Lupe Fiasco on calling Obama a Terrorist: 'I've Got Nothing to Clarify'

Lupe Fiasco caused a stir this week when he called President Barack Obama a terrorist during an appearance on CBS' "What's Trending." His exact words? "To me, the biggest terrorist is Obama in the United States of America."'s The Juice has since caught up with the Chicago rapper to discuss the controversial interview, and it appears he's standing by his statement. "I've got nothing to clarify. It's Obama and the U.S. government," Lupe said, echoing his comments to CBS. "[It's] every president that came before him and every president that comes after him.

"It's funky because everybody's pulling soundbites from this one interview that we did, but they don't talk about anything else from the interview," he continued. "So it's really about, 'What do people want to listen to?' It's not what I want to talk about, cause I want to talk about all types of shit... there wasn't the same reaction about me having a book club... about me trying to promote literacy in a country with 50 million functioning illiterates walking around, because we have a failed and flawed education system."

Elaborating on another point from the interview that's raised ire -- that he doesn't vote in elections -- Lupe said his reasoning is simple. "Voting doesn't work, because everybody who voted, voted for the same people who are in office right now that are actually allowing these policies to go forward... You have to educate the populace -- the masses, the voters, the people who don't vote, the people who pay taxes."

"You have educate the masses to exactly what their tax dollars are going to pay for," Lupe continues. "I think once people educate themselves and open up their minds to understand that on that really basic level, then you'll have some type of change in the way that Americans associate themselves and participate in their own political process."

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  1. PERFECT! LOVE HIM!!!<3333 :)

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  3. So, why was he encouraging massive crowds of people to vote for Obama before the 2008 elections?

    Lupe Fiasco endorses Obama (September 1, 2008)

    “A vote for Obama is a vote for the future,” Fiasco said to a cheering audience before ending the concert with his usual closer, “Peace and much love to you.”

  4. nader paul kucinich gravel mckinneyThursday, June 9, 2011 at 6:08:00 PM EDT

    'carrots, sticks, coercive diplomacy'
    Lupe Fiasco - Words I Never Said ft. Skylar Grey [Music Video]

  5. the only explanation h. bomb, is that lupe is a hypocrite. indeed.


  7. @H bomb: At that time, I was also in support of Obama because he was running on a lot of promises and a platform of change, especially dealing with foreign policy. I don't want to get into detail, but Obama said he'll do many things when he's in office that he completely dismissed once he actually got in office.

    There's nothing wrong with changing your views of a person, especially a presidential candidate who can only be criticized a few years after he is in office.

    You can even check out how Obama's ratings were so high, worldwide, because everybody was looking forward to "change" that he was running on. Recent polls show that his ratings, according to the rest of the world, went down.

  8. @ H.Bomb

    Thats cause that was 2008. EIGHT! This is 2011. People change, opinions change. But you seem to not know that.

  9. @H. Bomb Would you Rather have John McCain & Sarah Palin In office, Other the first black president (Well first one to CLAIM he's black). The Future was for Obama Makeing History Things Will change but not That Fast, Obama needs a Second run to Exactly get things done.

  10. He still clarified his statement. Because i don't recall him saying in the interview that he is talking about other Presidents before and after Obama I am not saying he didn't say that I just didn't hear it. But he can have his opinion I will still support his music even if I don't agree 100% with his ideas. But he does have a point about that interview I mean there were so many media outlets doing stories on Lupe that never have before just because of that one statement.

  11. Lu losin fans left and right. This is so bizarre. Speakin your mind is one thing.... This is strange. If its as easy as hes makin it sound then Im sure he could do such an incredible job in office... Then tellin people not to vote. Vote or Die bitches!!!

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  13. But Lupe claims now to ALWAYS have been opposed to Obama, and says "I didn't vote for him" in the 2008 election.

    Yet, just days before the 2008 election, he was telling people on every tour stop to vote for Obama

    One of more of those statements was/is a publicity stunt. I suspect Lupe is just playing along to his current "anarchist" gimmick with all his current anti-Obama rhetoric.

  14. How was the book club supposed to help the 50 million illiterate people in America? Why isn't he trying to implement new policies for schools? New literacy standards would ensure that students aren't being pushed through grades so easily.

    It's just so easy to point fingers and blame. I have yet to hear alternative suggestions.

