Speak Up!

"I think that all the silence is worse than all the violence"
So I want to try a little experiment and if it works out, I'll do posts like this maybe every week or something. I want to fuel debates/convos/etc, so in this post, I want you all to talk about WHATEVER. It can be about Hip Hop, it can be about what the best album ever is, hell it can even be about why you enjoy brushing your teeth with peanut butter or something... (I hope nobody does that last one though LOL)

The whole point of this post is to get people to talk and express what's on their mind, so go!

Note: Remember one thing, everyone is entitled to an opinion, so just because someone may disagree with something you say, doesn't mean they're wrong. So no stabbing each other or disrespect please!


  1. who's looking forward to that new kanye/jay album????

  2. I'm not, if Kanye comes as weak and ill driven as he has lately. I brush my teeth with peanut butter. Everyday. Like a real goon.

  3. Truthfully, I'm really not too hype about it... BUT I am hype for Kanye's new solo album he's working on!

    I'm probably looking forward to J.Cole's album the most from this Summer even though I didn't like Disgusting

  4. Im not really looking foward to it, I really like the substance rap once had in Kanye and Jay, but the lost their roots and want to sound like Wayne.

  5. Also, I REALLY want to hear Tha Carter IV... curious to see how its going to turn out, but I BET MONEY it will get another push back.

    With that said *Plays Tha Carter II*

  6. Rap in general has become commercilized garbage. The thing that made albums so great in the past was that rappers had their heart put into it, their city, their struggle. That in turn brought creativty. Producers wanted THEIR own sound, not someones elses style. EX; Food & Liquor had cinamatic beats. He say she say, amercian terriost, the sound matched the lyrics.

  7. I think Janye & Jay were dumb as FUCK for releasing HAM and not that song that leaked "That's My Bitch"

  8. I think music is too big of a deal and over-rated. I mean you made such a powerful statement by just putting this post up, and the first thing that's spoken about is some Kanye album. How many people can go a full week without listening to music??

  9. religion is illogical. god does not exist. corporate america is destroying the world. cigarettes are disgusting. money is worthless.


  11. I'mma stab one of you in your GOT dam esophagus

  12. Potusanya made the greatest post in here.

  13. Yes Agreed with that ^ hahaha

    I think just to keep it a little more organized, I'll throw up a summary of current events next time (not just hip hop, but news in general as well) and see how people feel about what's going on.


  15. how about we expose rhymestyle for the illuminati member that he is

  16. I find the whole jay kanye album concept frivolous. Everything is about money or "bitches" so to speak. I'm tired of it and lupe does his thing to remedy those very ills within hip hop. He respects women, cultivates knowledge and spreads it to the masses, and guess what? They love it!!

    It goes to show that positivity and respect is harder to demonstrate through music. Ask yourselves have either kanye or jay done that recently? Ok.

    It's only music I know, but when it's done right and for good reason, the end product can be something truly profound.

  17. Lupe Fiasco and Chamillionaire need make a track.

  18. Does anyone like Odd Future here? I think they are the future and hip hop and they remind me of a teenage group of Eminem's with their lyrics

  19. Lupe is underrated. 9th wonder is the best producer in the game. He's also got some good MCs coming up like Rapsody, Thee Tom Hardy, and Big Remo.

  20. @datkid1220 You really have some great arguments

    I think Watch The Throne can become a good album, but it will be to mainstream and will fail.

    And this whole obama situation is ridiculous to the next level, either he is still living or he died a long time ago and the use it now for obama's campaign.

  21. How about this...

    The irony in Osamas death lies in the fact that it happens jus when Obama begins his re-election campaign...

    I haven't heard the supposed legendary hiphop albums as well...

    Nas & Damian Marley should make more music together,Distant Relatives is one of my favourite albums...

    F&L 2,in my opinion will be wayyy better than F&L 1...mainly cos Lupe has more issues he would wana address in his music...

  22. Lu writes for Jay and Ye... not everything but some stuff...

  23. i dont blame America i dnt blame the banks i dnt blame the illuminati, i blame the people...for saying they want the truth and want to be heard and all that..and then end up following the people they hate and buying into their plans....

    i think that if people knew about how Islam really is nobody in the world would hate it, Islam in Arabic comes from the word peace....we were taught to take care of the youngsters respect the elder , respect religions , love each other, stop the violence as long as we can, fight ignorance....i dont know why the people who say i hate the system believe what the system wants them to, that all the troublous of the world is Islam and for that we should conquer lands and send our troops to die for no reason...

    i think that Lupe Fiasco , is the most talented MC ever, never has there been anyone this smart before and i dont know if there ever will be...

    i think that Isreal is this worlds biggest problem, it receives 3 Billion $ every year from the US(look it up), it’s on a land fighting its original people, after all how can America not support that when their land was taken by the same way...only difference is they are fighting back in palestine and are blamed for it...i dont know how you can be a terrorist when you are defending your home,..tell me you wouldn’t kick the shit outa guy you catch stealing your place, and get praised by the neighbors...

    i think that racism is everything but over, we try to hide it but it is so out there that its not even funny, and its gona blow in our faces before we know it..

    i think that basketball is the best sport ever created( not relevant but watever)

    i think that rap these days is the worst music you can hear, when its run by the sights of Rick Ross , lil wayne and Jay Z,...even pretty boy swag himself...just the most disgusting shit i can hear...if it wasnt for lupe i would of turned to fucking country music a while back,....

    i think that if Donald Trump in anyway wins the elections, his sectary would be Miss America and it would be the end of the world as we know it..

