1. Was at this show last night. Worst concert I've ever been to.

    Lupe was great, as always.. This was the 4th time I've seen him live. But even so, it was still nowhere near the level of his other shows (when it's just him).

    He was only on stage for maybe 20 minutes.. opened for New Boyz. (What!?) I could only assume he had somewhere to be, maybe..

    The sound was terrible though, awful acoustics. Could barely understand what he was saying into the mic when performing.

  2. I would have to agree. I think these radio sponsored jams with a huge lineup suck. I saw him last Friday in Denver and although I was happy to see him perform, his performance is nothing like when he's in a smaller venue with his band and does a hour plus set versus a 20-30 minute set.

    I was disappointed when I heard he was coming to Denver doing the Summer Jam, but I was glad he was coming to Denver period.

  3. Well..all these radio performances are only 20-30 minute sets.

  4. All those large radio sponosored events are based on the popularity of the artists at the time and also program time on that particular network. It sucks that he has to do a more watered down version of his set but unfortunately that's how it works unless you have a strong relationship w/ a particular station then you can negotiate more time. Either way good to see him exposed to audiences that may not have seen him otherwise.

  5. Actually, no. New Boyz were on for 40 mins, Jay Sean for an hour. Same with Pitbull.



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