  15. It was a sad process seeing lupe slowly go off the deep end, but it has now reached its pinnacle. the old Lupe inspired me to be more. This one certainly doesn't. That's whats lost in all of this.

  16. Lupe has always been with that "anarchist" Stuff Since i first heard him..... Idk About Yall but i Think he Just Don't wanna Dick Ride For Obama!.......

  17. The old Lupe? Lol he is the same Lupe. Have you not heard any of his old songs? Did you actually listen to his lyrics?

    What's sad is that you're being blinded by the government.

  18. to the idiot who said try to implement policies...he cant do that thats what obama is for thats why he doesnt support him rappers cant change the laws stop talkin so fast and get pass the ignorance and listen to what he has to say

  19. Lupe was simply one of MANY people fooled by the Democratic party's candidate. A (half) black dude talking about change with a voice and speaking style very reminiscent of one late MLK Jr. It honestly took THAT much for people to fall in love.

    I remember when the campaigning was going on that Howard Stern's radio personalities were going to Obama rallies praising Barack. But they were bringing up John McCain's policies and saying they were Obama's. The people at the rallies STILL cheered and said shit like "That's right! Change!" and other nonsense. Isn't it obvious most people don't have a clue about politics? They simply choose to hear one thing (Change, healthcare, out of Iraq, etc) and go with it die hard. Kind of like the sudden Lupe hate train =J

    This is all typical, really. Somebody you've loved forever suddenly explodes with popularity, and all of a sudden the things he's ALWAYS said are now "words from somebody off the deep end". Gimme a break. I'm not saying I agree with everything the man says, but he's always had a very strong opinion about the American government. Now that he's pseudo mainstream he's crazy?


  20. ^^^ @Criggz: Couldn't have said it better myself.

  21. sigh indeed haven't these "new fans" heard all the rhyming ape and various other mix-tapes, dude has always been political it just seemed subliminal because he never talked about it in that he is.. peeps are catching feelings, hell if the best rapper alive cant say what he's always been saying to a larder audience then oh well listen to his music and ignore his views unfortunately they are the same thing so I guess this is goodbye?..............

  22. The imbecile James:

    If Lupe feels so strongly about politics, and he does because that's what his music focuses on, then he should take more of an active role in implementing the changes he would like to see. And, no, that does not mean he should voice his opinion. It means he should physically spend his time, spotlight, money and influence on seeing those changes through. Someone either on this thread or the previous one made a very astute conclusion about the Presidency that I think many of you anarchists fail to grasp. When you vote for someone in office, you are voting for the better of two or three candidates. The better means you hope that they make the right decisions on as many issues as you'd like, but that doesn't mean all of the issues. It would be foolish to say that you would only endorse someone that you know only believes in exactly what you believe. That kind of thinking results in limited opinions and close-minded policies.

    The only conclusion I can draw from what you said is that you really are dumb. I'll say it again: I have yet to hear alternative suggestions about government/poltics.

    Is anyone going to solve that issue or are you all just going to continue pointing fingers.

  23. We didn't elect lupe nor did we elect ourselves so you are not getting solutions here just everyones two cents ya dig we just comment when the game changers drastically underperform.

    That is all.

  24. @H.Bomb I never remember Lupe being pro Obama - Lupe not impressed by Obama - "Shout out to hillary clinton I want her to win"

    In plenty interviews he said he didn't really care but if its about "First black pres" v "first female pres" he wants first female.

    I am not saying that link isn't true. But i'd believe him saying "I want hillary to win" rather then me reading about him saying "vote obama".

    I would just like to end by saying voting does not = Change.

  25. Also the person who said "How is he helping illiterates with his book club" He said with his charity.

    People are quick to bash Lupe for anything these days which is wrong.

    But to follow anything he says with out researching it yourself and then deciding whether he is right is even worse.

  26. @3000

    Ummm, okay... Here's a video link of him firing up a Chicago crowd 4 days before the 2008 election saying "Obama is making us proud to be Chicagoans!" (@ 3:28)

    Also, you can ask anyone who was at his tours during the summer of 2008 if he said the "A vote for Obama is a vote for the future!" line and they'll tell you yes.

    Lupe flip-flops worse than Mitt Romney.

  27. ^^ he definitely made those "Vote for Obama" statements on his tour before the Election.

  28. @slim shady

    i really don't understand what you're trying say. what if lupe think the candidates are equally bad what do he do then?