    T.V is the most corrupted shit ever now, jersey sore and MTV just brainwash kids to believing they can all be president and live a free life and do what they want...when doing wat they want is leading to them having more sex, more early babies, leading them to do more drugs, more deaths...making it cool to disrespect your parents, makin em grow up fucked in the head...

    i think that drinking is one of the curses of this world, all the shit people do while there not even conscious, all the things they say all the people that died in accidents and all that...its like im telling myself its ok for me to leave this earth for a while as my mind drifts off into the never lands and people around me make fun of me, you feel depressed go do something about it instead of tryin to drink your problems away..

    last i think that this is the coolest blog ever created on the internet...peace and much love ta ya

  24. I don't believe in Illuminati. I realize the power of corporations of world leaders and banks and everything, but the thought that this is based in Satanic coordination seems like a push for people towards Christianity and other religions of this ilk. What is the current state of interaction between these religions? Conflict! So if the fear of Illuminati pushes you to Christianity, Islam, or Judaism then it places you into artificial social divisions that in the current state are based in conflict. Many people that want to act are basically facing an enemy that isn't tangible, so what is the prescribed solution as proposed by numerous Youtube videos? It basically comes down to accepting religion more predominantly Christianity. It really seems like a well thought out divide and conquer strategy to me.

    But, Hey I'm not religious so you don't have to take my word.

  25. Who else thinks that Lupe Fiasco should do a song with Immortal Technique? Its what the fans want to hear! How are you going to deny us what we need?

  26. Lupe Fiasco is the best Emcee ever to me and a all time legend. Yall opinions?

  27. "Just listening to Pac ain't gonna make it stop"

    The same applies to us Lupe fans. I think it would be nice if the lupend blog would do a weekly or monthly feature on fans who have been inspired by Lupe to do something positive. They don't even have to be inspired by Lupe. For example, the first feature could be a non fan, just to get the ball rolling and ask the blog visitors what did they do today that spread kindness.

    Also more throwbacks would be nice for any new fans.

    Just my 2 cents.

  28. Why do people think religion is man-made?? The three Abrahimic religions aren't man made. If they were, then they wouldn't have all the similarities that they have. If everyone who follows these three religions actually follows them correctly, then you'd be seeing a whole lot more agreements and problem solving between Muslims, Christians, and Jews. So the messages and religions aren't the problem, it's the people who take advantage of such a fortunate gift.

  29. @ The last anon thats a GREAT idea ^^^^

  30. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Ag9iG4xI5co/TcUQ5LknYvI/AAAAAAAAOoM/HKlRudGKWBI/s1600/NO4.jpg

    OKAY.... this is so wrong.. wearing a budha head WTF??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  31. I think Lupe is the GOAT. I also enjoy and fully support both OFWGKTA and Lil B.

  32. How about we talk about champion dropping Rashard mendehall for practicing his right of freedom of speech concerning the killing of Osama ,

  33. People (I) see religion as man-made because of how often it contradicts itself. The way those who preach it are often hypocrites and how it was used through history to justify violence. On an even deeper note: Everything that exists purely in concept is man-made. This could be morality, emotions, math, all sorts of things people created to enhance their existence and superficially give themselves a reason to feel superior.

  34. i got goosebumps when seeing jmj on the dilated peoples - this way video...

  35. We need to do the following...

    1. STOP worshiping celebrity culture...(this includes sports)

    2. STOP allowing corporations to contribute to presidential campaigns

    3. STOP allowing CEOs to get paid insane compensation packages...

    If we can do the following then maybe we will have a middle class within the next 50-100 years.

  36. I think Champs was wrong for releasing Rashad Mendenhall from his contract with them due to his personal opinion. I feel that nobody is allowed to express themselves anymore. It's either you agree with the masses or your against them. Mr. Mendenhall was right with what he said, regarding Bin laden and this b.s. war and I'm tired watching people apologize for no reason! We all know his apology was fake and authorized by the Steelers organization. Freedom of expression is what gives us food for thought, this is nothing more then modern day slavery. We are starting to become nothing more than programmable machines!

  37. Jay Z is highly overrated. If Soulja Boys plays Bishop I will brush my teeth with peanut butter the day the movie is released!.
    People worship everything Except God!, that's why civilization LOSES.


  38. Props to imjustsayyin for making sense!


  39. Gas prices can go down if we start planning for alternative energy.

    and i hope lupe see's this comment. Bump Atlantic and join G.O.O.D. music!!!!

  40. Lupe Fiasco is the best rapper alive. Biggie, Pac, Nas, Em, Rakim, etc got nothin on Lu.

  41. agree wit mhqu23
    MR. FIASCO, PLEASE JOIN G.O.O.D. MUZIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Lupe Fiasco and Chamillionaire need make a track.


