Audio: Lupe Fiasco talks 'Words I Never Said' Video

Lupe called in to the Hot 93.7 morning show yesterday to talk about his upcoming performance at the Hot Jam 10.

Besides that he talked about the 'Words I Never Said video and said that it takes so long to drop cause it's a long and cinematic video but it'll hopefully drop by the end of the month. Lupe also confirmed that DJ Timbuck2 is his new DJ.


  1. Cinematic... bringing back that late 90s heli-jetski-ferrari chase opening.

  2. what happened to his old dj?

  3. I've been wondering when the video for 'Words I Never Said' is going to come out. Finally!

  4. where's our boy simon sayz?

  5. ^^^^
    isnt simon a producer not a Dj.idk But Damn It Would Suck to Be Dj Busy.thats what he gets for giving fake dates on a lupe Tracks lol.


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