1. haha Nardwar vs Lupe would be the ultimate interview! ha that men is funny as hell..and HE KNOWS MUSIC and SAMPLES TOO lol..

    i would like to see Nardwar vs Lupe happen asap!

    Nardwar vs Nas- haha classic

    Nardwar vs Odd Future- lmao funniest interview hands down- classic

    Nardwar vs Snoop dogg- lol classic

    Nardwar vs Jay Z- haha Jayz blazed as fuck on that interview

    Nardwar vs Pharrell- classic..

    Nardwar vs Common

    haha Nardwar vs Kanye- need to happen soon..that would be epic

  2. I don't think jayz was blazed. He just don't give a fuck,lol. But yeah the nerd one was classic. I love pharrell was so into the interview. Even the lil b one was good. Proved to me how much of a moron dude is. Btw, lupe would be good depending on his mood,lol


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