  43. Lupe 2 words i hav 2 say;; G.O.O.D. Music!

  44. 1.lupe get off atlantic!!
    2. i demand at least one song from crs every year.
    3.dont let us down with F&L 2 plz
    4. lasers grew on me but i hate the production on state run radio.
    5.hip-hop is becoming a commercial catchy stupid meaningful chrous horrible verses.
    6. record sales don't justify anything anymore and record companies want that doe.

  45. What did Osama know that he was killed or so they say! Isn't he more valuable alive than dead!

  46. good music sounds like a fit to me but it doesnt matter i'll still be a fan no matter what

  47. I was saying Jay Z was falling off until American Gangster came out ...instant classic!

  48. 1. YES, Lupe fucking needs to sign to GOOD Music. I don't get why Kanye didn't sign him the day they met.

    2. I find it amusingly ironic how Lupe fans are all about hating materialism and hating celebrity/pop culture and the hip hop industry is dead!!11 & all that (because Lupe says so, duh) but then act like he's the GOAT. Better than Nas, Tupac, Biggie? Shut the fuck up. You're embarrassing. Stans are stupid.

  49. I see a future as I look behind.im blind though, I listen hard
    But I’m so high off of life. It killed all my brain cells so I’m
    Really not processing all the data meaning I can’t fix tomorrow
    Maybe today if I believed what I heard. I don’t blame you if you don’t
    Believe too cause we really don’t know who to blame for today’s future
    So here I’ am standing in yesterdays past looking for a place to start
    Fixing my mistakes, afirad to speak aren’t we that’s why we didn’t say nothing.
    That’s why yesterdays future looks the way it does’ I’m praying to god that I get
    My vision back so I could safe an entire generation. My visions the one were
    I see a world of envy gone. Cause with envy comes enemies and with enemies
    Comes friends and friends start the war which all started with cash. Or the he said she said
    That I said.
    So I prayed till I got my vision back but when I did I saw everything the technology the money
    It smelled so good. The houses and the cars the diamonds and the gold’s melted in my hands,
    The people they were all so rich they had everything they needed. I wanted what they had so I lost faith and went after the gold. Without realizing it I became crazy I became blinded even more because I had a superior vision. Me me before anything me me before the people me me before the vision. The visions were the world becomes one the visions were I fix everything... I forgot the vision so the blessing was gone I was blinded again but time with my eyes shut wanting to fix the world was too late cause all I represent now is the
    Blinded one.

  50. Anybody preparing for 2012? How so?

  51. heal yourself and others around you,take of one another. I feel ppl need to learn how to fight, heal there on wounds and learn how to grow food because if u dont comply you will be left on ur own. The world is a crazy place and u have to fine peace within yourself and grow spiritual so can be a better person that's the first change, then go from there. Do ur part. As far music u can't escape it, you as an adult know right from wrong. I luv lupe because he's from the streets and knows wats going on in the world and make other aware, everyone bashes other rappers wen they secretly want to live like them, ppl compare there lifestyle to others and always trying to live up to society standards and not being true themselves.

  52. @Anonymous wat can u really do about 2012? Wat are going to do with the NWO comes into play full effect?

  53. @dakid1220 I totally agree Jay-Z is way overrated, seriously smh ppl are so afraid of voicing how they really feel and there true opinion so they nod and agree and jump on bandwagon

  54. Talking about the new people in the game, i hate how easily these new people are getting hyped and praised when most of them aren't good i.e wiz khalifa, mac miller and odd future - especially them what are peoples ideas and why do they think they are good

  55. - Jay-Z isn't overrated, I actually don't think he gets enough attention for his lyrical ability and relevance.

    - Lupe is becoming relatively uninteresting compared to the shitload of new music out nowadays, I don't listen to him much at all.

    - I don't think Lupe will ever be as good as he was pre-The Cool. He doesn't care about rap as much as he did then.

    - The Illuminati is an absurd concept, it's self-fulfilling.

    - Black people are largely racist. A large majority of black youth nowadays have this mysterious sense of racism towards whites. These same blacks are easily offended by REFERENCES to black people by whites, not even racist remarks. Whites are overly-cautious of seeming racist, especially towards blacks. Most white people I'm around are afraid to even point out the fact that someone was black in something they were talking about. Before they go on with their story they go, "No offense, but there was this black guy." And I'm like, "HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO BE OFFENDED BY THAT?!".

    - I don't like J. Cole.

    - Odd Future is dope, mainly because of their musical abilities. Their subject matter is whatever they want, unbiased by media. They produce 99.9% of their own music with no samples.

  56. I have to say, for as awful as the 9/11 attacks were (I'm from DC and have had lots of friends lose friends in the pentagon blast and I drove by that hole for about a year), I don't feel it is right to celebrate the death of anyone, no matter how terrible a person. I guess my problem is that I'm peaceful as well...

