Lupe Fiasco talks Lasers, Justin Bieber & His Battle w/ the Music Industry

Vulture interviewed Lupe and he spoke to them about Lasers, the relationship with his label, his fans, a lack of creativity in music and more.

Here's an excerpt:

Vulture: You’ve said there’s a lack of creativity in hip-hop. What’s the problem?

Lupe: I’m guilty of it, too. Hip-hop today — talking solely about the commercial space — it’s the same producers, sound, over and over again. The artist with that particularly poppy song is given the first look as opposed to that ethereal, weird artist with the brand-new music.

I think that’s why you see things like you saw at the Grammys, where you have these massive acts, humungous records, crazy talent — and the person who wins Best New Artist is this really abstract left bass player.

Because it’s about who’s making music, who’s making something different. Justin Bieber sounds just like everybody else, to be honest. He’s the homie; he’s dope. But he’s no different than Sean Kingston, Usher.

Read the full interview HERE


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