1. kind of bad, kind of good. as long as it's selling, but I feel like the Lupe fans aren't doing their part.
    Request his singles & buy them please!!
    TSGO is #13 on itunes drop down from #11 -_-
    but that's good considering it's Lupe

    that is all :)

  2. It's just not possible for albums to sell like they used to in just as recent as 6-7 years ago..
    Assume this album came out in 2000, I'd assume this album would be near double the numbers it's at now present day.

    On top of that, it has 1 single that is doing considerably successful on the charts. IMO - They need to get that video for Out Of My Head shot, get spins on YouTube/TV, and get that single on radio ASAP. That song has summer tune all over I think, it'll sell well.

  3. Actually I heard Out Of My Head on the radio just the other day. We got it in the DMV.

  4. Just bought LASERS for the fourth time haha #stillsatisfied


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