  57. lupe speaks the truth thats the only really why i only listen to him now..ive been a fan for years but lately ive been really glued to his lyrics and most importantly his message!..only rapper in the game who i respect..i get tired of hearing about cars and clothes and how many women rappers have..who cares..where are the real topics the topics with substance the topics that expose this crooked ass government!! and everyone who is in "secret societies" only..they're not so secret because more and more people are learning about them...keep hip hop solid!!! #lupefan

  58. I like good music, different types I guess its all to your liking, I like rappers u can learn from and speak the truth, tired of all the jibberish lyrics, Lupe educates that's why I love his music, J cole is a fav of mind as well. B.M.F, I'm beaming! Its the message that's wats important

  59. Alright people. I think that Lupe Fiasco is great and can really speak his mind and not hold back. Best song and Worst song. Follow me on Twitter @lilrizzle27972. post there

  60. - I hope F&L II is truly for the REAL fans. I can't wait to hear FOTP.
    - God does exist.
    - Jesus is coming back SOON.
    - NO ONE knows when the world is ending.
    - 2012, the crooked ass Govt got something serious lined up for us.
    - If Osama was really dead, wouldn't his followers be in a CRAZY uproar? Rioting nonstop????
    - HAARP is the cause of these disasters.
    - I used to love Ye til he sold his soul (it was a crappy deal, but at least it came with a few toys like a happy meal).
    - Hov? no comment.
    - Please shoot Soulja Boy in the leg for taking on that role. SMDH
    - Illuminati is real (stop sleepin and do ya dam research).
    - Please don't receive the Mark of the Beast.
    - Corporatism: The Secret Government of the New World Order by Jeffrey Grupp is a must-read.
    - The Illuminati Card Game made by Steve Jackson is the real deal.
    - Pac and MJ were killed because they were exposing the Man's Plan.

  61. Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco have this in common:

    Kanye's 1st album, College Dropout, was his best album. The second, Late Registration, is his second best. And after that it has gone downhill pretty bad.

    Same goes for Lupe's Food & Liquor and The Cool.

    It must be hard to see critic on LASERS when it's out of Lupe's hand and all done by Atlantic.


    I'm sorry, but im too big of a fan to lie about this. That would be disrespectful to a person who has been telling the truth to us since day one. "She said they so used to not having nothing real" Don't lose that.

    The music needs a new Native Tongues group, and you must be a part of it.


    What do you guys think about romantic relationships between friends, who both just got out of relationships?

    It can really mess with your mind I believe, all the way down to a cellular level. My thoughts are consumed by what to do next. We've both expressed that we've always been into each other and that we have strong feelings. But she says she needs time to separate the two relationships, that she does not want to subconsciously use me as a rebound but that she knows her feelings for me are true. I on the other hand totally understand this but I can't help but to kiss her and hold her when we're alone and she can't either. However, I feel she might be better at holding back than I am because I feel I've become to attached and it is hard because technically she is still single... But I want to be the guy to make her smile like she says I already do. I know I can be the man she wants and deserves but I can't be that until she is willing to let me closer and that kills me...

    Any thoughts? lol Maybe someone can help me clear my mind up :)

  63. @DevinS: - I don't think Lupe will ever be as good as he was pre-The Cool. He doesn't care about rap as much as he did then.

    Even though I love Lupe and don't necessarily agree with this (The Cool displayed his like of hip hop just fine), I do see where you're coming from.

    I read a Complex interview where Lupe stated that hip hop wasn't even his favorite genre and that he only does it because he's "good at it". Ever since I read that, it's been bugging me, just sitting there in the back of my mind.

    I'm really disappointed that Lupe says he only does hip hop because he's good at it. It makes him seem like he's not even interested in it as much as he should be.

    If he really feels like that, he should just stick to his shitty Japanese Cartoon band...

  64. I agree @Anonymous so I can say is I hope everyone has been living there life right, I'm not super religious,I don't agree with everything is in the bible because its written in codes and its hard to interpret but I do know there's a good and wen the world crumbles I pray he take me with him. Wat are we really living for so why be afraid to die that's the only thing guaranteed

  65. DevinS: Minorities can't be racist, you mean prejudice....

  66. Odd Future is shit. The most overrated and overhyped artists out right now. They're like the second coming of Eminem, except while Eminem used shock value too, he still balanced it out with good lyricism. There is nothing redeeming about Odd Future's lyricism. The only talented thing about them is their production.


    I'm kinda disappointed in Lupe for liking them; he seems cooler than that but I think he just vibes with Frank, that's all...

  67. @anon 7 posts up from me, I agree with EVERYTHING you said.

  68. America was founded on corruption. Christopher Columbus was corrupt. How can someone go to someone's land and say its theirs. That's like me going to China and saying I discovered it.

  69. @DATKIDD1220


  70. Kanye had the most positive and artistic hip hop videos. They didn't consist of half naked females shaking off beat nor a group of neighborhood goons exploiting their rented luxury items.

    America was suppose to be a Christian nation, welp so much for that.

  71. - I don't care about religion at all and I don't really care about politics either.

    - I don't think that Jay-Z is overrated at all.

    - I don't get people's fascination with Nas, while I do like quite a few of his songs and his It Was Written albumn i don't think he's all that.

    - Pac is the most inspirational Rapper ever imo.

    - Lupe is the best lyricist to ever do it.

    - I think a lot of Lupe fans take certain things way too serious.

    Like, when Lupe performs in a club where there are dancers, people get on it and criticize it cause he said he doesn't like it when women are discriminated.

