1. Did Atlantic pay them too? Lmao

  2. OMG another Atlantic joke, your so original! havent heard that before, its sooooo new...Move with that b.s.

  3. People are pissing me off with this, negative bullshit about lasers, Lasers is expected to be what it is, with as many tracks leaked, changed, exchanged, and released, all this judgment over it is number 1 terrible if you are a fan and HEARD the album, and 2. cloud-too-high-mind expectational bull-ish. shut the hell up and wait till the album comes out.... oh and i hope you all buy it you negative assholes

    Good day.

  4. SinningWell said...
    OMG another Atlantic joke, your so original! havent heard that before, its sooooo new...Move with that b.s.
    Wednesday, March 2, 2011 4:25:00 PM EST

    Nigga I was making fun of the other dude, relax

  5. "and if people looking at you sideways, just wave back and tell em 'hi hater'"

  6. I haven't heard the leaked album. People on this site are not giving me high hopes. Seems like most people hate it and the others are defending it. No one seems to think its the greatest of all time or year.

    I bet if we put a poll up yay Or nay. Most people would put nay.

    But I hope I like some of the songs I haven't heard performed.

  7. Who cares what Rolling Stone thinks?
    Rolling Stone loves it, the masses probably love it, but the fans?? I'm not feeling it..."Words I Never Said" is epic and "Till I Get There" is dope! Thier's a few dope tracks but idk. I waited 4 years for 10 radio friendly songs including a club hit with Trey Songz? C'mon Lupe!!
    Release The Real Lasers!!!
    Leave Atlantic:(if you can)

  8. I don't understand I heard the leaked album and it's still good it's just not better than food and liquor just accept the good music is all

  9. I don't know why people keep complaining about the "radio friendly" songs when before the album was released, LUPE himself said it would be more mainstream and stuff. So why complain about some shit he already stated and you should have expected. I'm guessing you guys haven't been keeping up..

    Folks are really annoying me with the complaining. You don't like it? Fine.. but don't say "C'mon Lupe!" or other shit like that. Just because it's not what you wanted doesn't mean it's not the real album or it's not good. It is what it is, accept it. Bitchin' ain't changing nothing. It's getting released Next week whether you like it or not. If you all keep comparing it to his previous albums you're gonna be let down every time.

  10. Please don't let the people who are not liking the album very much and giving bad reviews sway you from going to support Lupe..

    It would really make the fighting we all did seem irrelevant.

  11. Honestly, the album isn't bad at all. People are too quick to judge, and everybody thinks they're a critic.I however fairly enjoy it. It really depends on what you expect out of Lasers. If you expect something similar to F&L or The Cool then you will be disappointed. The album IS very radio friendly in the aspect of poppy beats and catchy hooks. However, if you take the time to listen to the lyrics, the message is still there. Don't get me wrong though...my favorite Lupe songs are his super lyrical ones, but do you really want 12 super-lupe-lyrical songs? If that's what gets you off then go listen to a Canibus album. You will be mentally exhausted half way through.

    In my opinion, I think this album will give Lupe more crossover appeal. He will attract fans he normally wouldn't with F&L or the Cool. Lupe is my favorite rap artist. Like a lot of the fans, we discovered something awesome in Lupe and it would be selfish of us to keep him for ourselves. We need to share. I find Lasers to be the perfect platform to introduce Lupe to a lot of the masses. So what if all they listen to is the beat and the catchy hook. Sooner or later the lyrics from the songs will sink in.

    "it will sneak up on you like its metal gear "

    It's like a subliminal message. I see Lasers as Lupe's equivalent to Radiohead's Kid A. Fans were either disgusted by them ditching instruments in favor of electric beats and voice distortions, or they thought they were geniuses. It takes time for it to sink in. In the end, you have the right to not like the album. If your not feeling it then don't buy it. However, nobody has the right to attack someones character.

    And how did Atlantic butcher State Run Radio? If you listen closely to all the live performances you can hear the same chorus in the backdrop. The only difference is Lupe rapping over it. The verses stayed the same.

  12. Honestly, who expected this to be on par with F&L and The Cool? I didn't. This is a whole different situation that produced a whole different album. It's not as good as his first 2 albums, but to me, Lasers is still dope as hell. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you people saying this is wack are some spoiled ass, want everything their way people. LASERS!

  13. people need to learn the difference b/w "your" and "you're"
    I see 2 infractions in these 13 comments.

    on a side note, Lasers will have a place in my ipod as a poppy-non-negative rap album (soooo rare these days), which everyone needs once in a while. it is what it is. when i need the deeper stuff, there's always The Cool and F&L. and Blu.

  14. Just the first line makes you want to NOT read the rest of the article and really question if people listen to the album or the lyrics. IM BEAMING ISNT EVEN ON THE ALBUM U CLOWNS !! smhhhhh

  15. ^^^ It may be a bonus track. smhhhhhh

  16. Shining down and I'm beaming are bonus tracks.

  17. i think we all need to quit trying to convince other people of our opinion about the album. if you like it cool, if not then its not for you. but one thing that we all need to acknowledge is the fact that the majority of the songs we're manufactured by Atlantic 100%. the beats, the hooks, and even what Lupe is rapping about. its what he HAD to do in order for this album to be released. he probably would have never done those songs if we didnt protest for the albums release. he did this for us. he put the feelings he had for this project aside because of all the love and support he got from his fans. so regardless of the finished project i think that its important that we support Lupe so that everything leading up to the album wasn't in vain.

  18. letting go 9.5/10
    -epic song
    words i never said 8/10
    -great message
    till i get there 9.5/10
    -old school lupe coulda been on a F1/15 mixtape
    i don't wanna care right now 7/10
    -read the title
    outta my head 9/10
    -a amazing lyrics
    The show goes on 7.5/10
    Beautiful Lasers 9.5/10
    -dark in a good way
    coming up 10/10
    -top 10 lupe song ever
    state run radio 7/10
    -good message
    All black everything 8/10
    Never Forget you 8.5/10
    -good soft jam
    Beaming 10/10
    -come on its Beaming
    Shining down 9.5/10

    Lasers 9/10
    you want the cool or F&L listen to the cool or F&L. lu is a great lyricist not a producer. the lyrics are legit. i love music. a lot of these songs are just good music not the music you normally hear from lu. you can tell which is more his old style and which isnt. don't listen to the ones you dont like. so shut up and stop hatin. buying 2 copies. my girlfriend now likes this cd.

  19. I expected LASERS to be a smack in the face compared to his earlier stuff but I knew it'd be like this. i guess the smack is always worse when you're expecting it to sting.

    That sums it up for me. Some of the songs aren't bad at all, but others are just terrible and it's the others than make up the majority of the album.

  20. i like the album alot. But theres one thing i dont really understand, that is im beaming and shining down were one of his first releases but they leave these songs as bonuses. and when i bought the album today i expected it would be on there, but sadly i was disappointed. later finding out if u buy it on itunes to get these songs =.=


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