Wale talks Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor

Wale put together a list of his 25 Favorite Rap Albums for Complex. Lupe's Food & Liquor is on #18 on his list. Here's what he said about it:

“I can’t tell you how big of a Lupe fan I was when he first came out. I didn’t know a damn thing about skateboarding, but I was like, ‘This fly Chicago nigga man, he’s spitting. For real.’ That Revenge of The Nerds mixtape? Fucking crazy. And it was the start man.

People think Kanye started these new niggas. But Lupe Fiasco started all of this shit for us to get a chance and for Complex to really fuck with niggas like us. I can’t even really compare it to B.O.B. and Meek, because they’re more street-based. But for someone like myself, Cudi, or even my artist Black Cobain, that kind of gave us that other look.”

Check the full list HERE // Props to Matt L.


  1. just a case or REAL recognizing REAL

  2. @ datkid1220

    Yo datkid1220... do your research and know your sh*t, B.o.B. was a street oriantated artist before he signed to Atlantic.

    He has said it many times over. Similar to Lupe he grew up in a tough area and his music at the time was a product of his enviroment before he 'found himself' and does what he does.

    Black London...

  3. B.o.B has always been known as the hood ass nigga that sings and plays guitar. You must have only heard of B.o.B via Nothing on you or Airplanes SAD...

  4. Nope I heard of b.o.b wayyy before his first album bob isn't known as a street nigga maybe to his true fans that been listening to him around the tine he started but to the outside world he known as a hipster. Same with lupe. Only lu true fans know of lupe street connections but the outside world think he is a skateboarder, hipster, bitch, punk etc.

  5. ^You are a fucking retard

  6. Everybody thinks Ye is the biggest influence on the new generation but Lupe is just as important. ie. dudes like Wale, Charles Hamilton, Mickey Factz, Cool Kids, BoB, etc. The whole mainstream went away from ganster/street style in part to Lupe

  7. My gf pronounced Wale "whale" hahah


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