    So you want to tell me that he has to represent that all the time? do you seriously think Lupe doesn't enjoy watching porn or things like that just cause he doesn't like it when women are discrimiated, if you really think that..think again.

    A lot of those fans need to wake up and realize that he's just a person like you and me who does things that might don't seem to go together.

    - Last but not least...everyone should go and check out Childish Gambino..he's dope!

  72. everyone should check out Janelle Monáe. Love her.
    I think that a lot of people are finally realizing that we all have a say in our future. I thank Lupe for this because I know that a lot of teens are starting to hear more of his music. Music can have such a big impact on peoples lives and cause many revolutions. When we still had slaves, they would sing out their feelings and beliefs and we are still doing that today. Lupe isn't going to stick with his other band as much because he knows that the majority of teens today listen to rap and hip hop. He wants people to hear what he has to say, and I highly doubt a lot of them will listen to his rock band. That is why he has it on the side but i feel that his main goal is to make us listen through his hip hop and rap music.

    Finally, I think we should all stay calm and respect each other. We all are entitled to our own opinion.
    Peace and Love y'all.


  73. - I think a lot of hiphop fans are retards. Who knows why, but they seem to be a demographic that believe in irrational, idiotic, logistically impossible conspiracy theories. The Government are humans, they make mistakes and are greedy. I doubt you'd fare any better as a politician.

    - Although I respect religious people, I've become a man of science: maybe some of you irrational morons should read some scientific journals rather than exploitative conspiracy theorist books. Scientific practise is the only way to truly prove anything, and since Nat Geo debunked all of the 9/11 myths, you'd all better drop this building 7 crap.

    - Lupe is great, and I completely empathise with his attitude to rap; he can't sing and loves to write... But the hip hop arena and environment is irritating, business based and unintelligent. It's no wonder he's sick of it. I think some of you rap fans should listen to some other music. Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, Yirima... Anything that requires virtuosic musical ability or artistic expression.


  74. Lookin for a new Ron Artest album. His beats are crazy.

  75. This was a very smart idea to do this blog post. Everyone can voice their opinions and what not. With that being said, I believe that there's a new movement going on in hip hop right now. I really see a huge amount of positive rappers budding into the spotlight that they deserve. I may be the only one who feels this way, but I feel something good is about to develop in front of our eyes.

  76. I'M from Germany and I want to go to a LUpe concert sooooo badd but there aren't any here in germany So I was just wondering what would make him come here. I would even start to collect signatures!!! Any suggestions?? esme nora

  77. Religion proves everything that science doesn't.

  78. I don't like it when some ppl label some rap conscious. I will hv more respect (maybe not like)for a rapper who honest - even if it is about drugs and money, than a rapper who raps about how ppl should live but not believe or fully understand wat they're saying
    Rappers only rap about how they c the world, so don't rappers who rap about getting bitches....feel sorry them because that's all they're CONSCIOUS of ;)
    My rant is over... that is all :)

  79. Think this is a great idea, and I also think you should keep recommending books and movies that enlighten and teach...Radiant Child was absolutely phenomenal...Caught you @ Brooklyn Bowl, loving the different things your doing #talented

  80. lupe i met you in 2008 and it was amazing.
    Lupe 2 weeks ago your performance in SD changed my life
    I love you and I love what you do.
    Hip hop truly changed my life and i will do my best to help someone one person at a time.

    ps. @Seantherobot Childish Gambino is AWESOME

  81. Who thinks Osama Bin Laden is really dead?

  82. - Ron Artest? lmao

    - Lil' B is too stupid to like. People enjoy it because it's fun, but it's just too stupid to even enjoy. The beats are horrible and everything else that has to do with him just sucks. It's too mindless.

    - "Religion proves everything that science doesn't." What?

    - "Minorities can't be racist, you mean prejudice..." What?

  83. - "Who thinks Osama Bin Laden is really dead?" Me. Don't they have DNA conformation?


  85. Jay-Z is overrated to an extent. He is fucking sick, but he only has one classic in my eyes.

    Nas's Stillmatic is one of my favourite albums of all time.

    The Cool > Food and Liquor. The whole concept went over SO many peoples heads SMDH

    Andre3000 Vs Lupe Fiasco is one of the hardest debates in hip-hop.

    Lupe fans think their God judging him 24/7

    Fans are so fickle. E.g how quick Charles Hamilton's fans left him for dust when he got punched. (Still a fan) #FreeCH

    I would just like to say 2Pac lyrically really ain't it but he is one of the greatest to ever do it.

    Hurt me soul is my favourite song of all time.

  86. When Rick Ross said he had cocaine pulsing thru vein - why wern't parents and the community protesting like hell to have that song off of the airwaves and out of children's head?

    Why when Nikki Menaj goes on tour with Britney Spears does she decide to clean up her image b/c she is appealing to a more broader audience. As if giving the garbage side of her to the Black community is fine..?

    Just some questions

  87. Lupe is a breath of fresh air and he is tuned in to his God power, that is why so many people find him magnetic.

    Lupe, please keep being honest and telling us the truth, your example helps to free the minds of others.

