Lupe Fiasco to perform at B96's Pepsi SummerBash

The 2011 B96 Pepsi SummerBash goes down on Saturday, June 11th, 2011 at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, IL.

The show will feature live performances by Chris Brown, Pitbull, Keri Hilson, Chicago’s own Lupe Fiasco, Big Time Rush, Jay Sean, Far East Movement, New Boyz, and even more artists to be announced! - B96

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  1. Wow the B96 summerbash is usually a bunch of you're regular "mainstream" acts, this is definitely a step up with lupe, and could be one of the biggest crowds he'll be performing in front of since the glow in the dark tour

  2. oh God why? The B96 Summerbash is so bad. It's too much shit to endure just to see Lupe. I guess the wait to see him in concert continues

  3. Man y'all need to back back! Obviously lupe wants to do it that's why he's doin it and calling other artist "regual,mainstream acts" is kinda disrespectful for example yes CHRIS brown is a mainstream artist but he's talented and everyone knows that
    Wot I don't get it ppl want underground artist to get recognition but don't want them to b mainstream that makes NOOOOOOO sense at all if they wana sell to the massives they have to have "mainstream" material

    Some of y'all messed! Foreall!

  4. Chris Brown is not even a artist compared to Lupe Fiasco. Chris Brown is an attention whore artist and is not lyrically on the same level as Lupe. Chris Brown is mainstream radio hits that people's mom's have heard. Lupe is not underground but he isn't mainstream he is being slept on by people who do not want deep lyrics. Anyone who says otherwise and believes that the other artist aren't mainstream is in denial. so I say to you "we are not messed up forreal" we are just knowledgeable in music

  5. Why do they still use that old ass pick of lu i mean dam how long ago was that pic taken get some new pics please


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