Lupe Fiasco's #1 Fan of the Month: Contest Winner

Congrats to Justin Morales the winner of our 'Lupe Fiasco's #1 Fan of the Month Contest: Fiasco Friday II Edition.' Justin from Bronx, NY, truly showed use why he is Lupe's #1 Fan of this month... Check out his entry below!

The reason I should be the #1 fan of the month is because I am Lupe Fiasco. No, not in the sense that I am actually Lupe Fiasco but because I help spread his message and I support Lupe and everything he does.

When ever there is a new Lupe song or freestyle I am always the first to post it on my facebook page and I tell all my friends to listen to it. Or I go on twitter (@TheDelio) and post "#np Lupe Fiasco- (song title)." I even help out other Lupe Fiasco fans by help posting lyrics of new songs. For example, on rap genius I posted the lyrics for the H.A.M. freestyle.

Within my friend I am known as the "Lupe Fiasco groupie" because I am always on The All City Chess Club Blog, or The LupEND Blog when I am in their house to see if there is any updates and I am always requested to put on a Lupe Fiasco song when we are all jamming to some music.

I attended Fiasco Friday I and have plans to attend Fiasco Friday II. The picture above is me in front of Lupe Fiasco on Fiasco Friday I.

Another reason I should be the #1 fan of the month is because I actually purchase Lupe Fiasco's music as well. I bought all 3 albums (pre-ordered Lasers when the bundle came out) and I used the iTunes pass so I can download 'Never Forget You' which was my FIRST time downloading it because I do not support leaked songs because it takes a way the experience of listening to it when the song was meant to be released.

And on a humor side of it, I actually used a Lupe Fiasco lyric to get a girls number a couple weeks ago. "Do this one thing for me outta the trillions of numbers that's in the world Just leave me a few that lead to you. Won't be longing I see you in the morning" - Lupe Fiasco's Sunshine

And by the way, it worked. =]


  1. He's hott and loves Lupe.... I'd give him my number,lol. Congrats!

  2. Where did people get the white version of the tshirt?

    I have the black one with the pre-order. But the white one is sick. Where can I get one?

  3. ^^^ @Mr.Fiasco The white t-shirts were bought at Lupe's F.Y.E In-store signings

  4. LMAOOOO! I'm hot and I will get her number. Nice.

    Thanks for picking me!!!!

    @TheDelio !

  5. No prob...Have fun at Fiasco Friday 2 for me & Sean :)

  6. Not the self proclaimed #1 Lupe fan Luella?


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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