Lupe Fiasco sales increase after MTV Movie Awards Performance

After performing at the MTV Movie Awards this weekend Lupe's iTunes sales went way up again. Lasers went back up to the top of the Hip Hop/Rap Album charts and it also jumped from #60 to #25 on the general iTunes album charts.

'The Show Goes On' jumped from 18 to 11 and 'Out Of My Head' and 'Words I Never Said' also moved higher up on the Hip Hop single charts. - info via RapFix

With that in mind...the MTV Video Music Awards are just around the corner...I wonder if we'll see Lupe perform there, too...


  1. I was thinking the same exact thing. Will the MTV staff and coordinators invite or request him as a performer a second time around?

    Never know, would be nice though.

  2. I imagine they would; He always puts on an awesome show, small spot or not. I think he'll probably end up performing WINS and maybe IDWCRN as well.

  3. i dont think theyd have him at both...though it'd be nice. I'd like to see him on SNL next season.

  4. they already had him at the spring break, i think they could bring him back, but not for a main show, maybe pre show or something

  5. I can't imagine that they would have him back, and if they did he definitely couldn't perform WINS.


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