    Eznv obviously believes that all the conspiracy theories out there are 100% correct.

    Lupe should have never watched zeitgeist. It obviously changed his entire way of thinking.

  69. Sigh.

    You either believe everything the government tells you, do the opposite, or view everything with an open mind and a healthy amount of scrutiny. What's right and what's wrong? I sure as hell dunno. All I know is it's all gray, there's no such thing as black and white in ANYTHING.

    You balance the pros and cons. You interpret shit for yourself. It is painfully obvious many people would rather jump on a bandwagon than try to figure things out on their own. This relates to anything from politics to sports teams. Where were all these girls screaming "Go Heat! ;)" on my Facebook earlier in the season?


    I digress. In the end nobody has the answer. Not me. Not any of you. Not Lupe. Not Obama or those dudes writing his scripts. He does shady shit. The government does shady shit. They also do good things, be it for the genuine betterment of our nation or just to paint a pretty picture is, again, lost on me.

    Just be true to yourselves. Plain and simple. I believe Lupe is doing just that and he seems quite comfortable in his skin. Can you all say the same thing? If you can then you're doing something right.

  70. @H. Bomb,

    I watched that video in the link you provided.

    I think what Lupe was more so in support of was the possibility for this Chicago native who wanted to step into that presidential position, to then use that position to move things in a positive direction. To stray as far as possible from using violent tactics to come to an end result.

  71. Look, lupe, your so wrong. I'm going to write a post about this soon on my blog.

    How about you actually read Obamas book Audicity of Hope so you can know what your talking about rather than just spouting off about Obama being a terrorist.

    Can you really say your that well educated about US foreign policy? Certainly presidents have had terrible foreign policys in the past, but thats what why we vote and switch presidents every 4-8 years.

    Seriously dude, how is not voting gonna help. It's totally flawed logic. Even if you were right and all politicians are corrupt, what exactly would you lose by choosing who you think is the best of the two? Of course you'll say something emotional like "my integrity" or something like that but the truth is you are hedging your bets by making a descision. Am I saying you should come out and endorse a candidate? No, not unless you believe in him/her.But you should cast your vote.

    Cause if your wrong (which i'm very convinced that you are), than your telling an entire generation of potential progressives not to get involved in the political proccess, leaving it up to people who don't care about the welfare of the poor and middle class to become the leaders.

    To me, it feels like you are using this controversial position/statement to get publicity and it sickens me because you don't actually present eveidence to support your point of view. I think your a skilled artist and maybe you should actually try to be substantive instead of just broadstroking about something you don't have anything close to an authoritative knowledge on.

    Perhaps you should also be a little more forthcoming to the people that your ideology is at least partly influenced by your muslim beliefs. I have nothing against the koran, but if you do take it seriously it certainly effects your worldview. I take it you believe that the world is ultimately unsalvegable and you anticipate some sort of apocoylptic event thus why you advocate that kids learn how to "grow plants, and make clothing".

    In which case perhaps you should instruct people on how to do that in your raps, rather than making glib comments about the wrongs (in your eyes)of the world.

    Maybe instead kids could learn science, engineering, biology, agriculture etc so we could actually change the world for the better in a progressive way instead of simply resigning ourselves to the problems as you seem to advocate. I don't see you proposing a real alternative.

    I think you don't see that what Obama offers is progression not idealism. He understands that their are hard choices and compromises that absolutely must be made within the reality of the situation and his/others highest ideals cannot be realized unless we work within the system to gradually change things.

  72. HI, MY NAME IS....WHAT? MY NAME IS... WHO? MY NAME IS... SLIM SHADY!!!Thursday, June 9, 2011 at 11:26:00 AM EDT

    @Jonathan Browne


    I'm starting to feel like I'm not the only one who feels like Lupe was way out of line.

    The real point to come away from this discussion is that he hasn't proposed an alternative. Nor have any of the people cosigning that Obama is a terrorist. It's easy to sit back and point fingers. Anybody can jump to unsubstantiated conclusions.

  73. well done lupe contrary to popular belief the youth really do care <---- applause !!!

  74. @ Jonathan Browne


    I think Lupe is going to regret making that statement and then he will do one of those "to clarify" type of comments. I love him and all and I don't vote either for Religious reasons, but he shouldn't have called Obama a terrorist.

  75. pardon me but what religious differences cause you not to vote?

  76. Why are people sweating this so hard? I took it as a regular ass Lupe comment. So what if he makes himself look like an ass on national television. How does that affect you? People feeling ashamed to be his "fan"? Do you pay attention? He's been saying this for a while. And to those who say he needs to just stick to music, what do you think he raps about?