  29. Hey Lu, stick to the music industry. the political arena isn't your forte. you dont get things done by calling your opponents 'terrorists'

  30. ^^^ @Anon above Why They Call Lupe a 'Terrorists' Cause he's Muslim?

  31. @H.Bomb Meh.. A bit dodgy indeed. From Obama to Hilary or other way round.

    Maybe he just smartened up over the last few years.

    I personally think their is a lot of truth in what he is saying. Since you say its gimmick do you think otherwise ?

  32. Ah I always forget to add points lol

    @H.Bomb But yeah I get what you mean by the whole "I never voted Obama". I doubt that myself now.

    Nevertheless I still think there is truth in his statement.

  33. I completely agree with Lupe that people are only pulling that one statement, and fail to speak about the other positive messages he was promoting, but that is the reason why he should focus less on calling Obama a terrorist, and speak more about the overall system. Dropping names, and judging the "puppet", who is actually probably just a victim that was brainwashed like the rest of us, will not get the attention of the People, it will only upset, and distract us from the real problems we are facing.

  34. I am almost certain that Lupe being anti-government is not new. If you listen to his old songs you will see that. But you have to listen to them, not just hear them. And Lupe probably was pro Obama for a while. but then again a lot of people were pro Obama. It isn't like Lu goes around preaching about how Obama is a terrorist. That is just the only thing people pay attention to. Lu' speaks what is on his mind. And that is something that people just arent used to. They don't know what to do with him. Do you critize or appluad. Do you try to stop him or let him continue. If people would just start to think for themselves instead of just jumping on the bandwagon, there would be a lot less confusion. If you have to join on a bandwagon let it be the right one.

  35. Lupe's political songs:
    Hurt Me Soul
    Little Weapon
    American Terrorist- this song is exactly like his views today
    The Instrumental
    Intruder Alert
    BMF (Building Minds Faster)
    Conflict Diamonds
    Dead Presidents
    Streets on Fire
    Words I Never Said

    There are tons more. Lupe hasn't changed, the fans did.

  36. I totally agree with the media only focusing on his "controversial" comment but then again its cnbc which is part of american mass media and there need for ratings. i just hate it when wasula seem like the bad guy when the entire fox news team has been saying the same things about obama while he was still a senator.anyways there are bigger issues than this like the thousands of women and children being raped in the congo through their civil war,the drugs alcohol and violence that plagues a lot of native american tribes that get no major news coverage. The child sex trafficking issues and world hunger a good portion of which are happening in the usa. so yeah we as a people have bigger fish to fry.

  37. Not totally agreeing with everything HBomb said. but Lu certainly was asking folks to vote in 08'. This dude is the only artist I've paid any attention to outside of Nas and Kanye since 05' and I'm thinking bout dropping out. To call the dude a terrorists is just ridiculous. I mean its utterly ridiculous. Smarten up Lupe, your fans are falling by the wayside.

  38. @ H. Bomb
    Okay so 4 days before the election Lupe was apparently supportive of Obama.

    I remember a few interviews where Lupe commented about not shaking Obama's hand prior to the election. His reason was he didn't know what Obama was going to do when in office. When Obama was giving his acceptance speech, he had mentioned getting out of Iraq (which Lupe supported) and then Obama said go into and put more efforts into Afghanistan (which Lupe disagreed with). So from that point on, I believe Lupe's views of Obama changed.

    Here is that video from Travis Smiley.

  39. Who cares if you are so sensitive about what a rapper says then yeah you should leave. Good riddance.

  40. Folks, lupe has changed. for christs sake just look at him. He had political songs back in the day yes. What would you think back in the F&L days if Lupe got on some radio station and straight out called the president a terrorist, and was 100% serious about it...

    the man has changed. it's not the same

  41. This is really scary. If this was the masses of uneducated fools believe, this country is going to continue to progress at a snail's pace. Conspiracy theorists are like religious fanatics. They make up shit to explain what they do not understand. The only difference is that religious fanatics or prophets of the past weren't fortunate enough to have access to all of the knowledge that we do now. Because of this, they are pardoned for their actions. However, conspiracy theorists mainly rely on ignorance and fear to make their conclusions. Answer this question: How many of you have studied government or politics IN DEPTH at the collegiate or post-collegiate level? If you have, did any of your professors try to convince you of these theories? And I don't mean professors that aren't active researchers for their fields. I'm talking about accomplished experts that have amasses a great amount of knowledge.

