Rakim praises B.o.B x Lupe Fiasco

Currently in the UK, Rakim spoke to The Guardian about the current state of Hip Hop, substance in the music, the future and more.

The conscious level is definitely low and the substance of the music is so much lighter, but you have to understand the game is young in new places. It's still growing.

We really need some of that consciousness, that fly on the wall that watches over us and comments. I like B.o.B and Lupe Fiasco a lot, they're both exploring the music, but I don't see a lot of artistry out there.

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  1. AnyOne Who Knows Hip Hop, Knows This Is One Of The Highest Levels Of Respect From A Legend !

  2. ^ agree.. Man Rakim is so humble and one of the greatest Emcees to ever grace the mic along with Kool G Rap, KRS-ONE, and Nas.. Dude is very inspirational.


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