The Achievement Street Fighter IV Tournament

To all my Super Street Fighter IV heads who live in New York, Sony will be hosting a tournament for you on July 16th. The tournament will be first come first serve as you can see from the flyer.

The grand prize will be a 46 inch screen TV, so if you love Street Fighter, are a fan of Factz, and want to win stuff, then go there! Hell, I might even enter virtually, so come get destroyed!


  1. I love some Street Fighter! Akuma is the one for me :)

  2. Too bad I suck at this game, but I'm decent with Ken and Dan!

  3. Chun-Li FTMFW!

    "I love street fighter 2 i just really hate Zangief/
    Only Ken and Ryu i find it hard to beat Blanka/"

    Gold Watch =)


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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