Atlantic Has It All Figured Out!

The Smoking Section wrote a pretty dope article about Atlantic's overall strategy in the world of the music industry, check it out then post your thoughts in the comments:

Imagine the record execs sitting at a board meeting, looking at their financial numbers, in a panic over the state of the company and the music industry in general. The company’s Hip-Hop sales have struggled – a waning roster thinned out by incarcerations and mental breakdowns has crushed the label’s star power. No matter how much money they pump into a Hip-Hop album, and how many fans artist A seems to garner, the label can’t seem to get numbers above 100K.

The wheels start turning. Interests are piqued as executives realize if they can skim some money from artists’ outside endeavors then they can offset the disappointing album sales by scraping in the extra dough. The Internet isn’t earning them any money so it’s time to fully embrace the other multimedia avenues that have been under their noses forever. Consumer money is elastic but movies, TV shows and clothing companies have an unending pool of endorsement cash.

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  1. Why is Rolling Papers in the middle instead of LASERS lol

  2. Gives a whole new meaning to the term "commercial rap," eh?

  3. Lupe's talked about this a few times now, how record labels are trying to tie up artists with 360 deals by giving them a load of cash up front and then collecting not only most of the cash from the album sales, but a percentage of endorsements made and concerts - things they have no fucking hand in.

    People that sign these contracts are some dumb ass motherfuckers.

    Where'd anonymous/name comments go? Why are they gone? AGAIN?

  4. Atlantic might wins with this but everyone else doesn't.


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