    Just like in Africa say 400 yrs ago, some of our own Black brothers assisted with selling us into slavery to make a buck, the same thing goes on today with the music industry - some artists will sell their souls to make a buck even while knowing it will send millions (especially young, impressionable children) down a path of destruction.

    Prepare for "2012" (it is a Divine Shift coming no matter what you decide to call it) by stocking up on food items and water that will last for months (where you going when all of the stores are closed and its too dangerous to go outside of your home). Decide how long you want to live and store that much food up. Research how to navigate thru a disaster, i.e., earthquakes.

    It always gets me when one of those Southern states want to fly the confederate flag - that part of your history represents hate and taking advantage of people in the worst way - they should be ASHAMED of themselves and wanting to forget that part of themselves and look toward being better.

    This world can be FUCKED-UP yes but we give others way too much credit,i.e., politicians, gov., etc. We CREATE our realities - simply start to give your undivided attention to the kind of world u want and watch the evil-doers DISAPPEAR!!

  88. Jay-Z is more overcensored than overrated due to the work put in that branded his name. I feel its a contradiction because if you look at OF, they say w/e they feel like they have 100% creative control and they're relatively new. So why can't someone who's held sections of the hip-hop's culture on their shoulder convey the same message?

    Answer: $ & connections he can't say certain things due to politics. This is why he has Kanye. To say it for him

    Watch The Throne is going to be revolutionary in a sense that it it won't make people revoultionize like the Black Panther but in a sense that Jay & Ye have been promoting in their music for years. "Get up Get Out. " They're are amazing people out here and the longer we sit back, watch, & criticize the deeper we fall into the grave we built for ourselves.

    I agree with what some1 said earlier about emulation of celebrities (including sports) thats the first time I ever heard that(the sports part). Not everyone is gonna be Lebron, Lil Wayne or Lupe at that but that doesnt mean you can't make your mark. Stardom is god given & its a blessing even with all the silly occult talk these days that takes away from the positive. People have to realize that some things need to be in the public eye and some celebrities dont even want all that it just financially stabilizes they're families and presents opportunities to give back in ways they could not have imagined. I doubt certain celebs want their children to live the same exact life like they do it so those after could do it better.

  89. I think Rhymestyle is illuminati, he's always at the meetings and he brings cookies.

  90. SeantheRobot, I think Nas is not one of those rappers that everyone can understand, because everyone doesn't relate to his lyrics. Lupe is more of a everyday struggle sort of rapper, that most people can identify with. Nas speaks more to the inner city public housing demographic. You feel Nas on a different level, if you've been through that inner city public housing way of life. I love Lu, but he's yet to make a album on the level of It Was Written or Illmatic even.

  91. ^ I agree with that Nas is the best. He's Lu's favorite rapper, and J Cole said its a tie between Nas and Pac for him. Lu want have a catalog as nice as Nas's. Unless he gets Gemini back in the fold to help with those hooks then I doubt F&L II is gonna be a great album.

  92. -The Cool>Food & Liquor, even though they're both actually neck and neck to each other, and they're both classics.

    -It's really hard to determine who is the best rapper of all time, it all depends on taste of the fans, and whom they believe is the best (or in case their favorite) rapper to do it

    -Voting Donald Trump as president would be the worst move we could ever make.

    -I hope for Food & Liquor 2: TGARA to be Lupe's best album, as well as one of the greatest hip-hop albums ever made (depending if it isn't delayed or tampered).

    -The world will NOT end in 2012

  93. Here is an example of why Nas is the second best rapper ever...

    "It ain't hard to tell, I excel, then prevail
    The mic is contacted, I attract clientele
    My mic check is life or death, breathin a sniper's breath
    I exhale the yellow smoke of buddha through righteous steps
    Deep like The Shinin', sparkle like a diamond
    Sneak a uzi on the island in my army jacket linin
    Hit the Earth like a comet, invasion
    Nas is like the Afrocentric Asian, half-man, half-amazin
    Cause in my physical, I can express through song
    Delete stress like Motrin, then extend strong
    I drank Moet with Medusa, give her shotguns in hell
    From the spliff that I lift and inhale, it ain't hard to tell"

    This right here is poetry. Look at the rhyme scheme, similes, metaphors, imagery. There are probably other literary techniques I missed. I have no idea why anyone would think Nas isn't good or anything. I think people need to look past subject matter.

    Lu of course is the best ever in my opinion.

