Lupe Fiasco interview w/ Gigwise

Gigwise interviewed Lupe when he was in London a few weeks ago. Lupe talked about Lasers, the protest, CRS, his political interests, putting out another album and a Japanese Cartoon album this year and more.

Lupe on his lyrics:

Gigwise: You’ve always written lyrics that make people stop and think. ‘Words I Never Said’ is perhaps your most politically driven song on the new album. Do you find it easy to write songs like that?

Lupe: “Yeah, very easy - I didn’t even write that down, because that’s my core. That’s the stuff that I can just sit back and speak on for hours, and for me it’s a collage of all these different ideas and events and themes that have a political undertone, a social undertone, a conspiracy theory undertone to it, and just putting it out there.

It’s very similar to the song ‘American Terrorist’ that I did on my first record I guess it’s just the way that it’s put. Where this could be played on the radio, ‘American Terrorist’ would never get on the radio.”

Read the full interview HERE


  1. nice to hear another interview... but these weren't the best of questions...

    outside of the insight into lupe's mindset when writing words like "words i never said"... it didn't really say much...

  2. American Terrorist > Words I never said


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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