    I don't even need a response from any of you because I already no the answer is No. You are grasping at air everytime you say something like, "the government is corrupt." The very fact that you even say "the government" as if it is some person that you actually name shows how stupid you really are. Why can't you name a particular instance that proves what the fuck that means. I'm sorry that I don't believe you because I've either been brainwashed or the past several years during which I studied American Government and political processes have given me an unfair advantage in this debate. Either way, I have more fact-based opinion than you do.

    You're the same people that would probably vote for a Republican during the next election, regardless of this Lupe issue, just because "Obama hasn't done anything in office." Let me educate you peons on something very important. Governments don't change overnight. They don't change a lot over four years. In fact it take decades to seethe tangible differences in policies and their respective effects. The economy moves in cycles that take ten year or more years as well. To think that gas prices will come down by next year or even the year after that is just foolish. You probably can't tell me what causes inflation either.

    The point is that you shouldn't spew unsubstantiated nonsense when we live in an age of knowledge and understanding. This isn't ancient Greece. Why don't you pick up a book on foreign policy or international affairs before you jump to conclusions. And I don't mean some slanted, emptional, non-academic book by Huey Newton or whoever else. Go and buy one of the "boring" textbooks and read up on the truth.

  42. Fuck all the spelling errors, iPhone likes to fill in words however it sees fit and I'm not about to go over this like it's my thesis.

  43. the people of Pakistan don't need insane knowledge to see what's happening in their villages or the Afghans or the people of Bahrain, you don't need a degree to observe you might not know the inner working but you can always see the consequences of corruption peiod.

  44. how do equate the consequences of war to corruption? what is corrupt? what specifically are you referring to?? you just make these blanket statements that you cant defend. how about what it was like on the beaches of normandy nearly 70 years ago? was that corruption?

    dont bother responding if you are going to make non-specific accusations and conclusions.

    and, yes, if you had a degree (which you clearly dont) it would make a difference in your ability to perceive facts. and, again, i dont mean a degree from itt technical institute or phoenix online.

    you guys are pathetic. the entire academic world laughs at your fear-mongering nonsense.

  45. Take a breather fam its only a commercial lol breathe in and out, once more in and out. I also find it interesting that no one else has insulted this dude yet he's instigating that everyone else is dumb and pathetic, me thinks a little reflection on how you make your points is in oh right then I guess we move on.

  46. degree increases your subjective perception?....Wow ok never heard that before.

  47. Slim Shady is too intelligent for us degreeless folk to debate against.

  48. ^^ I think everyone here is pretty intelligent otherwise they wouldn't be here, but anyway I doubt anyone needs your validation about where they did or did not acquire academic degrees its pointless. just control your rage bit and see from the other side that's all we ask. I don't know why you are bringing up Normandy you weren't there or were you oh wise one?

  49. oh darn what is I gone do...

  50. Umm, Mr. Slim Shady? I don't recall anyboby mentioning a conspircy theroy. Just because you don't agree with the government for whatever reason doesn't make you a conspircy theorist. You are making yourself look as stupid as you are calling everybody else. And we don't make up stuff to explain what we don't understand.(I use the term "we" for I am a christan) The thing about conspircy theroies, they can be proved right or wrong if the government stopped hidding everything.

    And people use "the government" because we don't know who is responsible for the action that was taken. And I doubt you do too.

    By the way just because you take a college course on government, it doesn't give you the right to think you are smarter then everybody else. You may know more about the subject but you can still be proved wrong.

    You say you have a more fact-based opinion. Is it really YOUR opinion if it is based off of OTHERS PEOPLES facts. The thing about opinions, you are supossed to judge for yourself, what do you think of the subject, not research it.

    You talk about "blank statements" like you didn't make one. Think about it. What excatly did that little speech say. The only thing you pointed out was everybody didn't go to college to study American government, government don't change overnight, and we dont live in ancient Greece. Why don't you take your own advice and post something worth reading.

  51. Daaaayum! Shady got his shit shut down.

  52. Fuckhead: How are you going to tell me that having a degree in government or international relations doesn't improve your ability to understand such affairs?

