Norma Briseno's research paper about Lupe Fiasco

Norma from LA recently interviewed me for a research paper about Lupe and the purpose of Hip Hop. She just put it online on her Tumblr and I thought I'd share it with you. Here's the part in which she quotes me:

Sean the Robot from Germany and founder of the LupEND Blog stated that, “[Lupe] is doing the same thing that 2pac did or what Nas and Common are doing- shedding light on issues in society that others don’t want to see or talk about.”

When asked as to what is the significance of hip hop he replied, “hip hop is really all about the lyrics, it’s poetry and if people just use it to make a quick buck, then it really loses its purpose.”

Lupe commented that there is always this idea of material success and material excess. His music is not about making millions nor is it about selling the most albums, but rather about making a change in the world.

Sean the Robot ended the interview with, “As cheesy as it sounds, I want Lupe to be remembered as someone who tried to change the world with his music and who at least tried to make people’s lives better.”

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  1. seriously...a book report...

  2. oh wait ...a research paper..that makes it sound more official.what is this, high school?!

  3. book report, research paper, whatever you want to call it... she did a good job! i wish i could read the whole thing.

  4. If he's so "political," Lupe should debate Christopher Hitchens.

  5. @ SeanTheRobot, this is an excellent post. Many valid points in her report that I agree with.

  6. Hey, I've written a dissertation on Lupe Fiasco's lyricism, regarding the lyrics from a literary perspective... I may send it in to the blog once I get the paper back from my lecturer...

  7. this paper was so basic... absolutely nothing extraordinary about it. y'all dudes are dumb

  8. I wrote this paper for my African American Studies class. We were allowed to choose any topic we wanted, nothing was off limits. So, to keep things interesting for myself, I chose Lupe Fiaso with a slight insight into the purpose of Hip-Hop and how those initial intentions have been lost because of the "Dumb it Down Effect". I appreciate everyone who commented it, and to respond to the negative comments I will just state that I'm proud of my paper and had a great time writing it. Less negativity, more positive attitudes! :)

    -Norma Brisneo, @ayeYO

    Thanks for posting it! :)


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