Lupe Fiasco interview w/ MTV Australia

While Lupe was in Australia a month ago he did an interview with MTV Australia which has just been published. He talked about why he likes Australian audiences so much, Lasers, people he'd like to work with in the future and more.

MTV: You have worked with some big names in the past, are there any more you would like to get in the studio?

Lupe: I definitely want to work with Thom Yorke. I want to work with Damien Marley, there’s a few international artists I wouldn't mind working with - like Massacre Children would be ill, and I still have an affinity for the UK hip hop scene.

I work with Sway again on this record, I’d like to work with Tinie Tempah and some of the new cats coming up.

Click HERE to read the whole interview and check the video.

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  1. "copyright restrict us from playing this video in you country." bullshit


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