New York Times: Lupe Fiasco introduces Lasers Album @ Webster Hall

The New York Times comes through with a weird mix of an album discussion and a concert review...check some of it below:

At the end of the night — or at least, what seemed like the end of the night — Lupe Fiasco thanked each of his family members in attendance individually, and then several Atlantic employees, who were summarily booed by the crowd and who were probably wondering how they could safely escape the balcony and exit without incident.

But even that wasn’t a cue to bring things to a close. He told the audience, with great pride, that the label “promised me they would not come into the studio” when he was recording his next album. (Cheers, of course.) And then he narrated, at some length, the whole arc of his career, leading up to the present moment onstage, right up to his final song.

Read the whole thing HERE

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