    Conspiracy theory refers to the fact that you are taking randomly chosen results and saying that since you don't know exactly who is responsible (or you're just to lazy to research it) you think that the President and his cabinet members are like some super-secret cult, scheming on how to fool the American public in order to turn a profit. You act as if there is some big curtain pulled down over "the truth" like this is all some movie. In this reality-tv/everything-instaneous society that we live in, there seems to be an unwarranted tolerance that puts the opinions of uneducated, fear-mongering simpletons up on a pedestal of high regard. When I mention "academic" or "degree" or "studied," I do so to point out that there still exists a formally acknowledged network of experts in each field that know much more than the aforementioned simpletons. It's not meant to insult anybody.

    "The government" as so many merely put it is one of the most complex and intricate networks of communication and data command that exists. If you are familiar with the history of political science, and I mean over the course of our existence, than you would appreciate all of the potential benefits that such a system holds.

    We all have opinions based primarily on other people's opinions. I would much rather have drawn my own, however, from people that have spent their entire lives studying the field in reference rather than some emotional twit.

    As far whether or not you agree on the logical reasoning behind religious teachings, (Christian, Muslim, whatever) that is entirely up to whether or not you understand, or even agree with, the history of the theory of evolution. Before humans traversed the great oceans, widespread public opinion claimed that you could potentially fall of the side of the earth.

    I won't open this up into a debate about atheism because I can only imagine the passionate responses that would arise.

    So I direct this back at the original issue which was corruption within the American government. Somehow, my own request has been turned on me, and once again, without answer on your part. I only asked if instead of people saying things like "the government is so corrupt, they hide things all the time" or "the government needs to stop hiding all of the truth," they should find a particular instance that they are certain of foulplay. An assassination is not corruption.

    Calling Barack Obama a terrorist is simply outrageous. It is unjustified and, quite frankly, deserves to be argued against vehemently.

  53. The degree improves your understanding of what someone said in a text book but as to whether you are better placed to de-construct all future international relations and how they are perceived is doubtful, at most you understand how the system works the way it does, but as for the why...I'm not too sure.

  54. This is not a conspiracy theory debate, i'm sure people have their own opinions on that as well as the evolution theory this is something else stick to the topic

  55. Slim, Slim, Slim. What are we to do with you?

    If you believe that the government doesn't hide things from the public then you are just dumb. It is that plain and simple. You are dumb to believe that.

    I don't think I understand when you say randomly chosen results. Lets take 9/11 and the theroies around it. Is that a randomly chosen result? Im a need some specifics, not more blank statements.

    I don't need to study the histoy of politics to appreciate the "potential benefits". I can't really appreciate all the potential benefits for the fact that they are potential.

    How dare you call me lazy for not researching something when you are to lazy to do it yourself. Trust me, if it was possible to research the person responsible for the cover ups, I would. But I don't think they would allow that bit of information to be researchable.

    I agree with you. I won't comment on the religion in your post for that is another conversation for another time.

    Is calling Obama a terrorist outrageous? Maybe but that doesn't make it incorrect. If you listen to what Lupe is saying, listen to it dont jusdt hear it, you will see he makes a very good point. Americas actions are causing a reaction. (Newtons third law reference) Terrorist are only responding to what America does. If we stop terrorizing them, they will more then likely return the favor in my opinion.

    And if you want a particular instance of a cover up. Look at 9/11. Now I am not a conspiracy theroist, but I am looking and judging with my own eyes and I have come to the conclusion that the entire truth was not release. if you want some form of proof, look up "In Plane Sight". I do not agree with the video but it does make some good points.


  56. He should of played the whole devil's advocate angle when calling Obama a terrorist. A reasonably intelligent person would imply that was what he was trying to do. The truth of the matter is some of our foreign policies do inspire those inflicted by them to be terrorist. He's just identifying the source, and when your a leader (obama) you get all the acclaim and all the blame.

    With that said I believe his problems with Obama are a little deeper( or not) depending on how you look at it. He probably thinks about all the wrongs going on this country, and thinks about how the money being spent on these wars, could change them.

    My only problem with Obama is his willingness to try to appease everybody,and how it has compromised all the promises he made in the election. He tried to appease republicans while their only motive was to make sure he failed,during the first two years. Then the GOP played chicken with the Bush tax cuts, and he fell for it. The GOP's plan worked, as all they were aiming to do was to obstruct his plans enough to win back the house. Now they can really undermine Obama, and now their playing the same game with the debt ceiling issue. Consequently, Obama is starting look like Bush.