    "Outty 5000" Fahrenheit 1/15 part 2

    "You might get killed you don't listen enough, well I guess I'm dead cause I ain't listen to puff(vote or die)Ha Haaaa. Best believe our system it sucks, and a person like me don't believe in assisting in such. Nah, I be ripping them up. But for every pond there's different ducks. I believe if you participate on a lower level you can get a lot more things done, like working with the alderman, but I ain't altering this song to be a political statement. Take it back to the basement."

    I mean damn... does anyone listen? This isn't his "new persona" he's been leading up to this the whole time. I don't get what surprises people.

  77. @NyrisJ

    Nevermind what he has said in the past. We're talking about this specific instance and whether or not he is credible as a source of political opinion.

    As Jonathan and several others pointed out, what good comes of not voting? Is there some sort of alternate proposal that would make things better? Why are there always complaints without suggestions?

  78. @anonymous who replied to me

    He gave his alternative in that part of the song I quoted. He believe in working with the alderman. Like supporting Rhymefest back when he was running for alderman in Chicago.

    I don't pretend to know the ins-and-outs of Lupe's thoughts but making sense out of it, I'd say he doesn't think the President can actually help the minorities because they are such and he has to adhere to the wants and needs of everyone in a nation that is as divided as ours. Unlike an alderman that can actually do something to help the poor in his neighborhood. A it seems reasonable to think so.

  79. for the record this show is called "what's trending". Do lasers give a shit about what's "trending". I don't think so. Lupe didn't take this interview seriously based on his demeanor and silly-ass "Billy" shirt, so why in the hell should anyone else.

  80. @NyrisJ, no "new persona"

    Your too right about that. I was thinking along the same lines. If you trace Lupe's music back from it's earlier points and listen to it retrospect, you find that he's BEEN on that level of expression. Again, I respect it.

  81. Too...Many...Comments...I...Can't...Take...It.
    He probably meant the government now make a comment on that, what if he said the government is the terrorist wich leads to form terrorism on the world, what do you think about that? He probably didn't mean it that way. Obama is not a terrorist, he doesn't have the balls for that! I love Obama, I'm not American but I really like that man, and I disagree with Lupe. BTW for Iraq, Afghanistan, ... US does look like a terrorist just sayin you know.

    Like I said I'm not American, but I liked to ask you this, US has been investing in weapons since "the war on terror", US has been transporting weapons everywhere, and make deals with countries. Now what I like to ask is why doesn't US use this useful money to invest in education, and for American people, for US citizens, to build homes, reconstruct buildings or driveways,... IF! and I say IF I was a proud American, I would be mad at my government to not dealing with national issues, and rather go deal with or "bomb" other countries.

    I'm just asking, by the way I see US on TV or documentaries it does need that money that US has been investing on other stuff. This is just me seeing things this way.

    If I'm wrong you can always correct me, and tell me what you think.

    Thank you.

  82. lupe is a smart guy and has right to his own opinion but these terrorist have been terrorist before obama took office...obama has been trying to reverse what bush did but if lupe knew a little more about the inner workings and how corrupt the system is that obama inherited then he wouldn't have said something so asinine and ignorant. hes going around saying i dont vote because this or that and other fans are doing what he says...but the reason obama cant do what he wants is because republicans control congress and that is because dumb asses, like lupe, say im not gonna vote but then complain about everthing...LU u are my fav rapper but not for long with this bull shit u have been saying and that garbage u call lasers...think about how powerless u were against atlantic records these past few years, well thats how obama is now, quality results takes quality time...ur album didnt come out until the fans'(people) uproar...obama cant change this country without the peoples' help, yet ur all over the place urging the people not to vote by saying you dont vote...smh get it together

  83. @anon above

    He says he doesn't vote cause he doesn't agree with Obama or any one running. He doesn't urge anyone to do anything but think for themselves. I think he expects people to use their own minds to judge whether or not they agree with Obama and if you do then feel free to vote.

  84. To call 1 guy who happens to be the current US president, the biggest terrorist, is lazy. Obama doesn't equal the whole gov't, all the corruption, all the history of systemic oppression or even the current problems.

    I have not problem with people who disagree w/gov't as a whole, institutions, and power struggles, nor w/their voices their beliefs when honest and informed, but Lu's statements don't even align with each other. The "root cause" as laid out by Lu, does not even circle back to Obama. This mess was going on WAY before Obama was in gov't, and it's going to take more than one second to eradicate it all, with or without the president.

    Voicing your opinion of Obama is one thing. Voicing your opinion of the US govt or any other institution is another. If you think both are corrupt, fine. But they're not the same thing, and to throw the blame of centuries worth of oppressive or "terrorist" thinking within this colossal system is a waste of time.

    Why does it matter who "the biggest terrorist" is? Is it a contest? Why feed fear? I thought it was a weak emotion Lu despises. In his, and all of our, efforts to change the world, I thought love always shines. The bright minds of us lasers. I believe that. Inaccurate blame doesn't align with that.

