Stream: Lupe Fiasco Live @ WGCI's Coca-Cola Lounge

Lupe is at WGCI's Coca-Cola Lounge in Chicago right now!

Click HERE to tune in!

UPDATE: Interview is over. Lupe basically answered the same questions he answered in most of the previous interviews about Lasers, hating the process, inspirations, artists he likes (new school/old school) and so on.

There were some good questions from the audience, one was about LupEND and Lupe said that the concept has been postponed but it's not completely out of the window. He also said that he's constantly working on several things at once and that he has The Cool story on his mind and thinks about how he could end it. So we might be hearing something about that in the future.

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  1. Continuation of The Cool would be amazing...hope he makes something out of that. Hopefully another concept album at that. Still waitin to find out how the Big Mac's story from Gotta Eat ends


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