  94. Oh and to those doubting J.Cole...

    "Momma I came up! - Cold as hell in New York, but I flame up
    Straight up out that dirty type of shit you cannot clean up.
    A dollar and a dream the only things I had to bring up,
    Now any nigga out there gunnin' for me, gotta aim up!
    Say what? - NIggas ask me what the 'Ville be like
    Just tell 'em that it's real. - Hoping that they me feel me, right?
    I'm so bright! - I close my eyes and I can still see light
    I'm so live, you motherfuckers gotta kill me twice;
    Man I promise! - I'm murdering classics, paying my homage
    The 15th of the month and I'm just now paying Mohammed.
    Said: The rent's due on the first! "
    But he don't know the shit I been through, and it hurts.
    Can't wait to blow! - Yeah, I think about heaven sometimes, can't wait to go
    If it's real; will I even get in? - I ain't fo' sho'.
    Cause I've been sinning,
    Gettin' bent it's been a minute since I been
    Up in a church,
    Only time is when my friend up in a hearse!
    Lord, I'm praying for me my momma, I just went up in her purse!
    Not to steal! - All I saw was some bills and not a dollar
    In sight! - In time she'll live the more desirable life, I'm chasing money!
    And dreams only God got the means to take 'em from me!
    I scheme while I'm ridin' through Queens,
    I ain't no dummy! - A Fayettenom repper 'til the day that I'm gone.
    Nigga get your weight up all the way up if you hatin' on me,
    Cause boy I might pray but ain't no preying on me!
    I'm hot like Satan, just laying on me!
    So when you get to hell you can say you know me!
    I said I might pray but ain't no preying on me!
    So when you get to hell, you can say you know me!"

    I wasn't feelin J.Cole at first either, but the dude is the 3rd best rapper to come out since the 2000's in my opinion.

  95. Lu has taken so much from Nas though. Its like Kobe and MJ. Its hard to say Kobe is better than MJ when he plays alot like MJ. He's taken so much from him. Nas is better than Lu, though. I'm talking Nas in his prime, not now. Kelis has worn my boy down.

  96. Honestly why is everyone so obsessed with Tyler the Creator, it's getting ridiculous.

  97. Nas has got too many hits. He's made anthems, while Lu just hasn't. Lu is a beast though, but I'm no prisoner of the moment. Nas in his prime is better than Lu like the dude said above. Nobody hardly spits now, and that's why Lu sticks out. When Nas came out you had to be a lyricist to get some rep. He stood higher than anybody except Biggie in the 90's when lyricism was the key.

  98. Nas is a legend, he's your favorite rapper's favorite rapper. As Nas said on "Star Wars"

    "Niggas was raised on the shit I record, like I was brought up off that Planet Rock, Kurtis Blow, James Todd Smith, Shannon Scott, La Rock & the Jams, why would the fuck with a Don? JayHOVA witnessed, him and his co-defendents, I ate'em like Lucky Charms."

  99. ^I agree with that. If you just really got into hip-hop when Lu started rapping then I understand why you feel like Lu is better. I guarantee you can't ask one MC in the game now if Lu is better than Nas, and they say Lu. Lu said an interview that he was glad to be compared to him, and Nas's catalog is something he just marvels at. Nas, Jay, Eminem, or at another untouchable level. No one that started putting put mixtapes in 04' can compare to those legends that have been doing since Lu was in junior high.

  100. Lupe Fiasco is the honest one's , because he states how he feel's which is true , i feel he's the only one whoreally cares about how humans will end up falling into social media and what the government uses too feed us like pigs. = )

  101. Lupe > Nas

    Lu has surpassed Nas in my opinion. You'll see, when The Great American Rap Album drops. Lu will be the undisputed, unarguable, unanimous, clear cut best rapper of all time.

    Lu is first.
    Nas is second.

  102. G.O.O.D. MUsic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Wow. Rhymestyle, I think you've started something here!

  104. blu is a better lyricist than lupe

  105. -Devin S. Looks like Arthur in a fuckin gray sweater

    -Sean the robot is truly a robot who knows will smith

    -I hate Devin S, I mean Arthur

    -Blu is a blood(inside your veins)

    -Lupe Fiasco is the GOAT milk expert

    -I ball Iike optical projection

    -Im pretty sure Lupe has better things to do than enjoy porn, sean

  106. Nas and Lupe need to collab on a track or an album or something. thats all

  107. - Last but not least...everyone should go and check out Childish Gambino..he's dope!

    Sean he sounds too much like Wayne. Its all punchlines with Gloverboy. I have heard about ten songs and none of them stick to a topic, its punchlines just like Wayne.

  108. Alright, enough about the best rapper out there. Honestly, once you narrow it down to Nas, Lupe, Eminem, J. Cole, Biggie, etc., I feel it has to do with who you grew up listening to and whose music meant the most to you when you were sitting at home contemplating your problems. So I feel it's different for most of us once we get down to those top 5.

    Now to change the topic, I wanted to ask what were the pros and cons about Bin Laden's death? There are tons of possible conspiracies, maybe truths for that matter, that have arisen from this. This radio cast is interesting (It's long but see if the first couple of minutes interest you):

  109. "Jay-Z isn't overrated, I actually don't think he gets enough attention for his lyrical ability and relevance."


    There are a lot people that think Jay-Z is the greatest rapper of all time LAMO and you think that he ain't overrated?

    Jay-Z's lyrical ability do not match that of Lupe Fiasco, Nas, Em, Blu, any member of the Souls Of Mischief group, Big L, and the list goes on.

    As for relevance who gives a shit about that, soulja and waka could stay relevant until they are 60 years old and that won't make them any better of a rapper than they are now.

    I'm not saying that Jay-Z is a horrible rapper, he's actually good, but he's overrated.