    I believe Lu has a right to voice his political opinion, artist or not. I just think it was a weak opinion and poorly and inaccurately articulated. It also doesn't promote change, love, progress...

  85. Once again you guys are not making sense.

    """Like I said I'm not American, but I liked to ask you this, US has been investing in weapons since "the war on terror", US has been transporting weapons everywhere, and make deals with countries. Now what I like to ask is why doesn't US use this useful money to invest in education, and for American people, for US citizens, to build homes, reconstruct buildings or driveways,... IF! and I say IF I was a proud American, I would be mad at my government to not dealing with national issues, and rather go deal with or "bomb" other countries."""

    ^Now I ask you, did you not see what happened during 9/11/01? You want the US to not invest in weapons? That would leave us defenseless. I tell you, until America gets nuked by ignoring what goes on outside of the U.S people will finally see the light. Nobody wants a repeat of World War 2. The world ignored Hitler until it was too late. Nobody wants a repeat of that. So we are not "bombing" other countries for the sake of "bombing" other countries. There is a REASON for this which you guys continue to fail find out. The reason why we went to Afghanistan was to get Osama, the reason why we to Iraq was to stop Sadam, the reason why we're in Libya is to aid rebels that are against Gaddafi. Whether you think that we should leave their conflicts alone is up to you. Just remember the world ignored Hitler and the result was the holocaust and WWII. If these terrorists and dictators get too much power we could have a repeat or worse.

    Lu is my favorite rapper and in my opinion the best to ever do it, but I think he and those that agree with his statement are a bit ill informed. If you're on the opinion that we shouldn't bomb other countries then you're basically saying that we shouldn't get involved in other people's conflicts. While those with the opposite opinion think that we should help those that want freedom.

    Personally I think that we should focus more on here now that Osama is dead. Leave other countries alone until something comes up because really need to get rid of this trillion dollar dept.

  86. to the non-american anon

    we arent talking about what the u.s. government should be investing money into. were talking about the fact that lupe called obama the biggest terrorist in the u.s. and that he doesnt vote AT ALL. i agree with the thought provoking idea that we should think about who we vote for but at the end of the day, VOTE!

  87. Lupe Fiasco endorses Obama (Sept. 2008)

    Before and after giving his concert version of “Daydreamin’,” Lupe Fiasco made his political affiliation known.

    “A vote for Obama is a vote for the future,” Fiasco said to a cheering audience before ending the concert with his usual closer, “Peace and much love to you.”

  88. ^Ok so while you are looking for Bin laden you also kill inoccent people? did you know that the US has been in Afghanistan before 9/11 happened. I don't blame Obama, bc he is cleaning Bush's dirty jobs. People in Libya are protesting bc Ghaddaffi is an Asshole like Moubarak. Oh and also looking for saddam is BOMBING cities in Iraq? I ask you this question bc I think evolving your own country and preparing it for World wars is more important than trading Weapons and making deals with other countries. Do you really think that US is making weapons to defend himself NO bc he is transporting it to everywhere. Did you know that US only had 50 nuclear weapons wich maybe too much in my opinion. If US is "defending" himself for preventing hitler kinda issues, than he would've lost back in WW2, remember Vietnam wars yeah defending right. There is too much weapons going on on the world wich leads to WAR while you think making weapons prevent war. I really think US should start invest in education instead of bombs. Look at your country seriously go outside and see that some people need homes, while you are thinking I should defend myself to poor ass afghani people, and people from the middle east who might get in the US. YEAH RIGHT.

  89. The world ignored hitler?..who funded hitler may I ask just out of curiosity, the U.S is becoming a little to selective about who they help out in my opinion but oh well.

  90. oh and "the root cause of terrorism" being the government's policies that "inspire people to become terrorists" makes no sense. If that were the case would al Queda target random European countries too? Oh I mean...ya...I guess France and England are terrorists too.

  91. I think he's right in that as the most powerful nation we should take a higher stand for peace. At the same time I don't think we should back down from evil.

  92. I just hope everybody doesn't suddenly hate Obama over a Lupe's statements. I hope people can form opinions for themselves.

    Do I think the Pres is a terrorist? nah
    Do I think Multinational corporations, Banks and natural resources are behind a lot of the violence and shit going down?
    Hell Yah

  93. er... I live in England and have been to France, yes these countries are terrorists..all these 1 vote from us trumps the rests of the world in a U.N vote is utter bullshit, they should also stop selling weapons and crying when their buyers use them against them.



  96. yea, gotta stop taking every word that comes out of his mouth like it's the word of god.

  97. He's pissing me off to be honest. I've bought all this albums, including 4 albums of "The Cool" to hand out to family and friends. I had so much respect for Lupe but to go on this rant about Obama and then say he doesn't vote. These are words I would expect out of a Young Jeezy or a Jim Jones....not Lupe. It's sad


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