Video: Lupe Fiasco puts in his bid for Food & Liquor 2 to run for the President of the United States of America

This is footage of the 2nd show at Roseland Ballroom in NYC that Lupe did yesterday. Lupe addressed the crowd and talked about the presidential election and the current campaigns that are starting. He especially pointed out Donald Trump and his dumbass attempt to run for president.

While doing all that he jokingly said that he wants to put in his bid now for Food & Liquor 2 to run for the President of the United States of America and put it on the ballot of the Fiasco Friday Party. - After the jump you'll find some performance clips featuring 'Out Of My Head' and "Daydreamin'."

Videos courtesy of Forced2FightTV and Brilliantly Blunt


  1. seems a lil kanye-ish, especially the first two minutes lol but lupes awesome!

  2. What is that beat? a preview of TGARA?

  3. I love lupe... I'd rather have Obama in office. Who's his sec of state gonna be? Prof bun b?

  4. Seeing Lupe at Yale today!

  5. Daydreamin = Lupe's best song to perform at concerts FACT.

  6. hell yea..Listen to all my black people in America..We've been scammed by the gov't again..Obama aint fucking black..He is African America- in fact the 1st truest african american b/c his mom is white and his dad is black..Get at me if you knw the difference..anyways..its even disrespectful to his mother when everyone including me classify him as a black man..when in reality his bi-racial an African American..have you sit down and realize Obama hasnt done shit or even fulfilled all the promises he mentioned when he was running for the Campaign..Real Talk Obama is just a puppet..Like Krs1 once said "Obama is just a burger king manager". and Like TUPAC once said- they aint ready to see a black man in the office, cuz thats when the real change happens..just dropping my 2 cents.

    get educated on real talk

    get off that bullshit hysteria ya are on now..wake up and smell the coffee

  7. ^ well said..KRS-ONE is the Truth

  8. Okay, Gary Sheffield (who once said Derek Jeter ain't black he's half black) thank you for your political insight - you can sit down and stop talking.

    Promises Kept - 134
    Promises Broken - 42
    Compromises - 40
    Still in the Works - 218

    Let's remember his term is not yet over.

    Before you get radical and swear and degrade me, I would like to say I have been a fan of Lupe since the first time I heard "Conflict Diamonds." I received a degree in political science from an elite university and am now serving as a fourth grade teacher in an inner city school in New Orleans. So I'm in the fire trying to give back. Because of my experiences, I disagree with Lupe's politics. I do vote and I could not care in the slightest what is going on in the Gaza Strip, as I feel there are many more important problems on our own soil which we need to concentrate on. Our current president has done a very good job for inner city residents, not outstanding or fantastic, but far better than our previous president.

  9. ^^^ although I do agree with Lupe on many issues, especially Donald Trump!

  10. To the "Gary Sheffield" Anon

    LMAO! Learn some knowledge sir, me and the teacher are in the real world not on YOUTUBE I go to college Obama helped me pay for school supplies and get a job etc. LOL @ you using youtube as a source.


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