Lupe Fiasco @ Bun B's 2nd Religion & Hip Hop Culture Class [Pics]

Lupe took part in Bun B's 2nd public “Religion & Hip Hop Culture Class” @ Rice University yesterday together with Talib, Tre9, Trae tha Truth, & Malice. They discussed Hip Hop & religion, the school system, politics, labels, books and more.

@DeviDev and @JuliaBeverly were in the building and tweeted quotes, a video of Bun B speaking and other things during the event, so click on their names and check their twitter timelines to find out a little more.

Also peep THIS Houston Press Article! - Hopefully there'll be some more video footage of the panel soon. Meanwhile check out more pics after the jump!

1st pic courtesy of @JuliaBeverly, 2nd pic via Sketch, 3rd via HP

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