Video: Rice University Panel Discussion [w/ Bun B x Lupe x Kweli x Malice x Tre9 x Trae Tha Truth]

This right here is another video of the Religion & Hip Hop Culture Class that Bun B held @ Rice University 2 days ago. Before opening the Q&A session for the audience Bun B asks Lupe, Talib, Malice, Tre9 and Trae Tha Truth about religion and their beliefs.


  1. Wow... loopay is all over the place with this religious stuff...

  2. I didn't know Bun B was this smart.
    I guess people can believe what they want to make them feel better.

    Personally Grandpa seth isn't down with organized religion at all or religion in general for that matter.

  3. Go get the books lupe was talking about.

    And any book really, reading is great. Let's not let the rise of media and tech.. make us neglect books.

  4. Who was the 2nd guy talking, the one after lupe

  5. "Who was the 2nd guy talking, the one after lupe"

    I'm assuming it was Malice since the question was directed towards him. I'm unfamiliar with him so I don't know his voice.

  6. Bun B is not a professor. You need a doctoral degree that says you achieved something academic within your field and were subsequently recognized for it. Get your shit straight.

    This class or whatever you wanna call it was ridiculous. Ethic of Hip Hop should discuss just that, HIP HOP. Why dont they talk about the diamond jewelry and cars that THEY own? Some really over the top statements were made in this that pissed me off, and I am not even a solider.

    Talk about the fact that the a majority of lyrics in hip hop involve violence, sexism, and addiction, most of which are idolized by adolescents who cannot make the distinction between healthy and unhealthy life decisions. Don't tell a teacher to throw out the meaningless textbooks. If you are going to stray from the true topic of the conference, tell them that they should protest the methods of standardized testing, or better yet, tell them that you as an artist hope to promote better goal-making skills that focus on achieving academic success versus going to the club. I never bought the argument that there are kids that "dont test well" and so they shouldnt be forced to take exams. Most of them dont study enough and therefore dont learn anything. In a society of everything now and without hard work, it's not a mystery as to why people say this. Here is the recipe for academic success that this country refuses to accept. Turn off the iPhone, TV, computer, and xbox. Open the fucking textbooks. read for about 3 or 4 hours. learn. It is not as superficially entertaining as playing a video game. It is more challenging than laying on the couch and letting your brain run at a low amplitude. But it will work, guaranteed

    A lot of people are in denial.

  7. i am in denial..................


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