Russell Simmons x Lupe Fiasco discuss the difference between Osama and Obama [Part 1]

Russell: I created GlobalGrind a few years ago for moments like this. Lupe Fiasco, one of the great poets of his generation, made some comments that didn't sit well with a lot of people, when called President Barack Obama a "terrorist."

I decided to reach out to Lupe to give him a platform to further explain why he felt this way and discuss the overall state of our country, our politics and the world.

Check Part 1 HERE


  1. I wanna see how Lupe responded to that last question sooo bad.

    The whole Obama-Osama relation that he made was very interesting; made a lot of sense, actually.

  2. are u kidding?? this dude fell off his rocker

    was JFK as an aggressor? How about FDR? Jimmy Carter? Oh yea, Carter was a belligerent son of a bitch. I forgot...

  3. Finally,Lupe has the evidence to back it up. I think I'll write a song about our forefathers and the constitution being applied to the government today.

  4. That was an engaging, in depth Part 1 dialog between the two. I'm glad Lupe further straightened out that Fox News thing, and that someone respectfully reached out to him in effort for him to extend or expand the meaning of what he said.

    Part 2!!


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