Lupe Fiasco & Spin 1038 search Ireland's First Rap Superstar

Irish radio station Spin 1038 teamed up with Lupe to find Ireland's first Rap Superstar. Check out more info's below:

Traditionally, rap's not been a genre associated with Ireland, but gradually, over the past few years, Irish hip hop artists have been slowly but surely raising their profile. That's not a fact that's gone unnoticed by the folks over at Spin 1038 either. That's why they've teamed up with American #1 selling rapper Lupe Fiasco to find Ireland's first Rap Superstar.

The winner will be chosen by public vote, before being given the honour of a verse by Lupe Fiasco on their winning song. According to the man himself, "Lupe Fiasco is going to dedicate a verse to one serious rapper, with a serious song that we can all agree on…If you bring a nice record ... we'll pick the best one and I'll do a verse on it and we’ll play it on the radio"

The search began on March 7th and since then the short list has been narrowed down to three finalists by Lupe and David Miller, Vice President of Atlantic Records, who has had the pleasure of working with such giants as Jay-Z, Diddy and the Notorious BIG.

The final three tracks are:

Pop Dogg featuring Raw Soul – Get Loose
Nu-Centz featuring Class B and Gabriella Marsella - Had Enough
Phrase – Wordplay

Voting opens tomorrow, April 14th over at, where you'll also be able to listen to each of the three tracks, and the winner will be announced the following week on Thursday April 21st. - via


  1. beer & leprechauns!
    cool, i'll be checking those out, never heard an irish rapper in my life. any suggestions?

  2. Check out nucentz and rawsoul - both of whom are in this competition. They make up a group called Hot Property. You can find some of their stuff on youtube. Been a fan of them for years.

  3. hrrmm, Nu-Centz or Phrase, VOTED!


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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