1. He Say, She Say! This song had got me through so much, I love that Lupe's music has so much meaning to it, this is why i'll always follow him.
    FNF up!

  2. Streets on Fire

    I like this song for many reason, The main is for the sound of it, But also how you explained how people are being fed false information by higher people just to be controlled or played with and how you can suspect something is one way and it turns out to be the exact opposite and there is not really much you as a person can do about it. At least that's how I interpreted it, Keep doing your thing Lupe, I'll always love your music.


  3. I gota go with 'All Black Everything' (off Lasers...how fitting) because it takes a very brave man to put racism in it's place like that and one of the main themes of the album is not letting fear control us. It pays homage to what Lupe is all about.
    Awesome track, off an awesome album.

  4. You know you're supposed to leave a comment on the official site for it to count right?

  5. 'Words I never said'

    My name is Hannah, I am from the South west of England. I really love this song because all Lupe is speaking is truth. I am only 16, and I would give the word just to meet Lupe and learn so much from him, especially everything he has spoke about in his song 'Words I never said'. I am hoping the Earth's population internationally becomes more aware that school nowadays is not necessarily teaching what will help, support, inspire, and influence our children of the future. Having a very bad experience of school myself, I have always tried to speak out messages that every child is unique and no child is not the same, I have found my voice has always been pushed aside - as well as my whole family have been brushed off too. I am tempted to print off the lyrics from Lupe's song, and give them in to my school, and ask them to teach me about what Lupe's content - because nothing Lupe has said has ever been taught to me, and I think that is a disgrace considering how damaging the media is today. I am also going to encourage children around me to follow suit; and the biggest art of all will not be expressing what I see, but what I can make others see.

    I hope you get to read my story, I am a HUGE fan of Lu and I would love to receive a signed poster.

    Well done to Lupe and I want to give him a personal message to keep up what he is doing - because the volume of his voice is increasing rapidly.

    Big love and peace (when we find it)!


  6. "Failure".

    Needs no explanation.

  7. You guys do know that you have to post this on the actual lupefiasco.com site right?

  8. He Said, She Said.

    It's Because I Can Relate to it, like a lot of us can...sad but true. also just by changing he/she really does change show both the boy and the mom struggle even tho its the same lyrics but different vive. That Track Not Only Made Me Cry but After... I felt kinda relived. To This Day No Matter How Many Times I've Heard That Track...It Gets To Me, It Hits Me As Hard As The 1st Time I Heard It

  9. so outta like over a thousand comments...only 5 will be chosen -____-?


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