Lupe Fiasco's 'The Show Goes On' enters the Top 20!

Lupe's 'The Show Goes On' did not only go Platinum this week, it also climbed up 8 spots on the Billboard Hot 100 and enters the Top 20 at position #16. 'Out of my Head' also climbed 2 spots to #52 on the R&B/Hip Hop song charts.

Meanwhile Lasers drops to #27 on the Billboard 200 and to #4 on the Rap album Charts.


  1. awesome i expected top 40 but i certainly didn't expect this

  2. "dope!!! Superstar peaked at #10, so TSGO is only 7 spots away from becomin Lupe's biggest song to date.."

    You mean Atlantic's?

  3. ^ lol technically if TSGO reaches #1 it would only match atlantic's biggest song to date which both airplanes and nothin on you.

  4. It's been forever since 106 & Park and it's still climbing. This is great. How many rappers do you even see make it this high anymore?


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