Lupe Fiasco launches The Lupe Fiasco Foundation

We heard a little bit about The Lupe Fiasco Foundation before. Now there'll be a launch event in Chicago on March 10th. Tickets are available at the House Of Blues in Chicago.

There'll be a quiet auction and all proceeds of the event will be donated to The Lupe Fiasco Foundation and The House Of Blues Foundation.

DJ Timbuktu and DJ Izzo will spin at the event.

Lupe's statement:
"This is a contribution to positive youth development, resiliency and hope for Chicago youth," Lupe said in a statement. "We are honored to give back to communities where greatness dwells. We subscribe to the African proverb 'it takes a village to raise a child.' We are obligated to nurture the genius of youth who live in the same communities from whence I came. We strive to be a relevant provider of quality programs that inspire youth to reach their highest potential as world influencers, artists and scholars."


  1. i think the lupe fiasco foundation sounds a bit wrong to me. i guess the "fiasco" word slightly changes the context of it all... lol

  2. lol the "lupe Absolute Failure Foundation" coz thats what fiasco means not hating.

  3. Is it really Wasalu or is it Atlantic? I'll donate to Wasalu


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