  110. Got to be there was Michael Jacksons best solo record evar........debate. Thelupefiascoshow blog was hyper than this blog.....until Kaycee messed it up with her big mouth and ran off Muah and Rohyal. Sorry Lupend. I'm feeling you but the other blog was better. Sometimes Lupe Fiascos flow sounds like Lil Wayne. I miss Lupes old coversational flow. The one he had during his mix tape and Food and Liquor days. But he is still the truth. The fool who got upset with Media Takeout for making that comment about Lupe/Jasper being with a white girl is a slight closet racist, doesnt understand the profound dynamics of seeing a black man these days in a steady, healthy relationship with a black woman..........who is not of mixed race.......Like Marquita Mccurry. Or either he is another black nerd that hates black women for ignoring him in high school. Ummm I miss College Drop Out Kanye West. Also I think he's had plastic surgery on his nose. What happened to Bishop G. I'm mad with Sarah Green for taking Give it to me off her Myspace page. I miss Imeem.

  111. NO I take it back. Thelupefiascoshow was on point until those 90's babies messed it up with all that bickering and E bullying they use to do on the comment section of the blog.........oh and when Kaycee ran everyone off with her big ass mouth LOL.

  112. Anyone like the new Gorillaz album? I am sadly a tad confused by the whole thing

  113. Greatest rappers of this generation:
    Lupe Fiasco-A match made in heaven set the fires in hell

    J. Cole-I'm wit my bad bitch and you don't want no problems on some math class shit check the young genius out: Fuck the world bust a nut and let my semen sprout ain't I what you've been waiting for? what you've screamin 'bout? Ironic you've been sleep on the one that you been dreamin 'bout.

    Kanye West-Feeling like Katrina with no fema
    Like Martin with no Gina
    Like a flight with no visa
    First class with the seat back I still see ya
    ,In my past your on the other side of the glass of my memories museum I'm just sayin hey Mona Lisa come home you know you can't Rome without Cesaer.

    Kid Cudi-I live through words not metaphors so I pass to be the rest of the freshmen. LAWLZ

    Legends of Hip Hop: Jay Z, Tupac, Nas,Rakim
    Illuminati's not real: 1.To many people no, so why wouldn't those knowing individuals fight back?

    2.To many differing opinions and unknowns. Religion is the biggest one and best example people believe in God yet believe in different prophets i.e
    Jesus vs Mohammad

    3.You can't truly take over a planet who would want to in the first place. Even us humans are still a sto earth. We may dominat, but animals and natural occurances put us in our place. Our extinction even WILL happen.

    2012 is a sales ploy just like the New millenium events. I think we should keep it goin cause it brings us together for a cause. The greatest example are holidays especially christmas and religions.

    Greatest shows on Television:
    The Boondocks
    The Simpsons

    Things that are actually going to change our world/way of life for the better strangely:
    Soulja boy Waka Flaka, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Mainstream rap in in general. Artist like Lupe and J.Cole will rise from the ashes and standout.

    Jersey Shore: All things must come to an end. We will realize by watching these fools what not to do and thanks to Conscious rappers rising that will show us the way.

    Twighlight will finally end showing us that not all book-to-movie adaptations are good and show us what a good book is.

    I believe life existis on other planets just not as advanced in movies. Little microoganism creatures.

    We will never dicover a permanent way to leave earth: I feel that we must return to earth because its the only reachable planet with life sustaining elements.

    I believe our weapons will be influenced by comic books especially Iron Man.

    Obama is our best president we have had in years preferably since JFK. He has had no scandals equal or greater thatn past presidents.

    And finally our existinction event will caused by ourselves or the sun which ever comes first. I did not say we would die, I believe this Major event will jurasticly change our existence forever you decide...


  114. Just when I feel like hip-hop is lost forever in a sea of commercial, stereotypical crap, I go to the Talib Kweli concert in Nashville and am reminded that hip-hop is indeed alive and well. The art and creativity of that one show will carry me through the endless amount of whackness I hear on the radio until I get to go to another show that actually has an artist on stage, not an entertainer. Artists seem to entertain through sharing their art. Entertainers lack art, but somehow sell records. *SMH*

  115. The "IAMDONALD TOUR" f/ Donald Glover/Childish Gambino was very funny and refreshing. Saw it in Baltimore on Tuesday. Check it out if it comes to your city.

  116. @Skyfather hell ya! Lupe + Immortal Tech = perfect

  117. must agree, Lupe+Immortal Tech=Classic!!!

    Would like to see Lupe and Talib, Common, Mos Def + Immortal Tech do a whole album, of course it should also feature Roots, Jill Scott....just to name a few---name of the album =Real Music

  118. "A painters reputation rested on the ability to arouse commercial interest in his work of art, not on some intrinsic criteria of intellectual worth." Worldy Goods L. Jardine

    Lupe your music and lyrical art reveals a different side of society and how we can choose to live life differently. You heighten my mind, body and soul. You are a true great artist. I hope to meet you one day and marry you. Lol

  119. I use to be a big Lupe Fiasco Stan. Now, I'm old and can't relate to his music. I knew this was going to happen. I feel what Lupe was saying about the old vs the new him. Yeah people age. But it's not age that is keeping Lupe from being as great as he once was. However, I still Lupe is a beautiful human being with a lot to offer the world. Love him and never met him before.............but I like him like a metaphor.


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