Video: Lupe Fiasco & his Sister explain The Lupe Fiasco Foundation

Last night at the House of Blues Foundation Room in Chicago, Lupe Fiasco hosted a launch party for his charitable organization, The Lupe Fiasco Foundation.

After doing a full day of press (Chicago Tribune, WGN), in stores (FYE) and radio (Power, B96 and WGCI), a visibly exhausted Lupe still made time to drop by the House of Blues to snap flicks with org members and the youth involved.

Here, Lupe and his sister Ayesha speak on The Lupe Fiasco Foundation and the goals they have for the future of Chicago. - FSD


  1. That voice...does she do the F&L intro?

  2. his sister sounds like my mom, super good speaker

  3. That's wasup! He sister seems very well-organized. I look forward to seeing these activities be implemented.

  4. @Ethan, yes it is. She was on both F&L and The Cool intros along with the "I Gotcha" video.

  5. you mean lupes sister explains the lupe fiasco foundation lmao


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