  57. By terrorist he means, terrorist like in his song called American terrorist. We people are so brainwashed by TV that when we hear the word terrorism we directly relate it to bombing and killing, have we ever studied the word terror? Terrorism is another word for criminal, if we explain it by the way we see it on TV those 2 words have so much in common, but what Lupe is trying to claim is that terrorism can also be fraud and cheating and also stealing your money by paying taxes wich you don't even know where it goes, everytime I watch his interviews he says that he has the right to critique bc he pays taxes. It's true bc citizens have the right to know where that money goes.

    When I read the comments here I make the conclusion that you people like to relate the word "terrorist" to middle eastern bad guys or better said to muslims, be honest that is the first thing that pops in your head, I will give a simple example when you say racist, the first image that you will create is a white guy bc we have been told and seen that only white people can be racist. Another example if it wasn't clear enough when you say the name shaniqua the first thing that pops up in your head is a black female. We are so brainwashed that we automatically make these conlusion without even knowing it. we are not conscious about these stuff, we are not racist we are ignorant and uneducated.

    I agree with Slim shady.
    And beside al that we always may give a unperfect speech/ explanation or have a different view on politics or even on the world. Lupe is a human being he did and always will make mistakes, don't consider him as the smartest guy or the most educated person, bc knowledge is endless and no one is smart enough to know everything around this world.

    Oh and btw you fans that say you are going to stop supporting him you are the most ignorant people I have ever seen, you are judging his musical talent with his political statements, it's like hating his music because his hair doesn't look good. I will always support his musical talent even if I don't fully agree with his political view.

  58. Question:

    What experts on ANYTHING political would be arguing over a Lupe Fiasco blog? I'm not one. Slim's not one, though he's obviously the King of the Thesaurus. Calling other people less intelligent than you because you exaggerate your sentences WAY too much and end up saying the same shit others have in about ten times the length . . . is silly.

    Mini rant fin.

  59. ^

    Your right. Anyone that goes out of their way to proclaim how smart they are and how unintelligent everyone else is, is probably not that smart to began with. If they were actually smart they would know that insulting others intelligence is the worst thing you could do in an

    On another note, 2pac talked all kinds a mess about Clinton, and most black people loved Bill Clinton to the point that they almost granted her the democratic nomination over Obama. And yet 2pac never caught flack from about his statements. But wait I know why... It's cause Obama's black. Any black that criticizes another is an 'uncle tom' and non blacks are .

    We want to be treated as equals but let someone criticize, reasonably, we're all up in arms.

  60. How and the hell is a book club going to help
    illiterate people? If you are illiterate you can't read so starting a book club in as an example to promote literacy is not going to help illiterates become literate.

  61. ^ He said his charity gosh.

  62. That's Like when a Black Calls a Black Nigga..... Then when a White Calls a Black Nigga (Nigger) it's hell on earth!

  63. Slim Shady
    you said that the government is not corrupt While it may not be as corrupt in the typical denotation of the word (typically associated with the financial gain of individuals within this entity), it is. First, I pulled these definition out of the dictionary

    corruption: dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery
    *notice it says typically, signifying that bribery does not have to be necessarily included

    corrupt: 1 having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain:
    • evil or morally depraved

    Secondly, an assassination IS morally depraved, but I assume your defense of it comes from the recent assassination of Bin Laden, Noam Chomsky, an academic, argues just that it is an atrocity, and I believe even quotes an expert on foreign policy such as yourself on the matter. Strangely this expert seems to agree. WEIRD, I know.

    Thirdly, here are are list of occurrences which prove that the government is corrupt in the sense of being morally depraved and acting in personal gain (it's called NATIONAL INTEREST)



    4. Slavery of course, but this doesn't need a link.

    5. The tremendous funding that is granted to Israel to combat democratic islamic governments.

    5. I'm sure that you know of many more, maybe you should pick up a book (or more) on the subject, I recommend "The Shock Doctrine" by Naomi Klein. This was one of the books a branch or "spin-off" of lupe's book club read.

    Peace and much love to you,

  64. Yo i feel Lu on this I was all geeked about Obama but now i'm like this Nigga anit doing shit and all that BS about change and the american ppl are hurting BS but gave MILLIONS to the car makers and banks and not to the ppl and the company heads took the money and ran off so yeah as a black man Lu felt like telling ppl to vote obama was a advancement for our race but this dude is up there doing nothing so i agree with Lupe Obama on sum ol' Bullshit.


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