Video: Lupe Fiasco performs 'The Show Goes On' @ MTV's Spring Break 2011

On monday we already got MTV's footage of Lupe performing 'Words I Never Said' and 'I Don't Wanna Care Right Now' at MTV's Spring Break 2011 in Vegas, now here we have the clip of him performing 'The Show Goes On.' - Also check out some pics of Lupe @ Spring Break below!


  1. Pauly D is such a faggot... STILL proud to say i havent watched a single minute of jersey shore.

  2. lu killed it for all the drunks

  3. MAN THIS WAS A MUCH BETTER SONG FOR girls, crowd hyped as shidd singing along, Pauly d looking like hes spazzing just to vibe to this song, haha thats my dude tho, but..............LUPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KILLED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, had me hyped, good music is getting out there

  4. pauly d is your dude? what are talking about? im so sick of this jersey shore bullshit. in the same breath, this guy says lupe is good music and that pauly d is his dude. i cant even believe it. why do so many people watch retarded shit like american idol and jersey shore?? WHY? WHAT IS THE ATTRACTION? I really dont know how much longer i can deal with people like this. it's not that i am not interested in jersey shore. it's that i HATE jersey shore. i HATE the people that like it. it's not that they are different. it's that they are STUPID. i really wish eminem would come out and fuckin slam these jersey shore faggots into another universe. DJ pauly d??.. you gotta be kidding me. you're not kanye west. you're not doing anything worth a shit creatively. you stand in front of a computer and bob your fuckin arm up and down and yell things like "YO!" and "YES SIR!" like you brought the music to the people. you didnt make the music. and on a side note, the dance music that you make repeat for 18 minutes in the club is not music. you didnt figure out how to use an mpc, and you sure as shit didnt learn how to play an electric guitar or piano. maybe the gel seeped a little too deep into your brain, i dont know, im not a doctor. i do know that this guy is a chump. all of the people that have anything to do with something as asinine as jersey shore are childish, ignorant, superficial, easily stimulated and satisfied, and phony.

    how's that for judgement?

    they left me no choice when he got on tv in front one of the most intellectual artists of our generation. how could i not be judgmental. my only wish is that i could get back the 45 seconds i just wasted on this topic, but C'est la vie.

  5. " why do so many people watch retarded shit like american idol and jersey shore?"

    did you really just put american idol in the same catagory as jersey shore?

    i'm sorry, but people on american idol have as much musical talent as lupe or kid cudi. just b/c the people on american idol aren't emcees doesn't mean they're not talented.

  6. WOWWWWWW, you're right!

    i DID put them in the same category. it's the one that has survivor, real world, dancing with the stars, and america's next top model.

    you dumb fuck. i dont care if the next mozart comes from american idol. that show is a hyped-up, sensationalist's wet dream. did bob dylan need an american idol show to become popular, as if popularity is the same as credibility.

    and really??? on a lupe fiasco blog, you're gonna tell me that there are "people on american idol have as much musical talent as lupe or kid cudi?" lupe is incredibly bright and very active in terms of social awareness. Cudi is a drug-addicted sloth and whiner. In the Complex article about the making of Kanye's MBDTF, the writer said that everyday, after breakfast, everyone would play ball with the locals near the studio at a YMCA. im talkin about ballin with RZA, Ye, Legend, and others in the paradise that is known as Hawaii. Everyone except Cudi, who usually slept thru breakfast and would finally become awake and semi-productive around 3 in the afternoon, was "active" during the recording process.

    are you really putting cudi in the same breath as lupe? the man climbed mount kilimanjaro, he's an active martial artist, and is one of the most energetic individuals i think ive ever met. the fact that you even mentioned cudi tells me a lot about how you value talent.

  7. ^^^

    You need to take a nap. :)

  8. and the fact that you say lupe is better musically than cudi b/c he is active in world politics and cudi isn't, shows that you just base musicians on how involved they are with world situations then actual musical abilities.

  9. two separate points^^

    first, he is a lyricist

    second, he happens to be a responsible member of the social order

  10. first of all, you're an idiot.

    2nd. Jersey Shore is a show meant to entertain the public not inform the public.

    3rd. American Idol is a great way for talented artist to break into the music industry, hence the decline in talent being signed to majors these days.

    4th. You say "I hate people that like Jersey Shore" Well, I hate people like you who shun every single thing that is successful these days. Why does it annoy you? You're a hater and a loser. It is people like you who are the most judgmental in this world. You jump to conclusions based on how Pauly D is portrayed yet you have no idea who the person is and how he acts.

    And 5th. You equate one's music with one's lifesytle. Neither has to do with the other.

    6. You sound like a belligerent bigot.

  11. Just because something is popular doesnt make it credible. If it doesn't inspire positive goals and achievements, is it healthy? If yes, can you honestly say that Jersey Shore does this?

  12. Lupes current mainstream success is bittersweet to me...Its nice that he's finally getting the recognition he deserves, but it sucks the he had compromise on his music to do so...whatever...F & L 2 will be back to the old lupe...and pauly D looked like an idiot lmao

  13. lol why do you people care? to each his own, just like we like listening to lupe other people like watching jersey shore. to each his own, no need to be judgemental. im sure you dont like it when people talk shit about lupe, remember the golden rule.

  14. You didn't understand. It saddens me that the masses like Jersey Shore and not lupe fiasco. And there is a distinct connection between lupe's music and personal activism.

  15. i feel you guys but stfu.."niggers want my old shit, buy my old albums" //jay......lets be happy that hes putting new and different stuff out there n atleast breaking through, his voice is getting heard to a bigger/majority audience now and they are reacting well to it!!.so like he said he dosent care what you say, he still loves everything he puts out there, and we should be glad that there is even a lupe fiasco,, but the pauly d shit, stfu stop being a hater, he is and did stick with something that he has been passionate his whole life,, and apparently jersey shore just had to be that little light of spark that made him what he is, your just really stupid for all that baby bullshit, you cant take the fact that hes being recognize for something soo "lame or gay, fag blah blah no talent" and its not u, i mean look a playboy, u think when hefner started it, ppl like u werent saying the same damn thing, "ohh its just showing naked perverted shit", n look at him now saying dont hate on somebody thats trying to make it big with his or hers purpose because you dont get him or dont get it or dont like him,embrace brah cause if you didnt know LOVE ALWAYS SHINES EVERYTIME REMEMBER 2 SMILE ..if not or youll be just another hater..... [H]aving [A]nger [T]owards [E]veryone [R]eaching [S]uccess

  16. not a good point^^

    again, it has nothing to do with hating on people that have success. you are confusing correlation with causation. the point is that the masses give popularity and success, MOST OF THE TIME, to superficial, simplistic, and obnoxious people that have little in the way of moral character and tend to misuse their position in the limelight to only further themselves and not the community from which they came. the very fact that you praise playboy as if it has had some kind of positive impact on society is ridiculous. playboy is a BUSINESS. how do you expand business? answer: expand your audience. they throw a couple of nude photos in the middle of a magazine and surround them with articles on "popular culture" and advertisements. Where are those articles in the videos of people fucking their brains out? oh yea, that's art. and it's better than the likes of Stanley Kubrick & Steven Spielberg.

    The reason I say i HATE Jersey Shore, American Idol, and all of the other hyped-up phony bologna that makes up prime-time television and popular culture today is that it is not original or progressive. artists like lupe fiasco have a message that can only further the development of society. listen to the interview he just did with big tig @ 16:00-17:03. Put that on a t-shirt.

    And really, stop trying defend stupidity. It's becoming absurd.

  17. this vid is out of my region. anywhere else i can find it?


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