Lupe Fiasco covers JET Mag

Lupe covers the June issue of JET Mag. Check some quotes from the interview below:

- You have to have the courage to stand up. You have to move beyond what everybody thinks.

- It’s a parents job to protect and prepare their children. My dad showed me my first gun at 4 years old. He felt I needed to be aware of it. We spent time on military training camps and learned how to protect our community and family. I was trained on shooting and cleaning.

Excerpts via SFPL


  1. Congrats for Lupe
    He'll "...continue to do Lu's pace..." yessir :)

  2. I haven't seen a Jet magazine in years lol. I'm definitley buying this though. He looks all innoncent haha.

  3. Sean! post the new Nas track on here... please.. ;)

  4. He looks peaceful...I dont have all this magazine where i live..i didnt even have the xxl mag, couldnt find it here..ergh!!! Anyway,donyetta... are you sarah green in disguise? hahaha you look like her! haha

  5. Um I don't look anything like Sarah Green, but we do have similar taste in hairstyles LOL. I would love to be her makeup artist though...


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